Jixhost.com – Home of the very limited Guarantee

Jixhost.com is my 3rd host review of 3 hosts for April 2011 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  This may very well be the last host I review on webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  Because Webhostingstuff.com removed the top 25, as you can see if you read the exchange between me and the unknown agent of winhost.com.


More about that in another post.  Off the top of my head I suppose I should be reading the positive reviews, but there is only one, and it appears that they changed their dns the same day as the review.

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Jixhost.com has down time

Like the first host this host had signs of downtime.  Which does not show up on the webhostingstuff.com tracked down time. But its in the reviews.  I think its safe to assume that this host keeps its main site separate from its customers, unless of coarse the downtime some how happen in between the gaps of when webhostingstuff.com pings.  From March 2010 to Febuary 2011 there are 10 reviews, and only one of them have anything nice to say.  Since Webhostingstuff.com triggers a block if too many inquiries are done I can only see 7 out of 9  of the negative reviews complain about down time.

I figured I would go to web-hosting-top.com to see if the same is true.  Between January 2010 to present there are three complaints in regards to downtime and I find 6 complaints.  But I find myself questioning the legitimacy of the negative reviews.   Not because of another host with a Generic Rep that too often states “The above is not a valid review due to the domain and name never being a client of JixHost. — jixhost.com representative“.   That just points out there lack of being able to deal with customers on a public forum.  Its the broken English, and no not the broken English that happens with many of my posts where I do things in a hurry and not like I did when I was in college and feared bad grades from my professors.   Maybe I am wrong and these are non-English Customers.  After all I had a lot of customers that went to Google to translate, while Google is great at translating a lot is lost in translation.

But there are two things the reviews tell me to do

  • See what I find when I search for results on Google – “Search and read about Jixhost.com over the internet just to see how bad is the service
  • Try out the chat system because “Live chat = live silence! You

Chat with Jixhost.com

Chat sessions for me have been a point where I am not sure how to proceed.  At some point I hope to have a formula set up when I do chats.  But its not always so simple, especially with this host.  This is the first chat where I see:

If you have general questions and would like to chat with our representatives, feel free to do so below.

But the site did give me a a question to ask.

Benjamin:Am I correct in reading if I purchase more then a monthly plan I will not be eligible for a refund?

Welcome Benjamin! Your request has been directed to the Pre-Sales Questions department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
Call accepted by operator JixHost. Currently in room: Benjamin, JixHost.

JixHost:Which plan were you interested in?
Benjamin:I am looking at your terms of service
Benjamin:which clearly state: 7. Our 30 day refund policy excludes reseller plans, vps, servers, domains, SSL certificates and plans paid for longer then 1 month and accounts that are suspended or terminated for abuse. We can not refund unused portions of your plan;
Benjamin:so if I purchase a year, there is no refund possible
Benjamin:thats not a very good selling point
JixHost:for caps
Benjamin:and those reasons are?
JixHost:In the hosting industry there are whats commonly known as “host hoppers”
JixHost:We prefer to spend our time and resources with serious clients
JixHost:this is why we have the policy in place.
JixHost:It deters
Benjamin:well there are people like me that generally stay with a host until things go wrong, and usually I pay annually or better.  But I can’t say this part of the terms of service encourages me that nothing will go wrong
Benjamin:and a host hopper is just as likely to jump on smaller terms
JixHost:One can choose to go monthly
JixHost:We do not require any duration
Benjamin:Well thank you for your time, but your reasoning does not convince me to try your program.
JixHost:ok, have a good night.
JixHost: case and point
JixHost:Its works
JixHost:Is there anything else?
Benjamin:No, have a good day.
JixHost:You too. Good bye

The chat with Jixhost went a little funky if you ask me

I have been bothered by their guarantee system because on the main page they say:

Just a few of the many reasons why you should choose JixHost as your hosting provider!

  • Over 5 years in business!
  • FREE private name servers!
  • FREE billing system (phpcoin)!
  • Powerful CloudLinux 4 CPU core servers!
  • No risk 30 day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Over 99% uptime track record!
  • FREE Templates, Softaculous, Fantastico, RV Site Builder PRO and more!
  • 24/7/365 Email, Ticketing & Live Support!
  • SSL Secure environement!
  • Complete backups of your data on a seperate drive!
  • FREE instant setup on all accounts!
  • FREE domain reseller account with it’s website!

Which is not honest, its only to non-reseller plans and only if you purchase under monthly terms as I clearly showed on what I think is a really weak terms of service.  If you pay more then a year and find their service is bad then there is no recoarse.  I have to wonder how many charge backs they have incurred because of their anti-host jumper philpospy.

Do they have over 5 years in business?

Well the domain is just shy a few months from 3 years.  I would love to hear the story behind that, not to mention why there is a video on Jixhost for Softlayer.

Search engine results bring me to:



There are other things I have found but I am not sure I would rather repost the links,  I looked by just jixhost.com and jixhost.com sucks.  I think its safe to say that I have not seen the same results on any other host.  Jixhost is on my watch list.