10looniehost.ca – A New Host, and Only a 7 Day Guarantee

10looniehost.ca is my Forth  host review of 5 hosts for January 2011 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  Before I go off into my little ramble here, I want to make clear that I have no problems with new hosts.  Every company had to start some where.  There is also that chance that a new host could take the industry by storm, in this market thats always a possibility.   This is a post that is about a new host that is paying for “advertising” with webhostingstuff.com.

I am not sure why a host that claims “True Canadian hosting, Solid Support”, has choosen to purchase “advertising” from webhostingstuff.com who primarily is U.S. focused hosting (well it was, but it seems there are more UK hosts lately). This host had my attention because while they had no reviews, they had the highest “Traffic Popularity” score which Webhostingstuff assigns to the some 14,289. That number is 13,597.  Keep in mind that hostgator.com is 5 of 14,289 companies and Yahoo was number 1.  I was guessing by the no reviews and a score of 13,597 this was a new host.

This is not the first host I have found on the webhostingstuff top 25 to be new, In November 2010 I found hosting locker was one of the .


Did 10looniehost.ca just launch?

I don’t have much proof of it, but I am guessing that 10looniehost.ca just recently launched and not on the creation of the domain date.  By that I mean over the last 30 days.  I say that because the Alexa score was 11,732,342 when I first found them on webhostingstuff’s top 25 list, and now they are 6,717,734.  Its been my experience it takes little effort to move that far when your score is above ten million.  Most of my sites that have a score around ten million and above have nothing going on them.  I am willing to bet by the time I finish up January 2011 they will be down to five million.

10looniehost.ca Alexa score January 20, 2010

10looniehost.ca Alexa score January 28, 2010

10looniehost.ca offers only a 7 day guarantee?


Since their a new host there is not much out there.  But I found that paticular site intresting because:

Money back guarantee: 7 day guarantee but you can pay monthly

My recommendation is to alway avoid a host that does not offer any thing 30 days or more.  I have indeed found that this host only offers a 7 day guarantee:


If for any reason the Account Holder is not entirely satisfied with their hosting Account they may request that their Account be closed within an initial 7 day period of their order being placed. A full refund of any fees paid will then be issued. Beyond that initial 7 day period, all payments for hosting are non-refundable and service is provisioned for the period paid for.

This is not on the main page, hosting package pages, or the faq however this is:

Solid Support – timely, responsive and technically adept support is guaranteed.”

Techie Support Guaranteed

I am not sure why the “7 day period” is hidden away in the terms of service.  But this is coming from a company that says “For ten bucks a month or less, at least 90% of our customers ought to be able to get what they need.“.  If your a customer I hope you do not fall under the 10% they don’t think should get what they need.

10looniehost.ca is on my watch list.