Hosts that Use Exposed Reviews!!! – revisited

Back in June 2010 I asked “who is”.   In May 2010 this was a host that would be number 10, and by the time I did the review in June 2010 went to number 17.  Come to find out this host existed under another name, and for some reason did not renew the domain they were with.  I found other flaws which you can find on this post about

What most may not know is this is the first host to email me in regards to my posts.   The person to contact me on behalf of  is Daniel Collins . He asked that I kept the email kept private and that I removed my post.  Removing my post was out of the question, and I have for some time pondered on rather I should post these emails or not.   While being the first host to respond,  is the only host to ask me to keep a lid on the emails.   I never promised to not publish the emails, but I was not inclined to post them after seeing this site disappear off’s top 25.

This week I got sent some snap shots of the top 25 for this month.  I actually got several screen shots from friends that will be a different post because spacenets appears in the 10th and 11th spot.  This of coarse is a post all of its own.  But this screen shot is the reason why I wrote a post on again.

As you can see in February 2011 on the number 19th spot is is.

So here are the emails from

I have tried to contact Daniel to explain why is back on the list or to refute that he is paying once again for advertising.  He has ignored my emails.  This is the point where I post all of his emails.  I have also made it clear on the contact form that I will post all emails on this blog that a host may send me.

The first email from

July 1, 2010

Daniel Collins
[email protected]

Hi Ben,

This is Daniel from

I would like to discuss and clear up some of your issue you are
having with us.

For not even being a customer or trying us you are making a very bold
statement and claim on your site.

I would prefer if our email conversation would be kept private and no
published on your site.
The aim of this conversation would be to clear up anything you think
about us and hopefully once its all cleared you will remove your
comment about us.

Would this be okay with you?


Daniel Collins

Sent from (ip address): (
Date/Time: July 1, 2010 10:27 pm
Coming from (referer):

For some reason my response to is missing in GMail. But apparently it was enough to get him to respond back.

July 1, 2010

Hi Ben,
As again I would like nothing from my emails to be published.

Im not sure about the start you are going on about affiliates, we arenot an affiliate we have our own servers.

The ranking you are going on about for the,”This is a company that was supposed to be the the number 10 host outof 25, and now 17 out of 25. For that matter Alexa lists the TrafficRank at 1,476,372. Which by webhosting terms is not impressive.”

I agree with you the webhostingstuff website is missleading where itsays “top 10..” when its not based on anything apart from there bid.

As i have said before we are a small company so we need to get outthere in the big world and get noticed, so we need to advertise. thisis one method of advertising.I am thinking about moving away from this site and looking into othermeans of advertising the site.

I would like to speak to you about the customer service area so wecan get this resolved.

For the site switching to the uk version i think this is because itsdirecting you to the whmcs portal what uses a differnt template thatsnot dynamic, Thanks! will look into this.

Im sorry about the call and how it was dealt with, this does not giveus a good impression. We are now going to be setting business hoursfor our support.
regarding the name changes, we just was selling shared hosting a awebmasters website. we then thought we could take this to the nextstep and started it up as its own site, so this was when we, after that as we are a uk company and would like toregister most of our domains in time i registered the .com domain 301 redirects to the UK domain.

The .com domain is currently under a dispute regarding our new officeaddress. We are in contact with PublicDomainRegistry to get thisresolved.

our about us page will be updated soon to make it more clear, we willnot include the time were we was selling on this other site, just fromday 1 of trading under our current name.

the TOS will also be updated soon.

the showcase page link has been removed until we contact clients whoare willing for the site to be displayed.

Regarding the review about firstnetserv, the owner of the site hasbeen making false claims about peoples hosting websites. (setup aforum and requesting a removal fee be paid to get your bad reviewremoved)

I would like to hear / work with you regarding these issues.

Daniel Collins

My response to

July 5, 2010


First of all I never called your company an affiliate.  I was simple informing how I came up with the subject for my hosting reviews.  Since I could find no affilates marketing your site, I went with what came to mind,  which is “who is ioxhost”.

The very nature of my site is to expose fake review sites as well as those who use them.   Currently I am after everyone that is using As they claim that no one pays for the top 25 positioning. You were on my list as number 10 back in May 2010. I know positioning with the top 25 is paid for, as 2 years ago I busted them.

I am not sure what makes you think being in the top 25 is “advertising”  turn on a TV and you will find true advertising. There are many ways to get your company to the world at large as I have clearly done with my site and my popularity has increased everyday since I created the video that made my site famous, and it grows even faster since I started the blog.  I have ran 4 hosting companies in the last 11 years, and I did not have to pay for a lie to make the sites popular.  The best you can do is to stop using, and do true advertising.  Even a affiliate program would be better then this (if you read my posts you will see that my problem is when companies use high payouts on their affiliate programs).    Better yet expose your dealing with webhostingstuff on here.  By bidding for your position you are engaging in business with a company that damages honest companies.  I owned one of those companies effected by the practices of  As long as you are listed in the top 25 of you are unethical company that I have my sights on.

As for the flaws in your site,  this is something you need to find.  I spent less then 30 minutes to find the flaws I encountered on your site.  I did not do a full a review of the site as I have a list of things I look at when reviewing a site.  I suggest that you do a page by page inspection of your site (that means testing your site in every popular browser).  I am not in the business of telling webhosts (especially considering they used to be my competitors) how they can improve their service, especially I am not going to do so for free.   Clearly if you want to reach the world at large you need to perform quality assurance on your site, and not wait for people to find the problems for you.

Nothing will make me delete the post I put up or alter it, however I am not beyond putting up a second post that states that you redeemed yourself.  In other words an email that I can post saying that you had remove you and that you are committed to doing true marketing.


Benjamin’s response

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for your reply.
I don’t know how they can say people are not paying for that, Its misleading to the visitors thinking these company’s are the best when all the need to do is bid a bit of money.
We will be making a lot of changes to the site, (currently 2 of us) such as the Terms, We have business hours and going top to bottom checking the site.
I have just send WHS a email asking for the complete removal of our site.

My response to

Hello Daniel,

The problem is they like to delete the negative feed back for the companies that pay, and the positive feed back for those that do not.  The companies that approach them on this are slandered for this.

I would like to see the emails that whs has sent you, I can assure you any posts I do would leave out key information that they can use to identify you.

At the same time this is my recommendation that you post a response on my blog post in regards to having them remove you, and plead your case.


Benjamin’s response

HI Benjamin

I contacted them before regarding downtime they were showing where pingdom was showing none, they did nothing about this.

I removed all my bids from there site so i shouldn’t be listed.

Still awaiting there email to confirm they have removed my account.


End of emails with

After that there were only a few exchanges.  Where I tried to get him to send me the emails that webhostingstuff sent.  For that stop responding to me.  Even when I emailed’s Daniel to explain why they were back on the top 25 7 days ago on February 1, 2011.  Despite the claims of changing the terms of service they are still as short as they were.  The chat program is not the same as you have to go to contact to find it, and clicking on it seems to only reload the contact page.

The down time for this time last year was 2461 minutes.  Last month had 155 minutes.  But this is according to

In regards to the webhostingstuff reviews

This time around I find that has their own testimonials.  I decided to do what I have done with other hosts that decide to show case their testimonial as well as the reviews on  The question I have to ask is are these hosts still with – none active domain – Not on dns – – On (also a testimonial on site) On – On – Offline (also a testimonial on site) – Now with Bluehost as of Feb 7, 2011 (also a testimonial on site) – With Godaddy since November 21, 2009

There is one testimonial on that does not appear on – none active domain

So only 2 domains out of 8 reviews are hosted with Ioxhost. and both Suck

Hostingsthatsucks wants you to think that does not suck.

The whole methodology of they don’t suck if they have no results when you search  “zyma sucks” on search engine.  The problem is is an aged domain.  An aged domain is usually one that was purchased  a few years or more that was never used or abandoned.  There is a lot of value in this domain since its 4 letters.  Despite the low Alexa score (low is good, high is bad), Alexa shows that this site has not had much of a traffic increase until a couple months ago.

You don’t need another zyma review or Zyma critique to decide. You can read as many critical review, comments, Zyma Technologies issues, Zyma Technologies problems, limitations or criticism about them that you can find. Here is a challenge to find a better hosting than what we just recommended. Go search for some other web hosting with no “X sucks” pages on Google, and post them down here in the comment box.

First of all reviews on Zyma as a host are rare if any.  There is a reason why their challenge is pointless,  before it was a British webhost they were a Spanish company that offered:

Zyma commercial. SA is a company dedicated to the world of commercial and industrial pejase, offering the best products Mobba Bizerba and Sorrentino, of which we are exclusive distributors and service we own.

Within the world of industrial weighing, platforms FREE investigation of all types including weighbridges, also have scales and counting scales for inventory, company.

This seemed to be the case up til 2006.*/

Despite that hostingsthatsuck has to ask:

Did you hear zyma customers had problems? Some said Zyma scams? Read some zyma issues and bad experiences? Did you hear about Zyma horror stories and their limitations?

Didn’t they say before that “zyma is almost perfect! With no or little complaint whatsoever.“?

Why does Zyma have my attention?

Despite a cost that seems too good to be true, and it probable is because I am sure thats either a limited time price or there will be some hidden bills.   This host contacted me on January 15, 2011 and January 17, 2011:

[email protected]


We have recently launched a new hosting company based in the UK
( & we would be grateful if you would give us a review on
your website.

Of course in return we can give you free hosting account for any one
of your websites completely free of charge.

Let me know if you are interested in our proposal, and I can set-up
the account for you today.



Marketing Director
Zyma Technologies

Frankly I don’t think I have any site that I am willing to trust on an account that costs less then $10 a year.  Even if I did they would gain far more from me doing a review of their site, unless of coarse I signed up for their affiliate program.  I am willing to bet that started using this new host around the same time that I got this email.  The date on their post was January 19, 2011.   I find other people that did as well:

A employee approached us to review their service. For this we received a hosting account from them free of charge for which we used to evaluate the service. If you would like me to review your webhost on Pingable, get in touch using the contact form.

Hostingsthatsuck’s affilate id with is aff_id15007

“You have seen the number analysis above. Numbers don’t lie.

To validate their argument they post cropped pics of the control panel.  They don’t show numbers such as uptime, how much space they used, number of days hosted, and other details that a consumer could use to determine if this is a valid host.  The only numbers they use are the amount of “host sucks” search engine results (though “almost none” is not a number) and “£4.95/YEAR (normally £1.79 / MONTH).”  The site post is riddled with afilliate links.

Earn a massive 40% per sale when you sell our hosting package and with no limits on how much you can earn, our affiliate program is one of the most attractive schemes around.


Joining our affiliate scheme is completely FREEand you can be up and running in minutes.

Don’t delay, start earning today!

This is a host I think I need to keep an eye on.

Its safe to say that Hostingsthatsuck’s review about Zyma is not to be trusted.

webhostingstuff- November 2010 top 25 list

Since I just got a new connection set up I figured the first place I would go would be webhostingstuff November 2010 list.  Still as before I have friends that are being blocked when they tried to assist me with getting information from this phony review site.

The blocking strategy boggles the mind.

This time around there is not a huge change over like last month with the hosts that appear on the top 25.  For that matter I find only one of the hosts that enter the list to be of huge interest.  Even though I see two young sites one a year old another not even a month old.   2 which names don’t even appear to have anything to do with websites.

Amazingly Hostgator is now in the number 1 postion, even though they are the only main stream host to stick with WHS.  Still not sigh of the Endurance International Group sites on the top 25, unless of coarse they bought someone on the list.

Webhostingstuff top 1 – 10 most popular hosting companies

Despite my marking there is no new hosts this month in the 1 – 10 rankings.

Webhostingstuff top 11 – 20 most popular hosting companies

4 new hosts in the 11 – 20 spot.  The first 2 look like there a place you store data as opposed to have websites up., which remarkable with zero reviews and a domain that was created on October 22, 2010 gets the 11th spot, which I have know about for some time.  I have no idea why siteground would be paying for a ranking on this fake review site especially when they have the most reviews I have seen on the top 25.  343 reviews with a 80% ranking is not a bad thing.   I suspect I will find a lot of interesting stuff on siteground when it comes time to do their post.  WHS’s own rankings that can be seen by going to the page for site ground have them at:

Traffic Popularity: #21 of 12,009 companies, which was created 11/10/2009  I suppose its possible a site that is just over a year old can be at the 19th spot.

Webhostingstuff top 21 – 25 most popular hosting companies

No new hosts are in the top 21 – 25 spot


Webhostingstuff has at 21 STILL!!!!!

For full details as to why I find this odd you can go to for full details on a webhost thats not been online most of this year.

It still seems that its going down hill for webhostingstuff

Vexxhost – Is there something vexxing about

Vexxhost is my third host out of  7 of September 2010 list.  I had hoped to finish the September hosts in September.  But as I have stated before I am working on making new forms of income.   On the bright side what kept me busy has provided with me a nice amount of cash.  Though the problem is I sold a site, and its not a form of reoccurring income.  But thats because a bigger idea came to me, a business idea and site that in the near future that I will share on  But that will not be until it launches. So back to Vexxhost.  This is not exactly a host thats problem free.  For that matter the more I look into this company the more questions I have.  Searching the review sites you find a variety of complaints.  For that matter the very place that has them at number 11 has this to say: In the past six months, vexxhost received from

One perceptive you can take from this, is why would webhostingstuff recommend a host thats not pulling atleast a 80% approval.  Positives and negatives only last for so long.   Companies can go down hill, or better yet improve their service.  Reviews that are older then a year have little relevance unless they show a pattern.

Here are the complaints I find about Vexxhost in the last 6 months on review sites

slow servers constant down time accounts shut down without warning something in regards to hijacking front pages Suppor non-existant

Then there is the terms of service with Vexxhost

The terms of service are very  short compared to many companies.  But its my opinion that this is another company that you should read the terms of service before you sign up:

What happens if your account is suspended by Vexxhost?

Service interrupted for a suspended account is subject to a $25 unsuspend charge. If you desire to cancel your account, please follow the proper procedure to do this as outlined in this TOS.

It does not state if this is for dedicated hosting and vps hosting, which is generally what an un-suspension fee applies to.  This may very well apply to all hosting account.    The only time I ever charged anyone for reactivating shared accounts was when their account had to be restored from a back up after being deactivated for a month or if they did a charge back.   Dedicated servers, there was a fee that I generally waved unless they had a history of repeated late payments.

“Other Services” with Vexxhost?

Upon request by the Customer, vexxhost may at its option, provide the Customer with technical and non-technical support, such as equipment reboots, troubleshooting, DNS and other support, in connection with the Customer’s use of the Customer Space and Bandwidth Services. The Customer agrees to pay the hourly rate of 80$ USD for those other services.

Once again no clarity on if this applies to Dedicated and Vps service or all accounts.  $80 for customer service seems like alot for a company that sells unlimited hosting.

Vexxhost Acceptable Usage Policy An Acceptable Ussage Policy is something I never used, ussuage was covered under the terms of service. But there is something thats a bit odd to me.

Vexxhost hates anime

Anime websites are not allowed on our network. If an Anime website is found we will terminate the account. These sites are not allowed on our servers because most of them are illegal, and almost inevitably cause server problems.

While I know there are anime sites that are a problem, most are not.  I happen to be a fan of Anime, and I have even hosted Anime sites.  I am not sure what there problem with Anime is.  I can only assume they had been targeted by hackers using anime sites.  At one point I had a plague of what looked like genealogy sites that were phishers.   But I quickly dealt with that by contacting the person on the order form.   I have to wonder how much effort they put into screening orders.

What is Objectionable to Vexxhost?

You may not use our service to publish material, which we determine, at our sole discretion, to be unlawful, indecent or objectionable. For purposes of this policy, “material” refers to all forms of communications including but not limited to: narrative descriptions, graphics (including photographs, illustrations, images, drawings, logos), executable programs, video recordings, and audio recordings. If you unsure if your content is objectionable, please contact us before posting it.

Its not totally clear as to what they might find problematic.  For that matter they may find someones faith a problem.   Or for that matter a site like mine as a problem.   This is one of those things that requires a definition.   I for one had the general no hate sites, no warez, no adult content, no child pornography, anything illegal and the general stuff that the average customer would not want to share the same server with.   Clearly they need to stated what falls under their sole discretion.

Vexxhost awarding service or just fake awards from companies like webhostingstuff

I love it when a company like Vexxhost decides to show you their “awards”.  Frankly thats where you start to find the flaws, especially when that review site allows for comments.

Vexxhost’s award

The major flaw in this award is that no one can comment as to why they deserve or do not deserve this award.

Vexxhost’s award

I think I made my point earlier with webhostingstuff.

Vexxhost’s award

Going to I get a blank page.  Perhaps remove the award.

Vexxhost’s award

This does not appear to be so much as award as a site that provides a back ground.  But there appears to be a mistake: vexxhost – established in 2005. Whois info indicates otherwise

Domain Whois record

Queried with “dom”…

   Domain Name: VEXXHOST.COM
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Name Server: NS1.VEXXHOST.COM
   Name Server: NS2.VEXXHOST.COM
   Status: ok
   Updated Date: 20-jul-2010
   Creation Date: 18-jul-2006
   Expiration Date: 18-jul-2013

Got to love whois lookups

Vexxhost’s Web Host Directory award

Another one with no link, and for that matter nothing that I can find via going to

Vexxhost’s award

Ok here is the point where you know this is not a company to trust, because they own this site.  For that matter its near the bottom of the list.  They hope by the time you have gone through the top awards you will not bother to see the ones near the bottom. Lets take a look at the whois record:

So much for being “ offers an extensive independent web hosting directory of low-cost, high quality web hosting providers.

Vexxhost’s award

The last site is not really an award.  Unless of coarse not getting any feed back positive or negative is an award.  Granted this site seems a bit outdated, but it has no feedback from anyone. In the end I don’t think anyone can trust a site that creates their own review site.  I would not trust Vexxhost to host a site under construction page.

Justhost-Just don’t – a review of actual use

Why am I writing a review on the actual use of Justhost?  If you have read my posts you will know that I am in the progress of setting up new sources of income.  On one side I am building working sites for the purpose of selling.   The last site I sold last week had me setting up a site on Justhost, even though I had urged the buyer to avoid doing so.  I did not tell him about this site.  But I did tell him about what I had found while researching Justhost.   The biggest problem that comes to mind is speed, and we did encounter this problem.  As well as a problem with using the ftp program filezilla.   Because of the problems we had in the first 24 hours, the client changed his mind and went to Rackspace.   Not to mention the point where it was taking me hours to upload a few megs of data on to his account through a third party ftp program that they recommended that I find a bit shaddy.    I had talked my client out of migrating to Mediatemple (a post about that is in the works as to why).  But he left me with a working Justhost account to play with for 24 hours so I could see if the problems were true.

The rumor floating around is that Justhost is now part of the Endurance Group International. Inc.   Its not hard to beleive because Justhost is very similar to many of the sites in Endurance Group International, such as fatcow, ipage, and powweb to name a few.

Justhost loves to nickel and dime you

The first thing I found when logging into cPanel was a long screen of one time offers before letting me into the control panel.  Even after the special offers that launch before the start up screen you find even more offers within cPanel.  I imagine this is what every control panel that Endurance International Group customers look like.   What other choice is a webhost to have when they enter into the unlimited market then to figure out how to weasel out funds from a customer in another way.   The unlimited alone leaves the company in peril, but the advertising adds a whole new source of income.

1. Justhost – Pipedns

I am a little confused by this service.  As it seems a service “Manage your existing domains”.  They seem to have a partnership with Justhost as well as two other companies (super green hosting and hostclear)  I tend to think the manging of your domains involves transferring from your existing domain register.  I strongly suggest not transferring to them if thats the case.  I suspect that his is nothing more then a domain register.

Pipedns has me wondering much like I did when I had discovered Endurance International group.   I have to wonder with pipedns, supergreenhosting, hostclear, and justhost if they do not belong to Endurance International Group, if they are not part of another organization very similar to what the Endurance International group is.

2. Justhost – Go green

Just another of those add ins, that I see nothing about from the main page.  Perhaps much like Goddady, they subject you to one of the worst shopping carts where you have multiple items to try and pick through before you ultimately get to the last page to purchase your original intention.   Its such a thing that I can say has detoured me from buying from a company.   Here is the problem with Justhost’s green service, the details and facts behind you paying $0.97 are non-existent.   I am sure that their facility is not wind powered, after all that would be one hell of advertisement to have on the main site.  There is no clear information for where they purchase their ‘wind’ credits.  Any green “partnerships”, are not listed.  With what little information they have, I almost have to wonder if there is even a real green incentive program.

3. Justhost –

Dreamfusions is in my opinion apart of the same group that is.  All you have to see why I think that is to do a whois lookup.  I could be wrong, but there are a lot of coincidences.  But I have to wonder since most of the sites are located with in the UK.

4. Justhost- Paid priority support or what ever happen to “no hidden fees”

“Best Support in the industry”, words used in their featured section.  But there is nothing stating that in order to get the best support that they offer you have to pay an extra $19.95 a year.

If you want a gimick host then Justhost is for you, if you want a real solution look elsewhere

Webhostingstuff – 4 more hosts to the list

I found 5 new sites on webhostingstuff back in June 2010.   But I only reviewed 4, because I could not identify which host may be Plexihost Affordable Web with 100% certainty, because I can not find it in webhostingstuff’s data base by searching for that term.   I should have saved the domain name.   My focus is on hosts that pay to be in the top 25, not the some 10,000 hosts that are listed there.  If I am not 100% certain of who a site is with I will not review them.  That does not mean I will not find out who the site above is later.  Bottom line if you are thinking of buying “advertising” from webhostings stuff, don’t.  There are better ways of getting your company out there then ending up on my list.

So what did I find with these 4 new June 2010 hosts on webhostingstuff

None of the 4 hosts I have reviewed are in a weight category with Hostgator, iPage, Bluehost.  For that matter they are hosts that either not figured out a way to market as many of the sites have lesser search engine rankings then this site.  Keep in mind most of my search engine rankings have been from the last three months.  The video helped but its not the greatest source of traffic.  Its the content I am putting to gather.

ServersandDomains, number 11 on in June 2010

No longer at this time on the top 25 list with webhostingstuff.  This company does not offer one thing that I consider to be on any person’s check list of features when ordering a host – a guarantee.  They offer a 21 day risk free trial on hosting, and no other services.  Meaning they bill you for everything else at the time of order and 21 days later they bill you for hosting.   Further to that they are heavily anti-refund policy to the point they will charge you a fee for any charge back you may do.  Even though the only option they leave you to get a refund if service is bad is to do a charge back.

On top of that you have to register with them before you can see how many years you have to sign up for before you get the show cased price on their hosting packages.  This is their way of capturing your email, regardless if you buy service or not.

WebInternetHosting, number 22 on in June 2010

They were 19 when I reviewed them, today they are number 20.  Besides for being one of the worst choices in domains.  Scam comes to mind.  The only review they have on, is from a domain that can be found in their Better Business Bureau file.  The review even claimed to have been hosting with webinternethosting for 3 years.  That means they would have had to started hosting with this host as of July 2007 or later.  Clearly impossible as the domain for the review as well as the hosts domain are no older then 2009.

On top of that they are under a Hostgator account, and do not have their own private dns to be a functional reseller.    The humor in this is a Hostgator client on the same top 25 list as Hostgator.

FireDragonHosting, number 23 on in June 2010

Mess, this is the first thing that comes to mind.  A blog / web design profile / personal site with a hosting company in the folds of a very cumbersome site.  I found looking through their profile they had a reseller for a customer, thats out of business.  Looking at the reseller showed me that they were a Wild West Domains reseller.

Also 2 out of the 4 review found at have the owner of FireDragonHosting as the owner.   I am partly suspicious of the reviews because they occurred in relatively short time span  for a small company.  But they may be legit, I say that because there are links on the site where he is trying to get people to rate the site for further awards.

But I fear that the worst of this is that owner is using their Wild West Domain account to purchase what his customers purchases after they buy them from him.  Which is why those two domains are in his name.  Meaning his customers do not have control of their domains.

The claim is that the site is all about the personal touch, and only offering to a limited amount of customers does not make much sense.   Because if he was he would steer clear of the review sites.  Based on his WordPress fees I can tell you that you can get more bang from your buck elsewhere., number 25 on in June 2010 is gone.  For some reason they were supposed to be a host you should choose, but they could not even stay in business after getting a top postioning on webhostingstuff.  I knew back in June of this year this was a site  that I should keep my eye on and I was correct.  It goes down with as another site that was in the top position but now its gone.

Webhostingstuff gives you 4 more reasons not to trust them

On the main page webhostingstuff states:

Our Top 10 Best Hosting chart features some of the best affordable web hosting deals on the planet. We hope to help you find the perfect web site hosting that suits your budget and webhosting needs.

Below the top 10 are 15 more sites.  It stands to reason Webhostingstuff wants you think that these are 11 – 25 of the bests hosts on the planet.

FireDragonHosting – Is stuck in 1999?

Firedragonhosting, Number 23 in my June 2010 list for and number 23 today.  Another Canadian company, not a plus or minus but a neutral.   This time it seems that this is where someone was into web design that evolved into webhosting.   Thats basically what I had done.

Between the ranking on webhostingstuff and the about pages I am a bit perplexed.   The site design is probable the worst of any webhost or reseller that I have looked at.  Its a mess, a combination of blog, personal site, design site, and a webhosting company some where in between.   Looking at some of the sites in the profile I have to wonder why there has not been something done to bring firedragonhosting of a pre-1999 design into something modern.  Granted most of firedragonhosting’s  designs look more like templates I have seen.

Per John’s own words:

I began in 1999 as a small web design company that offered hosting to my clients. I continue to be a small web hosting and design company by limiting the number of clients I service and the number of websites I host on my servers. I do this so I can provide a more personalized and higher quality service for my clients.

So why would he need to have firedragonhosting on the top 25 of webhostingstuff?

Before he was selling through firedragonhosting it was  As firedragonhosting was registered in 2006.

   Updated Date: 11-dec-2009
   Creation Date: 11-dec-2006
   Expiration Date: 11-dec-2010

The claim to remain small seems a bit hard to believe in part there is one reseller on the profile.

But it appears there is no site there, and for that matter generic place holder for this site reveals to me that firedragonhosting is not even a reseller in the tradtional sense that you buy hosting space and sell it, their in a Wild Wild West reseller program.

Firedragonhosting’s webhostingstuff reviews

After my last review where the only review that I could find belonged to the owner of the hosting company, I figured I would look at the 4 hosting reviews on  What stuck out to me is there were 3 positive reviews July 26 –  31, 2009.  Then one in September 2009.  I have to say that I am skeptical of so many positive, or negative reviews  for a hosting company coming in so close togather.   Especially` for  since Firedragonhosting is a self proclaimed small company.  Webhosting is not like Justin Bieber, in which tons of fans rush into write reviews, and those that can’t stand his singing also rush in to write how they hate him.    Unless of coarse a hosting company has a huge amount of down time.  Even then you still do not see scores of negative reviews that would ever rival any muscian.
Highly Recommend Fire Dragon  (Excellent)
`- by Paul ( on 14 September 2009

Domain belongs to Paul and is currently hosted with FiredragonHosting.
Hosting with Fire Dragon Hosting  (Excellent)
– by Sherri Lynn ( on 31 July 2009

The domain is under the owner of FireDragonHosting

   John Overall
   301-877 Ellery St
   Victoria, British Columbia V9C 4R8

   Registered through: Fire Dragon Domains
      Created on: 08-Jul-07
      Expires on: 08-Jul-11
      Last Updated on: 22-Jun-10

Thanks to Fire Dragon Hosting  (Excellent)
– by David ( on 28 July 2009

It appears from the whois this domain does belong to David, but he moved away from FireDragonHosting in January of this year.

Updated date:          2010/01/24

Name servers:

Fire Dragon Hosting Rocks!  (Excellent)
– by Keith ( on 26 July 2009

The domain is under the owner of FireDragonHosting
   John Overall
   Ste.330-1581h Hillside Ave.
   Victoria, British Columbia V8T2C1

   Registered through: Fire Dragon Domains
      Created on: 22-Mar-05
      Expires on: 22-Mar-11
      Last Updated on: 21-Mar-10

Perhaps these are honest reviews.  After all when I was doing webdesign I often bought my customers domains for them.  Its something I don’t recommend.

FireDragonHosting charges for WordPress?

I have never charged anyone for wordpress, in part because I had auto installers.  Though last year our auto-installer had problems and techs had to do it manually.  But it was not like it took my techs hours to do. I considered it good customer relations to not charge for something that took fairly little time to implement. After that rarely did customers ever have anything else to do with WordPress.  I could possible see a small set up fee, no greater then $10.  Not something I would do or recommend.  But I can not see paying a monthly fee for software that is already free. I am not all that technically inclined, but I have been able to keep Word Press updated.  Considering FireDragonHosting is reselling through Wild West Domains, I don’t think its FireDragonHosting thats doing the installing.

My Finale thoughts on FireDragonHosting

Frankly I have no idea what to think about FireDragonHosting.  On one hand its a self-proclaimed small company, that wants to take on a personal approach to offer higher quality support.  On the other they are on webhostingstuff’s top 25 list.  There is no logical reason for this site to be there.  But there award site buttons.  Two of which encourage people to go there to get them voted in ( and  A small company that proclaims they want to remain small would focus on just their community.  These sites are global, and hitting everyone that speaks English.  I half tempted to believe that when he gets a order he is ordering stuff through his Wild West Domains reseller account.  Which is why two of the customers that may very well have written positive reviews for him, have his name on their domains.  I think that is a rather big nasty mistake.  I have been down the road way too many times where customers lost control of domains because of their webmasters.

Are you considering Firedragonhosting?  Frankly I think you can go else where for cheaper and a more qualified webhosting company that FireDragonHosting.

WebInternetHosting, does have any real reviews?

WebInternetHosting, Number 22 in June 2010 list for, today they are 19th host.  Webhostingstuff does not know when this site came into existience.  But looking at the bbb record and the domain who is I am going guess between late 2009 and early 2010.

The name alone smacks of redundancy.   Its no surprise that they bought the domain last year, its not a prize winning domain and probable would have never been picked up by any  one with even the smallest sense of marketing.   The design is just as unappealing as the domain name.  They are another company trying to get into the whole environmentally friendly gold foil.  But they are far more limited then any host that I have reviewed on to what makes them green.

WebInternetHosting whois information tells me alot

I don’t think there has ever been a time that I have gotten this much information from doing a whois.

Queried with “dom”…

   Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Status: clientDeleteProhibited
   Status: clientRenewProhibited
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Status: clientUpdateProhibited
   Updated Date: 20-jan-2010
   Creation Date: 02-apr-2009
   Expiration Date: 02-apr-2015

First their not a webhost in a traditional sense:

  1. Host has its own facility
  2. Host is co-located and has own servers.

They are a reseller with hostgator.  At first the only review that they have  made me think it was fake (and it actually was when you read further down).

Due to the bad grammar I had thought that this was a fake review. Considering webinternethosting has only existed as a domain since 2009.  Especially after looking to see where the domain was located.

   Registrar: ENOM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Status: clientTransferProhibited
   Updated Date: 04-apr-2010
   Creation Date: 22-apr-2009
   Expiration Date: 22-apr-2019

It looked like they were really hosted with hostgator and not webinternethosting.  After looking at the dns of WebInternetHosting I realized this was a reseller not a actual webhost.  But then I found out the owner of is also the owner of webhinternethosting when I took a look at their better business bureau record.

WebInternetHosting’s  BBB record

After looking at their BBB record I have to say this company is a scam.   Yeah they may have a A rating.  But they faked a review with webhostingstuff, and not a very good review at that.

I can tell you the additional sites found on that list were not around prior to 2009.  Its also been my experience that the BBB contacts companies and asks them when their original start date was.  Clearly the main domain for this company was not around before 2009.

   Registrar: ENOM, INC.
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Status: ok
   Updated Date: 05-apr-2010
   Creation Date: 04-may-2009
   Expiration Date: 04-may-2011

My finale thoughts on WebInternetHosting

Their another greenwashed company trying to market on whole “we are green” because they buy credits.  But in the end there is no proof of those credits.  But there is proof of them faking their only review on webhostingstuff.  If they are willing to fake a review on webhostingstuff, what else will WebInternetHosting fake?

I7NET, is going going……. Gone!!!!

I7net was the host that I felt I should keep an eye on.  Because back in June 2010 they were number 25 on

I7net a review of an award winning hosting company that is no more

Today they are no longer on the top 25,  for that matter online,  Unless you count that apache page you get from cPanel. There is no site now taking business.  For those who doubted me about webhostingstuff faking the rankings, my proof is I7net.  For some reason they were in the top 25 of a company that claims:

Web Hosting Stuff uses a Quality Scoring method to rank hosting companies featured within each hosting category.

The Quality Score for each web host is calculated using realtime visitor statistics and other quality indicators.

By using quality indicators such as visitor statistics, the system is able to determine which web hosts visitors liked.

To build a fair and honest ranking system, ranking is always performed automatically by the system – free of human interference.

Unlike some dubious “top 10 hosting sites”  that promote web hosts based on affiliate commissions, our fair and honest ranking system helps visitors find the real top web hosting companies.

What did I miss on I7net last time?

I did not read the webhostingstuff uptime report for i7net, and clearly there was even more reason that this host should not be on top.  At the time webhostinstuff made it clear due to the rampant downtime they were no longer monitoring uptime prior to having them in the top 25.

Finale thoughts on I7net

This is a host that I add to a list of defunct hosts that were on webhostingstuff, is another defunct host that is no more.  I7net is just more growing proof that webhostingstuff is either idiots or frauds.  What host will be my next I7net?