FireDragonHosting – Is stuck in 1999?

Firedragonhosting, Number 23 in my June 2010 list for and number 23 today.  Another Canadian company, not a plus or minus but a neutral.   This time it seems that this is where someone was into web design that evolved into webhosting.   Thats basically what I had done.

Between the ranking on webhostingstuff and the about pages I am a bit perplexed.   The site design is probable the worst of any webhost or reseller that I have looked at.  Its a mess, a combination of blog, personal site, design site, and a webhosting company some where in between.   Looking at some of the sites in the profile I have to wonder why there has not been something done to bring firedragonhosting of a pre-1999 design into something modern.  Granted most of firedragonhosting’s  designs look more like templates I have seen.

Per John’s own words:

I began in 1999 as a small web design company that offered hosting to my clients. I continue to be a small web hosting and design company by limiting the number of clients I service and the number of websites I host on my servers. I do this so I can provide a more personalized and higher quality service for my clients.

So why would he need to have firedragonhosting on the top 25 of webhostingstuff?

Before he was selling through firedragonhosting it was  As firedragonhosting was registered in 2006.

   Updated Date: 11-dec-2009
   Creation Date: 11-dec-2006
   Expiration Date: 11-dec-2010

The claim to remain small seems a bit hard to believe in part there is one reseller on the profile.

But it appears there is no site there, and for that matter generic place holder for this site reveals to me that firedragonhosting is not even a reseller in the tradtional sense that you buy hosting space and sell it, their in a Wild Wild West reseller program.

Firedragonhosting’s webhostingstuff reviews

After my last review where the only review that I could find belonged to the owner of the hosting company, I figured I would look at the 4 hosting reviews on  What stuck out to me is there were 3 positive reviews July 26 –  31, 2009.  Then one in September 2009.  I have to say that I am skeptical of so many positive, or negative reviews  for a hosting company coming in so close togather.   Especially` for  since Firedragonhosting is a self proclaimed small company.  Webhosting is not like Justin Bieber, in which tons of fans rush into write reviews, and those that can’t stand his singing also rush in to write how they hate him.    Unless of coarse a hosting company has a huge amount of down time.  Even then you still do not see scores of negative reviews that would ever rival any muscian.
Highly Recommend Fire Dragon  (Excellent)
`- by Paul ( on 14 September 2009

Domain belongs to Paul and is currently hosted with FiredragonHosting.
Hosting with Fire Dragon Hosting  (Excellent)
– by Sherri Lynn ( on 31 July 2009

The domain is under the owner of FireDragonHosting

   John Overall
   301-877 Ellery St
   Victoria, British Columbia V9C 4R8

   Registered through: Fire Dragon Domains
      Created on: 08-Jul-07
      Expires on: 08-Jul-11
      Last Updated on: 22-Jun-10

Thanks to Fire Dragon Hosting  (Excellent)
– by David ( on 28 July 2009

It appears from the whois this domain does belong to David, but he moved away from FireDragonHosting in January of this year.

Updated date:          2010/01/24

Name servers:

Fire Dragon Hosting Rocks!  (Excellent)
– by Keith ( on 26 July 2009

The domain is under the owner of FireDragonHosting
   John Overall
   Ste.330-1581h Hillside Ave.
   Victoria, British Columbia V8T2C1

   Registered through: Fire Dragon Domains
      Created on: 22-Mar-05
      Expires on: 22-Mar-11
      Last Updated on: 21-Mar-10

Perhaps these are honest reviews.  After all when I was doing webdesign I often bought my customers domains for them.  Its something I don’t recommend.

FireDragonHosting charges for WordPress?

I have never charged anyone for wordpress, in part because I had auto installers.  Though last year our auto-installer had problems and techs had to do it manually.  But it was not like it took my techs hours to do. I considered it good customer relations to not charge for something that took fairly little time to implement. After that rarely did customers ever have anything else to do with WordPress.  I could possible see a small set up fee, no greater then $10.  Not something I would do or recommend.  But I can not see paying a monthly fee for software that is already free. I am not all that technically inclined, but I have been able to keep Word Press updated.  Considering FireDragonHosting is reselling through Wild West Domains, I don’t think its FireDragonHosting thats doing the installing.

My Finale thoughts on FireDragonHosting

Frankly I have no idea what to think about FireDragonHosting.  On one hand its a self-proclaimed small company, that wants to take on a personal approach to offer higher quality support.  On the other they are on webhostingstuff’s top 25 list.  There is no logical reason for this site to be there.  But there award site buttons.  Two of which encourage people to go there to get them voted in ( and  A small company that proclaims they want to remain small would focus on just their community.  These sites are global, and hitting everyone that speaks English.  I half tempted to believe that when he gets a order he is ordering stuff through his Wild West Domains reseller account.  Which is why two of the customers that may very well have written positive reviews for him, have his name on their domains.  I think that is a rather big nasty mistake.  I have been down the road way too many times where customers lost control of domains because of their webmasters.

Are you considering Firedragonhosting?  Frankly I think you can go else where for cheaper and a more qualified webhosting company that FireDragonHosting.