spams again, so this means war has found its way to this blog again, and if you want to blame anyone for bringing my attention back to this blog you can thank them.

For the last 6 months I have been between buying a new home, packing, moving, fixing up the old house to return it to the to land lord, and fine tuning my new house, all while trying to juggle web design clients that seem to choose the most inconvenient times to give me business. The next step is designing a desk.  From that I have learned I am no carpenter, and should perhaps stay away from power tools. Meanwhile this site was pretty low on my priorities. But while all of this has been going on has been doing a rather aggressive marketing campaign.

Now before anyone wants to get into a whole argument about how I am anti-capitalism, I am going to cut the argument down. I am not against making money, so long as it is done ethically. Spamming is not ethical; in fact it is downright invasive. Given I have a career in the webhosting industry that spans just a little over a decade; I think I have real reason to hate spam. Between installing counter measures, dealing with abusers, and having to delist my servers off spam lists (some of which pretty much required a ransom to remove them) I have lost a lot of time, money, and productivity that could have been used to grow my business. My hatred of spam goes beyond ethics; it extends to my wallet and lost time. So I take spam very personally, especially from a company that claims to be in their own words “Oldest Successful Hosting company of India”.

By aggressive mailing measures I find that has returned to mailing my yahoo email addresses something they have not done since 2010 on July 17, 2013.


I would have wrote about it back then mostly because it pisses them off every time I write an article. Than I meant to get this done last week, but I made a mistake of involving myself in rewriting the content for a client’s site. My brain may be leaking out of my ears because I learned a little too much about my customer’s insurance business. But today this little email came in reminded me what I was supposed to do last week: spam sent January 20, 2014

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your association with Asia’s No 1 hosting company, we are

glad to inform you that now India’s oldest hosting provider is giving

reseller hosting package at just Rs 10000 for 3 years.

The reseller package is been given with the below features no1 data center,

48gb DDR3 Ram, high speed,Complete up time, unlimited domain, No


Please contact us immediately at 080-42400333 or 18002580258 to avail the

promo .


Oldest hosting provider

Oldest hosting provider? Really, I don’t think so

The header information is attached here: spam headers

Never mind I have never been and never will be a customer of, something is missing in this email.  The odd thing about this email, like many of the emails from is that they leave out any name or reference to their company. All I have is this phone number to a company called Target Information Management. I know that is because some of the spam that has their name on it, also has the same phone number. Strangely their call center is not located out of India, but my country the U.S. out of the state of Michigan. Target Information Management is defiantly worth looking into considering their relationship with But for now I want to focus on their spam and where it is coming from, and if you came here because you got spam from what steps you can take against

Looking through the header information in their earlier and latest spam I find the domain name I find that they are hosted by A company I reviewed last year that tried to pay me to do a post on their company and join their hosting program. But there is no surprise that is using a .tk domain.’s time has come, what you can do

So if you have been getting emails from a hosting company that with any of the following information:

Brigade Gateway,
Bangalore- 560055

That is indeed

There are four steps that need to be taken against

  1. Forwarding the spam with headers intact to at [email protected], make sure to leave the headers intact.
  2. After which the next step is to get the domain name removed from control.  As before forward all spam with headers attached to abuse with headers intact.  Header information will look like this this text file.
  3. Contact’s network provider, which I am a little shocked to see is Rackspace. Forward the spam with headers attached to [email protected]. Make sure to connect as outlined how is connected to the spam.
  4. The last and finale contact should be the very provider of’s domain, You can reach them at [email protected]. Which is where you can forward your complaint, as well as details that link the spam to

Steps 3 and 4 are a little more complicated because has kept their domain and name out of the bulk of their spam. So you will need to connect the dots for and The best way is to have them Google “ 18002580258”, which is the same number found in the spam. They can also try calling the number and ask to buy a account. Or you can point them to this post.

The below pics are copies of the whois info for and their spam domain

hostingupdatestk whois manashosting whois is not really that bad…… are they?

I could go into a whole time line of events with, but I did that the last time I covered them: Spams again!!!

Since 2010 has been up to the same tricks, which are not just limited to spamming my Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. also likes to comment spam forums and blogs with fake positive reviews, often for the sake of drowning out negative reviews. One of the worst sites to show case public relation spamming attempts is:

Given that I have penetrated a first page reviews, I have also been targeted with fake positive reviews. Which is probable because I also have a lot of negative reviews from their past customers. The biggest blatant give away that they fake their reviews is that most of the comments come from the same ip address. The other is that they may seem like different people but they put in the same email address and/or domain for many of these reviews.

manashosting spams again

Normally  I would  avoid calling any company a scam, but I think has earned that title. As may be the worst hosting company in the world, and their business practices tell me why I should not try them.