– A Second Look

You would think with my last post on manashosting that I would be done with this hosting company.  But if your anything like me, your a terrible multi-tasker and tend to have a ton of browser sessions going on.  Usually I restart my machine to clear my screen after having so many windows open.  This time around I just closed out the tabs as  I had a lot of work to sort through. So I went about closing all of the sites that I was not looking at any more and I came to the tab.

I found what appears to be a last chance effort to get me to sign up.

I guess it kicked in because I did not do anything for well…….. 6 days (yes I can actually keep a website tab open for that long).  Though it probable happen a few hours after no further navigating through their site.

The part I find hard to understand is you pay extra to get 2 years “free”.  Its not like buy 1 year get 2 free.   Simple put Free = not paying 500 rupee (thats assuming Rs equal rupie / India Currency).

Trying to close the site I get the following screen:

Manashosting is giving 3 years webspace free? and/or 50% discount? and/or 1 year free webspace renew?  I don’t quite understand this message.

Many hosting companies this last chance offer to keep you on the site. Some even void out an affiliates commission to salvage a sale.  However there usually a coupon code offered or better yet the host’s site keeps track of the discount that is offered.  But this discount / last ditch efforts are not clear. may be the worst webhost out there

At first I did not think that Manashosting was a site that this site would go after if they had not spammed me.  But upon reviewing the reviews its pretty clear they fake their reviews.  Its funny how many of the reviews start with “I”.

Better yet here are 2 reviews that stand out:

Reliable Hosting – manashosting

Our servers are located in a us, and we use the latest technology in server equipment, lines, back-up features and more.
. Reliable, fast server equipment
. Secure, state-of-the art data center
. backup power feeds direct to our data center
. 24/6 Monitoring to help ensure that your website is up

If that is customer feed back I am the proud owner of ocean front property in Arizona (which there is none).

Before this “Postive Feedback”

. Reliable Hosting – 99.9% Uptime
. Website Maintenance
. unlimited webspace and bandwidth
. Search Engine Submissions
. Website Traffic Stat Monitoring
. Real people who provide live customer support

But I think the most telling sign is that every time negative feed back fills a screen, wave after wave of positive feedback comes in.  Its almost as if they were trying to drown out the any negative feed back.   I have never seen a host that has this much feed back in such a short period of time.

Ordering from -DON’T!!! – They do not have a secure order form!!!

I decided to go through the order form to confirm the discounts from the two screens.  Sure enough they do not show up on the order form.  But thats not what bothers me.  What bothers me is they collect contact details in an unsecured area.

They also do not process your payment, you have to go through a company called to pay your bill where you have to reenter card information.  Fortunatly they do have a secure area for accepting your credit card information.

If you are ordering from Manashosting, I have Ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.