10looniehost.ca is offline, and perhaps out of business

10looniehost.ca appeared on this site because they were on webhostingstuff.com’s so called top 25 list. But another detail that interested me back when I did my review about this company was everything indicated that they had just started up. Between webhostingstuff.com just starting to track their uptime to their alexa score. Some how just by starting up they had won the right to be called a top 25 host. However the nature of webhostingstuff.com is not that of an unbiased customer advocacy group, but a pay to play Business model.


In short they paid to be called a top host. They did not earn the title. Where is the proof you might ask? How do I know that webhostingstuff.com is hoax?

This post explains a little of what I found over a year of reviewing so called top 25 hosts:


So why a renewed interest in 10looniehost.ca?

Last week someone posted a comment on my blog indicating that 10looniehost.ca was offline. According to the Whois the domain expired back in July, and based off the update I think it is safe to say 10looniehost.ca went offline on August 7, 2012.

As the whois indicats that there was update on August 7, 2012 to 10looniehost.ca’s whois information.

At first webhostingstuff.com said that they would update the 10looniehost.ca’s uptime when they came back up.

After 5 days webhostingstuff.com stop tracking the down time for 10looniehost.ca.

I wanted to wait a few days to see if 10looniehost.ca would come back up, as this is not the first host I have been told was offline and out of business. But none of those had an expired domain and soon were up after a few hours or even a few days.

I realize 10looniehost.ca is the first host out of the some 60 I reviewed on webhostingstuff.com to go offline. One host does not equal a disaster but this is not the first host with problems that were called a top host. But it is one in many that form a pattern in hosts that were not vetted to be a top host. 10looniehost.ca was defiantly not a time tested solution at less than a month online there was no way of telling how reliable they would be.

Yesterday I contacted one of the two customers that left a review at webhostingstuff.com. I was unable to reach the other as they have no contact details on the Whois info, and their site is offline. The customer I was able to contact said their site was still hosted with 10looniehost.ca. That he was not aware that 10looniehost.ca was offline. He also said over all he was happy over all with the service. Both accounts appear to have been on the same network as they both share dns with the same domain name. yet slightly different dns. Which means the other customer did not pay or continue their hosting, or 10looniehost.ca let the server that account was on lapse.

I have contacted the original the person who had originally contacted me from 10looniehost.ca but I do not believe he will respond. As always 10looniehost.ca and any host are always allowed to post comments on post relevant to their company. I will not delete or modify comments even if requested so please think before you post.

Personally I do not think that 10looniehost.ca will be back online.