– Will a single review convince you? is my Second host review of 3 hosts for April 2011’s top 25.  Looking at I can’t say I could see a whole lot wrong with this site.  The affiliate commissions are reasonable.  Unlike the last host terms of service link are located on every page.  The design is fairly simple, not an eye sore, and while I admit to not migrating to every page seems straight forward on where to go to get hosting, support, and other services. I can’t speak much on the subject of widows hosting.  After all I sold Plesk, cPanel, and bare bones Linux.  Plesk of coarse my preferred choice.  My review will be based off of,,, and has one and only one review

Well they only have one review with, but that review was over a year ago.  Also the domain is expired.   Clearly the only reason that they are on the top 25 has nothing to do with being a top host as the reviews are slim. has 17 reviews with

According to

There are 17 total Win Host reviews and this company is listed on since 2009. 7 customers found a good provider and 9 as bad (1 were neutral).

So 9 out of those 17 reviews are negative.   The one review that counts as a neutral review, really does not seem to be neutral as it made the reviewer choose another host.   Though I suggest checking those positive reviews, because they have 2.5 stars in some areas like support making me wonder why there was no questions to people that posted the low rating on what could be done to improve things.  One review in particular sticks out to me.

For some reason the rep of is under the impression that the downtime that was complained about happened the day before the complaint or only a short time.  If anything this is a rep I would not have doing damage control as too much time is spent in trying to make it look like its the customer.  Though I am sure with the details in the email and the first name of the customer should be some clues to who the customer might be.

And the award goes to

Web hosting directory seems like a scam, after all the one thing they do not provide is numbers, details, or anything that validates why someone got an award.  While is willing to post the awards on their site, they don’t link directly to this link:

Where you find they have won the “Most Popular” August 2009 – March 2011.  You would think that would be something to brag about.

But if you look below you see this option to vote now where you give a name, email, and comments.  I have to wonder if this is one of those things where you can pay someone to create fake votes.  You can do with YouTube videos.  For that matter I know a company that sales you people to like your company on Facebook, I think it was something like $35 to get 500 people to like your company.  There are even ways to fake your twitter followers.  Which is far cheaper then trying to do it the right way.

Now while I do not know that the reviews were faked on winhost, I don’t see anything such as dates when posted and domains hosted to prove they are real.