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Yaspe.com – Do they have 20,000 customers?

Yaspe.com is my Last  host review of 8 hosts for October 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  On the surface they are 10 years old, yet they only have 1 review with webhostingstuff.  Other then that I can find no other reviews.  Perhaps that might be because they are from Spain, and appear to from the Way Back  Machine to have been a Spanish site.  What little I know of the Spanish Language is not enough to help me in looking up results in Spanish.   But here is the thing that strikes me, they claim to have 20,000 customers.  Yet their Alexa rank is 1,812,782.  Even with 300 customers on the last host I created the score was below seven hundred thousand.   Thats also considering even though the domain was 13 years old, it was only being actively used for less then 1 year.    I have several domains that are 10 years or older then have ten million or higher on their Alexa rating because they have been doing nothing.

You would think that Spain would show up in the Traffic Rank, especially when they have 20,000 customers.  But I suspect they are counting sites not customers.

Despite my lack of search engine optimaztion skills, I have gotten hosting-reviews-exposed.com to around 250,000 on Alexa.  Keep in mind before I had a blog my score was above three million.  That only took me 6 months.

What about the video on YASPE’s home page?

Its strange there is only one website on the video, and its not yaspe, but lightvocalgroup.com.

YASPE’s website is located in the United Kingdom, however the lightvocalgroup.com is located in Bulgaria.

I suspect that YASPE is not the only host using this video, and going through the domain whois and the terms of service my suspicion is proven correct.

It appears they belong to a network that belongs to:

LiquidNet Ltd.
OrgId: LIQUI-20
Address: 1040 SE 7th Court, Apt 307
City: Dania Beach
StateProv: FL
PostalCode: 33004
Country: US

Then there is this from their terms of service


The Service that is subject to the following agreement is provided by YASPE in association with LiquidNet Ltd., a company registered in the United Kingdom, registration No. 4654498. YASPE and LiquidNet Ltd. will be referred to as YASPE for the sake of brevity in this document.

Off to the whois once again.

Queried whois.internic.net with “dom liquidnetltd.net”…

   Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
   Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com
   Referral URL: http://registrar.godaddy.com
   Status: clientDeleteProhibited
   Status: clientRenewProhibited
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Status: clientUpdateProhibited
   Updated Date: 06-jul-2010
   Creation Date: 19-aug-2006
   Expiration Date: 19-aug-2011

And what does webhostingstuff have to say about liquidnetltd.net

With its more than 22 500 customers, fast and reliable client support team, necessary know-how and superb technical equipment, the LiquidNet Ltd brand is fast becoming a household name in today’s hosting industry.

Interestingly LIQUIDNETLTD.NET claims to have 2500 more customers then YASPE,  yet has a lower traffic popularity then it:

Site Established: Unknown

Traffic Popularity: #8,860 of 12,007 companies

When I did my snap shot YASPE was 3,955 out of 12,789 hosts.

Its appears that webhostingstuff is clearing house, more on that in a later post (one where I say good bye to i7net).

Its also my opinion that this may be a reseller on a program similar to Wild West Domains (the Godaddy reseller program).   Though there is not enough there to confirm that its a reseller.

YASPE the host that makes you read

Going through yaspe, I find a lot of quirky English.  Granted I don’t really like pointing out a host for having bad grammar.  As I am not exactly perfect in my own English, especially before I have my morning coffee.


To open a trouble ticket and receive a solution to your problem from our technical support in less than an hour, you have to read the instructions in the YASPE Ticketing System.

I am willing to bet that yaspe is not the only company thats a part of LIQUIDNETLTD, if they have 22,500 – 20,000 customers.

But with no brainer lines like “Having a website of your own would be unthinkable without a web hosting account at hand.“, you have to wonder why anyone that reads would buy from yaspe.

GigaPros.com – Ratepoint and Limited Unlimited

GigaPros.com is my seventh host review of 8 hosts for October 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  This is another host that uses Ratepoint.com to show case reviews.  In the back of my mind I tend to wonder about what the angle is with Ratepoint.com.  In the last post I did about a host that used them(https://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/webhostingstuff-com/site5-sucks.html), I had a rather quirky conversation.  On the phone they told me I could delete the negative feed back as long as I made some effort to appease the customer.  But my email told me an entirely different story that it would not be deleted.  Gigapros.com has an amazing amount of reviews, and per usual no negative reviews.  My first thought was to look for negative reviews on other sites.   They are out there, suprisingly only a few negative reviews, yet a surprisingly large number of positive reviews.  Yet unlike webhostingstuff that has only 4 reviews, they do not have the domains of the sites like webhostingstuff.com.  There is nothing to validate these as real reviews on the sites where there is a huge number of reviews.

I have to say that this has only made me more curious about ratepoint.com.  Rumor wise here is what I have to wonder if its true.

  • The terms of service listed on the site is not the same as the one they impose.
  • During the trial negative reviews are deleted
  • Ratepoint customers can choose rather negative reviews show up or not.

So how old is GigaPros.com?

Honestly I would have thought that the site would be older then what I had suspected based on what Alexa tells me and the amount of reviews.  A whois tells me its only 2 years old.

   Domain Name: GIGAPROS.COM
   Whois Server: whois.PublicDomainRegistry.com
   Referral URL: http://www.PublicDomainRegistry.com
   Name Server: DNS1.GIGAPROS.COM
   Name Server: DNS2.GIGAPROS.COM
   Status: ok
   Updated Date: 14-mar-2010
   Creation Date: 05-mar-2008
   Expiration Date: 05-mar-2012

What I find strange is that a company that is only 2 years old has a ton of feed back on 2 sites their own paid for Ratepoint account, but only 4 on webhostingstuff.com which they are one of the top 25 hosts for October 2010.

Interesting tidbit there about GigaPros being slow.

GigaPros.com promises no overselling……..

Absolutely No Overselling

At GigaPros, we enforce ZERO Overselling Policy. So, you get 100% guaranteed server resource allocation at all times. No overloaded server means high reliability & more uptime for your website.

So if you decided to use 20 trigs of space it will not over load GigaPros server all for a whopping $3.99.

How is GigaPros Different?

Honesty is the key to any successful business. We do not hide any tricky limitations in our Terms and Conditions page. Instead, we show you the exact resources that you are buying from us. And that’s the base of our Zero Overselling Policy. You fully get what you pay for! No excuses, no gimmicks, no lies


Honesty is not always the key to a successful business, after all this is the same company that is using webhostingstuff for “advertising”, could someone please point me to their advertising?

Here is what Wikipedia says about Overselling:

Overselling refers to selling of a volatile good or service in excess of actual capacity. In the travel industry, the term overbooking is used instead. In telecommunications, sometimes the term oversubscription is preferred. The practice occurs intentionally where sellers expect that some buyers will not consume all of the resources they are entitled to, or that some buyers will cancel.

Which means that “Honesty is the key to any successful business” is not what Gigapros is practicing.  Here is what Wikipedia says about the term in relation to hosting:

In the web hosting industry, the term is used to describe a situation in which a company provides hosting plans that are unsustainable if every one of its customers uses the full extent of services advertised. The term is usually referred to the web space and bandwidth transfer allowance. A hosting company may offer unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth, however, they put other restrictions in place such as CPU usage or inode limit. They may have onerous restrictions and one-sided contracts that lets them cancel the hosting of anybody that puts a strain on their system or fully uses their claimed allotments.

This practice usually incurs little ill-effect since most customers do not use any significant portion of their allocated share. If a customer has a small, low-traffic site serving static HTMLpages, few resources will be used. If a customer wishes to run a high-traffic, professional, or business website an oversold hosting account can be detrimental. In these cases, a shared hosting provider that does not oversell, a virtual private server or dedicated server is a preferred option.


I don’t agree completly agree with the hosting description for overselling on Wikipedia.  But in essence if a hosting package says that its unlimited then yes it is being oversold.

The funny thing is that in my review of site5.com they not only used ratepoint.com just like Gigapros.com they think you can offer a unlimited plan without overselling:

It is important to remember that “unlimited” does not always indicate “oversold”, so do not let anyone tell you otherwise! We monitor our servers constantly to ensure optimal operating performance.

I will tell you that unlimited access is clearly overselling.


I have to wonder based on the tons of postive reviews, ratepoint.com, and the belief that unlimited hosting does not mean overselling if there is not a connection between these two companies

This GigaPros post could be longer, especially the part where they compare themselves to other hosts.

Hostgator.com – Black Friday Spam

The week after Thanksgiving I found tons of spam in relation to hostgator and Black Friday.   It was everywhere email, this blog, my personal twitter account and my YouTube videos.  I suppose its not all Hostgators fault.  They did say not to spam forums and email.  Though I did get spam by email, and so far my forum seems to have been ignored.  Yet they offer a super cheap package which is hard to resist when you don’t understand the ramifications of overselling.  After all a three year unlimited account for roughly $36 a year, and yet still get $50 – $125 per sale.  Even some one as bad as marketing as myself should be able to manage a few sales with that kind of a deal.

The pre-Black Friday Hostgator Promotion

Be ready to see a huge amount of activity and unbelievable sales numbers that will only come around once a year!

Here’s what we want you to do:

Post about the promotion on your blog
Post on Twitter and Facebook
Post about it on forums (follow all forum rules and don’t spam)
Tell your E-mail lists (Again, no Spam!)
Refer friends and family
Push all of your hosting related traffic to HostGator and EARN BIG!
Tell everyone you know!

Which leads to hostgator spam

Spamming a blog is ok, because Hostgator did not say you couldn’t right?

I suppose hostgator can use the argument that their terms of service and their mail outs stated not to send spam via email and forums.  But this line motivates people to get a high payout “Any commissions earned during our Black Friday special will receive a FULL commission!“.  Top that off with Shared hosting” $4.95/month AS LOW AS $0.99/month.  How hard is it to resist doing spam for an offering that is super cheap when there is a chance for a big pay out. It may be questionable if Hostgator intended for there to be spam, but its clear what happen.

Hostek – is Hostek.com just more hype then substance

Hostek is my forth host out of  7 of webhostingstuff.com September 2010 list.  My first impression is that they are not as old as they claim, just another aged domain.  But the further I investigate my initial impression is not justified.    That does not mean that just because they have been around since the late 90’s that they are a valid webhost, for that matter some hosts that have been around along time do not adapt.  Its pretty visible when they have not adapted, for one their design is a big give away.  The site looks pretty up-to-date.  Its the unlimited space that made me suspect they were working off a aged domain.   In this case its a host that could not adapt what they were doing before so they went for what I call a last ditched effort to keep clients and go the unlimited space route.

The one thing I find missing is the terms of service.

Where is Hostek’s terms of service?

Below at the bottom of any page where you would expect to find links to about, contact and most importantly the terms of service (tos) I find:

Specializing in ColdFusion web hosting. This includes ColdFusion 9 hosting, ColdFusion 8 hosting, ColdFusion reseller hosting. Additionally we offer ColdFusion dedicated hosting and ColdFusion dedicated server hosting. We also offer ColdFusion PHP hosting. We currently do not offer ColdFusion linux hosting. As you will see from any ColdFusion hosting reviews, we are a leader in ColdFusion hosting.

But when I search for “ColdFusion hosting reviews”, Hostek is not on the first page of results.

I have to wonder why boast about something that you can not prove, granted its a boast thats really small and tucked away at the bottom of the screen.  But my problem is that there is no clear link to the terms of the service on the home pages and most of the pages that you might go to, to try and find out more about this host.  I have no idea what merchant provider allows this.  I can only speculate that they either remove it after they are screened or they are with a merchant provider that charges so much they really could care less if a site is in order or not.  Frankly I would love to know who has what merchant it would defiantly aid in determining the quality of a host.  Either way they have earned my distrust by not having an up front terms of service.

I found the hostek terms of service while going through their order process

Its been my experience when there is not a direct link on every page of webhosting site that I could find it by going through the order form.  My assumption was correct.


Its the Service level agreement (referred to as the sla) that I find interesting.


The terms of serivce have me leery of the company esspecially when you look at what it takes to get credit for a down time.  The way its worded pretty much nothing is their fault, and almost any down time falls under not their responsibility.

Who is Advanced Online Solutions (AOS) and how are they related to Hostek?

They are mentioned at the very top of the terms of service.

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered between ADVANCED ONLINE SOLUTIONS, INC., 1648 Taylor Road #355, Port Orange, Florida 32128-6753, hereinafter referred to as “the Company” (“the Company” also includes any and all domain names owned by “the Company”) and the Customer, who wishes to use the services of the Company in accordance with this Terms of Service Agreement.

Which seems to me they found a template of a terms of service and were too lazy to use search and replace to put the name of their company in their.   Well thats my opinion, even though I have been told its pretty standard.  But I thought this was Hostek and not “the Company” i.e. AOS, i.e. Adanced Online Solutions, its almost like another version Endurance International Group.

Considering Hostek is webhostingstuff and not direct with there terms of service they are another company I recommend avoiding.

Vexxhost – Is there something vexxing about Vexxhost.com?

Vexxhost is my third host out of  7 of webhostingstuff.com September 2010 list.  I had hoped to finish the September hosts in September.  But as I have stated before I am working on making new forms of income.   On the bright side what kept me busy has provided with me a nice amount of cash.  Though the problem is I sold a site, and its not a form of reoccurring income.  But thats because a bigger idea came to me, a business idea and site that in the near future that I will share on hosting-reviews-exposed.com.  But that will not be until it launches. So back to Vexxhost.  This is not exactly a host thats problem free.  For that matter the more I look into this company the more questions I have.  Searching the review sites you find a variety of complaints.  For that matter the very place that has them at number 11 has this to say: In the past six months, vexxhost received from webhostingstuff.com:

One perceptive you can take from this, is why would webhostingstuff recommend a host thats not pulling atleast a 80% approval.  Positives and negatives only last for so long.   Companies can go down hill, or better yet improve their service.  Reviews that are older then a year have little relevance unless they show a pattern.

Here are the complaints I find about Vexxhost in the last 6 months on review sites

slow servers constant down time accounts shut down without warning something in regards to hijacking front pages Suppor non-existant



Then there is the terms of service with Vexxhost

The terms of service are very  short compared to many companies.  But its my opinion that this is another company that you should read the terms of service before you sign up:

What happens if your account is suspended by Vexxhost?

Service interrupted for a suspended account is subject to a $25 unsuspend charge. If you desire to cancel your account, please follow the proper procedure to do this as outlined in this TOS.

It does not state if this is for dedicated hosting and vps hosting, which is generally what an un-suspension fee applies to.  This may very well apply to all hosting account.    The only time I ever charged anyone for reactivating shared accounts was when their account had to be restored from a back up after being deactivated for a month or if they did a charge back.   Dedicated servers, there was a fee that I generally waved unless they had a history of repeated late payments.

“Other Services” with Vexxhost?

Upon request by the Customer, vexxhost may at its option, provide the Customer with technical and non-technical support, such as equipment reboots, troubleshooting, DNS and other support, in connection with the Customer’s use of the Customer Space and Bandwidth Services. The Customer agrees to pay the hourly rate of 80$ USD for those other services.

Once again no clarity on if this applies to Dedicated and Vps service or all accounts.  $80 for customer service seems like alot for a company that sells unlimited hosting.

Vexxhost Acceptable Usage Policy

http://vexxhost.com/aup.htm An Acceptable Ussage Policy is something I never used, ussuage was covered under the terms of service. But there is something thats a bit odd to me.

Vexxhost hates anime

Anime websites are not allowed on our network. If an Anime website is found we will terminate the account. These sites are not allowed on our servers because most of them are illegal, and almost inevitably cause server problems.

While I know there are anime sites that are a problem, most are not.  I happen to be a fan of Anime, and I have even hosted Anime sites.  I am not sure what there problem with Anime is.  I can only assume they had been targeted by hackers using anime sites.  At one point I had a plague of what looked like genealogy sites that were phishers.   But I quickly dealt with that by contacting the person on the order form.   I have to wonder how much effort they put into screening orders.

What is Objectionable to Vexxhost?

You may not use our service to publish material, which we determine, at our sole discretion, to be unlawful, indecent or objectionable. For purposes of this policy, “material” refers to all forms of communications including but not limited to: narrative descriptions, graphics (including photographs, illustrations, images, drawings, logos), executable programs, video recordings, and audio recordings. If you unsure if your content is objectionable, please contact us before posting it.

Its not totally clear as to what they might find problematic.  For that matter they may find someones faith a problem.   Or for that matter a site like mine as a problem.   This is one of those things that requires a definition.   I for one had the general no hate sites, no warez, no adult content, no child pornography, anything illegal and the general stuff that the average customer would not want to share the same server with.   Clearly they need to stated what falls under their sole discretion.

Vexxhost awarding service or just fake awards from companies like webhostingstuff

I love it when a company like Vexxhost decides to show you their “awards”.  Frankly thats where you start to find the flaws, especially when that review site allows for comments. http://vexxhost.com/company/awards

Vexxhost’s webhostrank.com award

The major flaw in this award is that no one can comment as to why they deserve or do not deserve this award.

Vexxhost’s Webhostingstuff.com award

I think I made my point earlier with webhostingstuff.

Vexxhost’s Findmyhost.com award

Going to http://www.findmyhost.com/db/reportcardlisting.asp?CompanyID=3059 I get a blank page.  Perhaps Findmyhost.com remove the award.

Vexxhost’s comparewebhosts.com award

This does not appear to be so much as award as a site that provides a back ground.  But there appears to be a mistake: vexxhost – established in 2005. Whois info indicates otherwise

Domain Whois record

Queried whois.internic.net with “dom vexxhost.com”…

   Domain Name: VEXXHOST.COM
   Whois Server: whois.PublicDomainRegistry.com
   Referral URL: http://www.PublicDomainRegistry.com
   Name Server: NS1.VEXXHOST.COM
   Name Server: NS2.VEXXHOST.COM
   Status: ok
   Updated Date: 20-jul-2010
   Creation Date: 18-jul-2006
   Expiration Date: 18-jul-2013

Got to love whois lookups

Vexxhost’s Web Host Directory award

Another one with no link, and for that matter nothing that I can find via going to google.com

Vexxhost’s webhostingdt.com award

Ok here is the point where you know this is not a company to trust, because they own this site.  For that matter its near the bottom of the list.  They hope by the time you have gone through the top awards you will not bother to see the ones near the bottom. Lets take a look at the whois record:

So much for being “WebHostingDT.com offers an extensive independent web hosting directory of low-cost, high quality web hosting providers.

Vexxhost’s honesteonline.com award

The last site is not really an award.  Unless of coarse not getting any feed back positive or negative is an award.  Granted this site seems a bit outdated, but it has no feedback from anyone. In the end I don’t think anyone can trust a site that creates their own review site.  I would not trust Vexxhost to host a site under construction page.

Justhost-Just don’t – a review of actual use

Why am I writing a review on the actual use of Justhost?  If you have read my posts you will know that I am in the progress of setting up new sources of income.  On one side I am building working sites for the purpose of selling.   The last site I sold last week had me setting up a site on Justhost, even though I had urged the buyer to avoid doing so.  I did not tell him about this site.  But I did tell him about what I had found while researching Justhost.   The biggest problem that comes to mind is speed, and we did encounter this problem.  As well as a problem with using the ftp program filezilla.   Because of the problems we had in the first 24 hours, the client changed his mind and went to Rackspace.   Not to mention the point where it was taking me hours to upload a few megs of data on to his account through a third party ftp program that they recommended that I find a bit shaddy.    I had talked my client out of migrating to Mediatemple (a post about that is in the works as to why).  But he left me with a working Justhost account to play with for 24 hours so I could see if the problems were true.

The rumor floating around is that Justhost is now part of the Endurance Group International. Inc.   Its not hard to beleive because Justhost is very similar to many of the sites in Endurance Group International, such as fatcow, ipage, and powweb to name a few.

Justhost loves to nickel and dime you

The first thing I found when logging into cPanel was a long screen of one time offers before letting me into the control panel.  Even after the special offers that launch before the start up screen you find even more offers within cPanel.  I imagine this is what every control panel that Endurance International Group customers look like.   What other choice is a webhost to have when they enter into the unlimited market then to figure out how to weasel out funds from a customer in another way.   The unlimited alone leaves the company in peril, but the advertising adds a whole new source of income.

1. Justhost – Pipedns

I am a little confused by this service.  As it seems a service “Manage your existing domains”.  They seem to have a partnership with Justhost as well as two other companies (super green hosting and hostclear)  I tend to think the manging of your domains involves transferring from your existing domain register.  I strongly suggest not transferring to them if thats the case.  I suspect that his is nothing more then a domain register.

Pipedns has me wondering much like I did when I had discovered Endurance International group.   I have to wonder with pipedns, supergreenhosting, hostclear, and justhost if they do not belong to Endurance International Group, if they are not part of another organization very similar to what the Endurance International group is.

2. Justhost – Go green

Just another of those add ins, that I see nothing about from the main page.  Perhaps much like Goddady, they subject you to one of the worst shopping carts where you have multiple items to try and pick through before you ultimately get to the last page to purchase your original intention.   Its such a thing that I can say has detoured me from buying from a company.   Here is the problem with Justhost’s green service, the details and facts behind you paying $0.97 are non-existent.   I am sure that their facility is not wind powered, after all that would be one hell of advertisement to have on the main site.  There is no clear information for where they purchase their ‘wind’ credits.  Any green “partnerships”, are not listed.  With what little information they have, I almost have to wonder if there is even a real green incentive program.

3. Justhost – designfusions.com

Dreamfusions is in my opinion apart of the same group that Pipedns.com is.  All you have to see why I think that is to do a whois lookup.  I could be wrong, but there are a lot of coincidences.  But I have to wonder since most of the sites are located with in the UK.

4. Justhost- Paid priority support or what ever happen to “no hidden fees”

“Best Support in the industry”, words used in their featured section.  But there is nothing stating that in order to get the best support that they offer you have to pay an extra $19.95 a year.

If you want a gimick host then Justhost is for you, if you want a real solution look elsewhere

Awardspace, what is so rewarding?

Awardspace is my second host out of  7 of webhostingstuff.com September 2010 list.  This is the second host to have a free hosting plan.  However unlike the last host I reviewed there is a very limited 200 meg account.  Not really something you can get a basic word press blog on.  But there are still things that trouble me such as their own forums.  That there site appeared on phishtank.com.  Repeated hack attempts against their own forum which resulted in down time.  I supposed from one angle you could say that its a level of transparency that most hosts simply do not do.

Its not all bad, atleast awardspace does not tolerate hate speech

One of the first things I did was search on google for awardspace sucks.  The second result was troubling, and was pure hatred of Africa.

Below is the least offensive page from this subdomain site.  The rest of the pages were enough for me to wish sites creator a long and painful fate.

However a chat with a Awardspace sales person had the site removed immedatly

Andrew: Hello

Andrew: There are no additional charges

Andrew: The free plan comes for no price

Benjamin: ok, one thing I need to know.

Benjamin: While looking up your site I found something disturbing and I want to know if this is allowed content.

Benjamin: http://africasucks.awardspace.com/

Andrew: Well, this ain’t acceptable

Andrew: The site is closed down

Benjamin: I found it while on the first page of search engine results on google it appears to have been up for 2 years

Andrew: Thank you for notifying us about that

Andrew: We really do not tolerate such sites

Benjamin: thats good

Benjamin: is there any other pages with details on the free account? I just want something to start out with an upgrade later

Andrew: Basically here are all the free plan characteristics:

Benjamin: ok thanks I will review


Andrew of awardspace had immediately removed this garbage off.  For that I a commend Awardspace.  But I have to question their judgement because this was on the very first page of ‘awardspace sucks’.  It appears to have been up for 2 years.  This is one of the reasons I did not want to offer people subdomains off my hosting companies because of the bad press that they may bring.

If it was someone that was my customer I would have made sure to refund every penny they paid.  I would not want to profit off a person that does such crap.  Not to mention against my business partners wishes, called the bastard up and give them a piece of my mind.  I really do not like this level of intolerance, and pure stupid hatred.

Is Awardspace a green host?

I have no idea, they point to a European energy company, whose site is in German.  Other then that there is nothing else to indicate hey are green.

Stadtwerke Kiel AG

I know that Europe is ahead of the U.S. in green.   But that does not mean this is not a energy company that buys energy credits.

Finale thoughts on Awardspace

The biggest positive is that they deleted the Africa sucks site.  But there are things such as 50% affiliate commission.  Then there is their refund policy thats not clear and straight forward.  It reads pretty much like if you have to have ‘x’ to have ‘y’ in order to have ‘z’.  It only applies to 1 – 5 year terms.


I have a problem with 5 year payment plans.  Time changes, and thats one month out of 60 to see if you will commit to a plan. If after 31 days you don’t like the plan then your stuck or out more money.

Then there is the troubling fact that they are in the 9th position of webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.   But in the end I think that Awardspace being in the 9th position spells trouble for webhostinstuff.

Want a cheap unlimited host from The Endurance International Group?

Chances are you may have found this post because its about ‘cheap unlimited host’. ‘There are  twenty cheap unlimited hosts under the Endurance International Group.  While all of them offer the same package, there not the same price.  So today I decided to go through and see who is the cheapests and who was the most expensive.  Not to mention I wanted to see if all the sites offered hosting.  Not all of them do. 3 do not offer hosting, 8 do not offer unlimited hosting.  The remaining 19 plus iPage which is not listed make 20 sites that can be called a  “cheap unlimited host”.  I  found the owner of these cheap unlimited(s) while looking into the Endurance International Group.


*WARNING* I do not endorse any cheap unlimited host!!!

If anything I would tell you to avoid these sites and sites that offers you a promise that simply can not be kept.  Its a gamble any time you get into a cheap unlimited host that offers more then is reasonable feasible.  You never know at what point the cheap unlimited host is going to shut you off.  There is always an unwritten profit margin that a host is not going to let you pass.  Sometimes its called processor usage.  Often when I see that someone was shut down because they  exceeded 1 – 3 % of processor usage I have to wonder how powerful the server they were on, or how old it might be.  Granted with The Endurance International Group you may have a longer limit then other unlimited providers due to the fact they use their customers as an advertising platform.

Why would I create a list of cheap unlimited hosts?

Some people no matter what I say will still buy cheap unlimited hosting, and for that matter will flock to the cheapest of them.  Despite the possibility of getting burned, its perceived as a deal.   So if your not going to listen to my warning,  you might as well know which one is the cheapest.   I went through all the sites I could find on The Endurance International Group BBB page.


I found that 20 of them offer unlimited hosting.  iPage was not listed, but i am including it on my cheap unlimited host list.  All offering essentially the same thing Unlimited space and bandwidth with various sign on bonuses (carbonite, Google adsense, free domain……..).  So if you have to have one of these hosts you might as well have the one with the cheapest price.  Why pay more then you have to for what is essential the same cheap unlimited host plan?

A  cheap unlimited host list for the Endurance International Group

The below list is in order of the cheapest price per cheap unlimited host.   All of these sites belong to the Endurance International Group. Keep in mind you may have to sign up for almost three years to get the price I have listed.  The price listed is per month.

iPage $3.50
FatCow $3.67
PowWeb $3.88
Dot5Hosting $3.95
HyperMart $4.25
Globat $4.44
DomainHost $5.95
ehost $5.95
Enteryhost $5.95
FreeYellow $5.95
HostCentric $5.95
IMOutdoorsHosting $5.95
Ipower $5.95
IpowerWeb $5.95
NetworkHosting $5.95
StartLogic $5.95
USANetHosting $5.95
Xeran $5.95
ApolloHosting $6.95
Webhost4Life $19.95

…. And the cheap unlimited host winner is iPage

If you have to have a cheap unlimited host, and it has to be from the Endurance International Group why pick any other host then iPage.

…. And the cheap unlimited host loser is Webhost4Life

Compared to iPage you could save $16.45 a month, $197.40 a year, $394.80 over 2 years, $592.20 over 3 years.  For that matter its hard to call Webhost4Life a cheap unlimited host considering most hosts do not have their unlimited hosting price this high.

They all have the same plan, with the same support team.  So why pick any other cheap unlimited host plan?

What if you went with one of the sites that offer their cheap unlimited plan for $5.95 a month?

You will pay $2.45 extra per month

You will pay $29.40 extra per year

You will pay $58.80 extra for a two year period

If your getting the same essential cheap unlimited host plan from the cheapest company, why would you want to pay even a penny extra?  The cheap unlimited plan to go with is the one by iPage if you have to have one from the Endurance International Group.

You, thats right I mean you the reader, I bust you

As consumers we seldom think about what we are buying.  Most of us don’t look at a can of soda to see how many calories might be in there. Nor do many of us ever bother to read the terms of service of software we download.   Everything we buy we get with an expectation, regardless of what the promise may be.    For that matter when it comes to copy right, I have alot of friends that would love to rip my music collection.  They like the musicians, but there not willing to pay them to make more of what they do best.   I buy as I hope I get to see more albulms.  I can’t tell you how sad I am to have no more new Shannon Hoon – Blind Melon.   I am often told I could just rip my collection an sell the cds.  Despite the fact I treat my cd collection like a treasure, the other side of me thinks doing such would be theft. Just because our computers have 1 trig drives we are driven to think why our hosting packages can not have more space then our computers.  An unlimited package that really is not ‘that’ draws in.   Regardless we want more, even if we really don’t need it.

This is my abridged history with computers

My first computer was a Packard Bell 486sx, 128 kilo bytes of memory, 80 meg hard drive, and a math co-processor (not something you purchase extra these days).   To pay for that machine I worked for the Forest Service putting out fires during the summer of 1993.  All that remains of the money I had earned that summer amounts to a mother board that has been mounted to the wall.   At the time I had little understanding of how much space and memory I would need.  Prior I had two cases of discs I carried around with me, and worked from borrowed computers.  So a 80 meg drive seemed like a lot.   It would take a few months before I realize it was not enough, and I should of paid $35 more for 40 megs extra space.  Memory was an entirely new concern that I would learn about once I got the latest version of WordPerfect (Back in the early 90’s they were the word processor to use) and a game called simant (I wish Maxis would make a new version).   Memory was called simms and I ventured on what seemed like a good deal  at 4 sticks at256 megs each of memory for $150.

By the time I got into webdesign I had already gone through two machines, a hand down machine nick named ‘the brick’ and my Packard Bell.  Packard Bell as a company would be a joke at the time.  My third machine would be a Gateway and it would be my first computer with a dvd drive, making it my first dvd player.  At the time almost everyone had a dial up connection and hard drives were starting to hold giga bytes of data.  Regardless of the increase in hard drive space every bit of design that I did had to involve minimal space, because a slow site would lose interest.

Go forward a year I would be working in the hosting industry and the biggest hosting package we offered had 50 megs. By todays standards thats not alot of space.  Which really did not matter as most people did not worry about having high depth graphics. It would not be until 2000 that I got a high speed internet connecting, and yet most people would still be on dial up.  Which kept American Online a house hold name.   DSL and Cable would become a slow poison to a company many would soon regret investing in.  As American Online was unwilling to adapt.

Now its the year 2010, dial up seems to be dead as I rarely see advertising for it.  High speed internet is everywhere. For that matter Directtv bombards me with their high speed internet, the only thing that stops me is that there seems to be a delay for online gamers and I am big World of Warcraft fan.  I have 3 machines,  1 laptop, 1 netbook, 7 monitors, atleast 8 trigs between them and the network drive bay, a Kindle, Ipod Touch, PSP and other tech stuff on the way.  The three mp3 albums I bought today make the data I accumulated during the 90’s  minuscule.  Like a hoarder I have keep every piece of data.

So why did I say: “I bust you”?

The problem with the increased internet speed has lead to less incentive to run lean space use websites.  I have encountered so many customers that would not pay any more then $10 a month for hosting, and even then they think $10 is too much.  There are claims of making thousands, tens of thousands off the site.  Never mind the cost of the thousands of tons of copper that separates the user from the hosting account is simply an intangible item that cost can be anything they deem.   The employee, whom most may never meet in real time,  virtual, not a living breathing person that has to be paid to meet their all to real expenses.  Unlimited means a buffet where you can have all that you can ever use.  The host is deemed as someone with unlimited resources, and if they won’t offer unlimited they are not a viable business option.

Every company has a limit.

MMmmmm Coffee

I remember reading the site of one of my customers where he went into his obsession with Starbucks.  Every Monday – Friday morning he would get his morning coffee.  I figure he spent on atleast $80 a month on his favorite brew.    Later it was followed with a post on why he was leaving my company because he could get more space for cheaper with a competitor.  It was a long drawn out post as this post is probable getting.  The part I like was where he stated you should always go for the cheaper solution.  He was gone a month before he came back, and the post had disappeared.  I think he could have  started with his coffee budget as it was more then 500% of what he was paying me per month.  Granted I am not exactly cheap in my own coffee obsession as I tend to lean towards whole bean shade grown organic – fair trade coffee.  I love my brew freshly ground.  All put together in a coffee maker that grinds my beans, and puts my coffee into a canister that can keep the coffee hot all day long.  I spend $30 a month for coffee every morning.  But it does not stop me from visiting a local coffee shop where I can get away from work a bit and read.

Why the coffee story?  I supposed instead of a $150 coffee maker I could have gone with a $10 one, and coffee could be the cheapest ground version available.   I could have saved a lot of money.  But the coffee would not be the same for me.  I am sure that the coffee would not be the same for the customer I mentioned.  It might be cheaper if he made it at home, but it would not have the same feel as his morning runs to Starbucks.  He discovered that simple truth with webhosting when he left.  Just because it cheaper does not mean you will get the same level of service. He is still drinking, and blogging about his obsession with Starbucks, and I am still drinking my shade grown organic – fair trade coffee out of a coffee maker that grinds the beans, putting the morning brew into a thermos.  Because anything else would not lead to the same level of satisfaction.

Webhosting can be an essential business expense, and in my opinion should be considered in the same category as office space.  I know of many customers that operate solely from their websites.   Customers do not meet them inside. But many act like they should pay more for paper clips.  Many times I have had customers on my cheapest plans complaining about losing thousands from 20 minutes of planned and notified maintenance reboot.   Many of these webhosts use their own customers as a tax deduction with this rather absurd payouts.   If your using your hosting for business, its a business expense.

28% of the United States still uses dial up

http://www.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2010/db0813/DOC-300902A1.pdf I didn’t think dial up was dead, nor did I think it was in the category of 8 track player, closer to CD player.   28% is a large number.   I am no fan of PayPal, but I gave in and never stopped using it even though it accounted for 17% of our income.  My own philosophy is being prejudice is anti-capitalism, and I like money.   In this case low bandwidth sites are still a good thing to reach a market others ignore with their high data websites.