webhostingstuff- October 2010 top 25 list in review

October 2010 left me with 8 hosts to review from webhostingstuff that were never reviewed before by me.  Granted I am scrambling with what free time I have to get the all the new hosts with 2010 wrapped up before the end of the year.  7 of these sites I am certain are small companies.  But there might be 8,  despite having 4 reviews on webhostingstuff, they have a vast amount of reviews on sites that don’t take include websites that were hosted by the site being reviewed.

Despite being pressed for time, I decided to increase my own work load by doing videos about the reviews.   So much for free time in between my work for new income sources.

Webhostingstuff top 1 – 10 most popular hosting companies

The only new introduction on the top 25 in the 1 – 10 spot is a host called Cirtexhosting which is in the 5th spot.


At first glance they had a 3 star review, but further review showed they only had a 1 star average rating for the last 6 months.   Though as I compose this the rating is now up to 2 stars.

There was a lot of testimonials on Ciretexhosting’s site, but most of those reviews had migrated.  All but three sites remain.  1 was under the Cirtexhhosting’s ownership, 1 only had a landing page, and just one site is active.

Webhostingstuff top 11 – 20 most popular hosting companies

Three new hosts in the 11 – 20 spots Snapblox, condorhosting.com, and Web Host Logic Inc (not highlighted).

At number 16, we have snapblox

If you noticed I highlighted that they have no reviews. https://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/webhostingstuff-com/snapblox.html On top of that this a company claiming to be 6 years old, too bad the whois does not back that up.

At number 17 we have Condorhosting.com


Despite the fact they have a full five star rating (from just three reviews), they have not received a review since July 2008.  You would think they would of had some positive feed back in at least September to earn that October 2010 slot.  This is a bit of a strange host, they don’t try to hide the fact that they are a small company.  They clearly tell you they have only 2 servers. Plus their plans seem to be stuck in the past.

Not to mention the graphics need work.

At number 18 we have Web Host Logic Inc

https://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/webhostingstuff-com/webhostinglogic.html Just another site that proves you don’t need customer feed back to be on webhostingstuff.com’s top 25/ Despite some odd ball point in the terms of service that says you can’t transfer ownership of an account to someone else (keeping a customer is just not that vital). They give fee domains with accounts, but charge $20 for addtional domains.

Webhostingstuff top 21 – 25 most popular hosting companies

4 new companies in the top 21 – 25 spot.  Infinite Networks, GigaPros, YASPE. and Cornhusker Tech.

At number 22 we have Infinite Network


Clearly the problem with this host is despite having a two star rating, webhostingstuff felt that it was fitting to put this host in a top 25 just because they paid for “advertising”. Because it was on the list, and has 2 stars I figure the best place to look for problems is on the very customer reviews that people put on whs.   The problems are technical in nature.

At number 23 we have GigaPros


Here is the strange thing about this host,  on Webhostingstuff they only have 4 reviews.  Yet on their own ratepoint ( a company that I find fishy) account has 149 reviews, no negative reviews.  Even though webhostingstuff has one negative review.  Web-hosting-top.com has a ton of reviews as well, including a few negative.  I suspect its because whs keeps track of domains associated with customers that complain or praise a host.  Never mind there are still people that fake their reviews on webhostingstuff with domains. On top of that they want people to beleive despite offering an unlimited package that they do no oversell. Honesty is the key to any successful business. We do not hide any tricky limitations in our Terms and Conditions page. Instead, we show you the exact resources that you are buying from us. And that’s the base of our Zero Overselling Policy. You fully get what you pay for! No excuses, no gimmicks, no lies This site has alot in common with site5.


At number 24 we have YASPE


They claim to have 20,000 clients.  But they only have one review with webhostingstuff despite 10 years of service, their parent comapany LIQUIDNETLTD.NET (who is actually younger then them) has no reviews despite having 25,000 customers.  I can not find reviews for either on other review sites.

At number 25 we have Cornhusker Tech

https://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/webhostingstuff-com/condorhosting.html This would be the first host to actually agree with me after a post.  So I don’t feel there is a point in beating a dead horse.  I have actually offered a re-review in 6 months.  I am hoping that he will use some other company then hostgator for reselling.

Webhostingstuff had i7net at 21 in October 2010

As I write this, I can tell you now that the i7net entry has been deleted.  After doing a snap shot of Decemember 2010, I found no mention of this host.  I wanted to look up some info on i7net, and its gone.  For that matter they seemed to have trimmed down the number of hosts 12,789 to 12,007 in a 24 hour period of time.  Perhaps its a hick up, but once again I am being blocked for doing 12 inquires. For full details as to why I find this odd you can go to https://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/webhostingstuff-com/i7net.html for full details on a webhost thats not been online most of this year.

It really does appear that its going down hill for webhostingstuff

Currently there is only one webhost of any ranking on webhostingstuff (hostgator), all the rest are just host trying to hang on or just a fly by night operation.