– Party like its 2004, or more like 2007

Snapblox is my second review of 8 hosts for October 2010’s top 25.  At first look I have to say that I can admire the design of the main page.  Its simple and clean, unlike the last host I reviewed there was a lot of clutter on the main page.  The design alone is enough to make me think there is nothing to question about this webhost, but there is that simple fact that they appear on 16th spot of webhostingstuff’s top 25 for October 2010.  Then there is zero reviews.  Sort of strange for a website that claims they have been around since 2004.  Search engine results bring me even less, esspecially with alot of the common hosting rating sites.

So how old is

According to their about page

SnapBlox was formed in 2004 to fulfill a market need for reasonably-priced web hosting, design, and backup solutions that also deliver superior customer service and satisfaction.

Does the whois info for back that up?

Clearly the whois information does not back up their claim that has been around since 2004, as the whois information says July 2007.  I am not sure why some hosts claim they are older then what their domain says.  If you read my post on  You will see while they did not admit that their site was not “a trusted name since 1996”, they removed it off their banner.  Some hosts that existed under other names and other forms of business take the start date form their previous operation for their hosting company, regardless if they were not into hosting before.

For that matter the earliest results for snapblox from the wayback machine is:

The earliest results that can be found are for 2008.

But here is what I find weird, while I have a much higher Alexa score then snapblox, they have far more back links then  But from every site I have gone to they appear to have almost no traffic.

Perhaps has a problem with being a new guy?

There is nothing wrong with being new, we all have to start some where.  For that matter the last host I started was back in 2008.  Strangely with all the domains I had, I purchased a aged domain.  Granted it was not because it was a old domain, but because it was a really short easy to remember domain.  Frankly the $1,000 I paid was a steal. The value in the domain was is that it was short and easy to remember.   Granted I can not reveal the name because of the non-disclosure agreement.     I never drew attention to the fact that the domain was over 10 years old, for that matter I left the age of the site out of the information of the site.   My intention was to put the age of the site after it reached the 5 year mark. If people asked, I let them know the start date was 2008.  Yes I was asked if the site would be around next month, but at least there was no one around to draw attention to the fact that I lied about the age of my site in their blog post like I have done with snapblox.

One finale thought on

While the below image is fond on the main page…….

I can not find snapblox on webhostingsearch.