Zyma redeemed or up to the same old tricks?

Zyma.com’s Khuram requested I do another review. He also wanted to give the readers of this blog coupon codes.  Which in a way would mean I endorse zyma.com, right? Sorry to disappoint but there are no zyma.com coupon codes here.

Zyma.com, hostingsthatsuck.com, and hosting-reviews-exposed.com

For those unfamiliar with how Zyma.com got my attention it started last year when they sent me a request for doing a review for free hosting back in January 2011.


Like so many hosting companies, zyma.com was under the impression this is a review site. Regardless of this not being a hosting review site I have nothing I am willing to risk on an account that is at around $10/ £4.95 per year. Not to mention I have a feeling that I would not be placed on the same servers as the customers. If I was to actually do a review I would want to do it as a secret shopper. The review sites that I advise against trusting don’t feel the same way.

Hostingsthatsuck.com was one of the first hosting review sites to jump on Zyma.com’s free hosting offer, after all they offer a 40% commission. I doubt hostingsthat suck put anything of value on this hosting plan.  Hostingsthatsuck.com has an advantage over most so called top 10 sites, and that is they can write a post on any host that comes along. All of which done in a way that gets them to the top of search engine results based on “*X host* sucks” search engine results.  After you hit their site they don’t want you to look any further than their site. Take their word for it if you will (I suggest you don’t).

What Zyma.com did not realize is I had my eye on hostingsthatsuck.com because I think the whole methodology of using “*host name* sucks” and some random number that is not based on the actual results to prove a host does not suck.  Trust me on this when I can tell you cannot tell if a host is good or bad just based off search engine results.  The one detail hostignsthatsuck.com left out was that zyma.com has just started.  After finale reading what it was I had written they claimed to have killed hostingsthatsucks.com hosting and affiliate accounts. When it came to the subject of what exactly amounted to “normal usage” in to how much space a customer actually got I got some avoidance and then nothing at all.

By October 2011 Zyma.com suffered a serious outage as some of their customers came to comment on my blog about the down time. For which I had sent an email because I had customers contacting me asking what was up. I never got a response back.

By January 2012 I decided to do another review, as Zyma.com seemed to have gone through another outage. Not to mention based off the comments on my first post it seemed there had been at least three server migrations.  Zyma.com customers (a few I think were trolling my blog and not really customers) mentioned being moved to a panda server, then to the tiger server.


It became pretty clear that since hostingsthatsuck.com had a hosting and an affiliate account after Khuram had told me he had removed it. How do I know? Because a full year after I was told they had been removed, hostingsthatsuck.com changed their approval to a rant against zyma.com.  Hostinsthatsucks.com waited till January 2012 to complain about the downtime from October 2011. Downtime that happened 9 months after I was told hostignsthatsuck.com no longer had an affiliate account or hosting plan. All because Zyma.com had canceled the free account with hostingsthatsucks.com and several other sites that got hosting for free because of a review. But in zyma.com defense there was no mention of how long this free hosting was for. Both parties were pretty devious in my opinion.


Hostingsthatsuck.com’s last post they decided to tell everyone I was a grumpy blogger, and I hate new hosts. Grumpy when I don’t get my coffee, hating new hosts far from it.

Here is the latest email I got from Khuram of Zyma.com:

Hi Benjamin,

Firstly I would like to apologize for the late response as well as if I have annoyed you in anyway. That was not my intention at all. Over the past year we have made some significant changes to improve our hosting service and as a result we would be grateful if you could re-review our hosting service on your website.

I understand we did not start in the best of ways, but we would like to make amends by offering your visitors a coupon code with our new review post to show that we are not like other hosting companies, and that we do genuinely care about all our customers.

We believe in second chances and this is our way of showing yourself and your visitors that we have changed and we are here to stay. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have and I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,


To start with I am not annoyed about not getting a response on the down time, It really is not my job to report on how zyma.com is going to handle an outage to their customers.

What bother me were all the contests for free hosting that are still going on.  I am annoyed by hostingsthatsucks.com keeping their affiliate and hosting accounts. There is no telling if zyma.com removed hostingsthatsuck.com’s affiliate access.  Because hostingsthatsucks.com still keeps an affiliate link up for a site even when they don’t approve of a host any more:


Zyma.com making amends to me by offering coupons for cheap hosting for my readers is more so to Khuram’s advantage than it is to anyone who reads my blog and wants hosting.  A second chance must be earned.

Zyma.com will not be endorsed because:

  1. Any product that gets my endorsement has to be a product I will use.
  2. I will not use any so called unlimited hosting because I know there are limits (see the chat from the first discussion I had with Khuram). https://hosting-reviews-exposed.com/unlimited-hosting/zyma.html
  3. I do not see any significant changes with zyma.com. The only change I see is the price. Maybe now zyma.com offers 24/7 tech support?
  4. I have seen tons of contests for free hosting with zyma.com, just do a search on Google for “zyma.com contest”.
  5. You have awards from review sites that are on par with hostingsthatsuck.com.  Which is why I wrote my first post on zyma.com. Seriously this is an anti-review-JUST-for-a-commission website.
  6. I was lied to when I was told that zyma.com had removed hostingsthatsuck.com’s hosting and affiliate account.
  7. No serious hosting alternative is being offered. Should a customer go beyond “normal usage” their account is shutdown.

I realize on points 4 and 5 you are trying to grow your business. But seriously contests for free accounts, when you are offering 40% commissions equals a headache at less than $10/ £4.95, or as hosting-review.com ( a site I have been meaning to write a post on) puts it less than 50 pennies a month. You literally need hundreds of customers to bust even and make a profit.  The less money going to service, the lower quality service will be. That is not even taking into consideration the support headache as I am pretty sure most of zyma.com cliental are new to hosting.

As for the review sites, I am not even going to mention three of them because I don’t want to help them out on traffic their stats are so poor seo wise that a simple mention here would help them out.  But I can assure you hosting-review.com is going to regret doing business with you because there is no way you won an editor’s pick based on merits.  As for the reviews, one of which is from a site that shows a date of January 9, 2011 back when Zyma.com was handing out free hosting for reviews. The other site can easily be faked. For all I know zyma.com is offering free hosting for positive reviews.  I see nothing from any of these reviews that prove you are a good host. Only that zyma.com is willing to try the same unethical tricks that this blog is about exposing.

Zyma.com is not worthy of a second chance, but then again a lot of crappy hosts continue to thrive.