Vexxhost – Is there something vexxing about

Vexxhost is my third host out of  7 of September 2010 list.  I had hoped to finish the September hosts in September.  But as I have stated before I am working on making new forms of income.   On the bright side what kept me busy has provided with me a nice amount of cash.  Though the problem is I sold a site, and its not a form of reoccurring income.  But thats because a bigger idea came to me, a business idea and site that in the near future that I will share on  But that will not be until it launches. So back to Vexxhost.  This is not exactly a host thats problem free.  For that matter the more I look into this company the more questions I have.  Searching the review sites you find a variety of complaints.  For that matter the very place that has them at number 11 has this to say: In the past six months, vexxhost received from

One perceptive you can take from this, is why would webhostingstuff recommend a host thats not pulling atleast a 80% approval.  Positives and negatives only last for so long.   Companies can go down hill, or better yet improve their service.  Reviews that are older then a year have little relevance unless they show a pattern.

Here are the complaints I find about Vexxhost in the last 6 months on review sites

slow servers constant down time accounts shut down without warning something in regards to hijacking front pages Suppor non-existant

Then there is the terms of service with Vexxhost

The terms of service are very  short compared to many companies.  But its my opinion that this is another company that you should read the terms of service before you sign up:

What happens if your account is suspended by Vexxhost?

Service interrupted for a suspended account is subject to a $25 unsuspend charge. If you desire to cancel your account, please follow the proper procedure to do this as outlined in this TOS.

It does not state if this is for dedicated hosting and vps hosting, which is generally what an un-suspension fee applies to.  This may very well apply to all hosting account.    The only time I ever charged anyone for reactivating shared accounts was when their account had to be restored from a back up after being deactivated for a month or if they did a charge back.   Dedicated servers, there was a fee that I generally waved unless they had a history of repeated late payments.

“Other Services” with Vexxhost?

Upon request by the Customer, vexxhost may at its option, provide the Customer with technical and non-technical support, such as equipment reboots, troubleshooting, DNS and other support, in connection with the Customer’s use of the Customer Space and Bandwidth Services. The Customer agrees to pay the hourly rate of 80$ USD for those other services.

Once again no clarity on if this applies to Dedicated and Vps service or all accounts.  $80 for customer service seems like alot for a company that sells unlimited hosting.

Vexxhost Acceptable Usage Policy An Acceptable Ussage Policy is something I never used, ussuage was covered under the terms of service. But there is something thats a bit odd to me.

Vexxhost hates anime

Anime websites are not allowed on our network. If an Anime website is found we will terminate the account. These sites are not allowed on our servers because most of them are illegal, and almost inevitably cause server problems.

While I know there are anime sites that are a problem, most are not.  I happen to be a fan of Anime, and I have even hosted Anime sites.  I am not sure what there problem with Anime is.  I can only assume they had been targeted by hackers using anime sites.  At one point I had a plague of what looked like genealogy sites that were phishers.   But I quickly dealt with that by contacting the person on the order form.   I have to wonder how much effort they put into screening orders.

What is Objectionable to Vexxhost?

You may not use our service to publish material, which we determine, at our sole discretion, to be unlawful, indecent or objectionable. For purposes of this policy, “material” refers to all forms of communications including but not limited to: narrative descriptions, graphics (including photographs, illustrations, images, drawings, logos), executable programs, video recordings, and audio recordings. If you unsure if your content is objectionable, please contact us before posting it.

Its not totally clear as to what they might find problematic.  For that matter they may find someones faith a problem.   Or for that matter a site like mine as a problem.   This is one of those things that requires a definition.   I for one had the general no hate sites, no warez, no adult content, no child pornography, anything illegal and the general stuff that the average customer would not want to share the same server with.   Clearly they need to stated what falls under their sole discretion.

Vexxhost awarding service or just fake awards from companies like webhostingstuff

I love it when a company like Vexxhost decides to show you their “awards”.  Frankly thats where you start to find the flaws, especially when that review site allows for comments.

Vexxhost’s award

The major flaw in this award is that no one can comment as to why they deserve or do not deserve this award.

Vexxhost’s award

I think I made my point earlier with webhostingstuff.

Vexxhost’s award

Going to I get a blank page.  Perhaps remove the award.

Vexxhost’s award

This does not appear to be so much as award as a site that provides a back ground.  But there appears to be a mistake: vexxhost – established in 2005. Whois info indicates otherwise

Domain Whois record

Queried with “dom”…

   Domain Name: VEXXHOST.COM
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.VEXXHOST.COM
   Name Server: NS2.VEXXHOST.COM
   Status: ok
   Updated Date: 20-jul-2010
   Creation Date: 18-jul-2006
   Expiration Date: 18-jul-2013

Got to love whois lookups

Vexxhost’s Web Host Directory award

Another one with no link, and for that matter nothing that I can find via going to

Vexxhost’s award

Ok here is the point where you know this is not a company to trust, because they own this site.  For that matter its near the bottom of the list.  They hope by the time you have gone through the top awards you will not bother to see the ones near the bottom. Lets take a look at the whois record:

So much for being “ offers an extensive independent web hosting directory of low-cost, high quality web hosting providers.

Vexxhost’s award

The last site is not really an award.  Unless of coarse not getting any feed back positive or negative is an award.  Granted this site seems a bit outdated, but it has no feedback from anyone. In the end I don’t think anyone can trust a site that creates their own review site.  I would not trust Vexxhost to host a site under construction page.