– Creation is all that is needed to be a top host is my first host review of 4 hosts for November 2010’s top 25.  At first look I saw there was no reviews for this site.  Unlike usual when I was doing the initial write up for the hosts to be reviewed for November I decided to look at whois information.  I was a little surprised to see that a host that ranked number 11 out of 25 hosts was actually created the very month it won (sorry I mean acquired “advertising” from webhostingstuff).  Then again i7net has not been online and they are in the 21 spot, so I suppose this host is a step up from i7net.  The design is not bad compared to many of the companies I have reviewed, it may be a bit on the clunky side.  But its not overwhelming with detail.

Then there are the hosting plans, three total.  But no mention of unlimited space.  With that I can say I am not focusing on the plans at this time.  I think the true focus is when this company was formed.

So when was formed?

This might be a bit of a confusing statement:

HostingLocker – established in 2001 as parent company, iNetdog. HostingLocker’s plans are simple – every hosting package contains all of the great features available. The only differences between hosting plans are the disk space and bandwidth allocations. HostingLocker does not oversell either disk space or bandwidth, so your site is protected and guaranteed the best performance possible.

Now to be clear this is when the domain was created October 22, 2010:

The parent company appears to be which was formed August 26, 2001:

Combined with the whois information and a look at inetdog, I can tell you that inetdog is a reseller for Godaddy’s Wild West Domains.  After all you clearly see:


In both domains whois.  Then you can go to inetdog and see a Wild West Domains template.  A template that obviously not been modified since they first signed up with this Godaddy reseller program.

While is a Godaddy reseller, hostinglocker is a customer of CLOUDFLARE.COM.  Which is  new company to me, though I have to wonder if allows reselling.

I find this part of cloudflare’s terms of service intresting:


As part of the CloudFlare Service, you may choose to monitor the traffic to certain websites. In doing so, you acknowledge that CloudFlare acts as your limited agent (and data processor in the EU context) to you for the purpose of providing Internet data and optimization services. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that the use of CloudFlare’s Service is permitted under the laws of your jurisdiction and you agree to indemnify and hold CloudFlare harmless if your use of the Service is in violation of local law. Where required by law, you agree to post a privacy policy on any that, at a minimum, discloses any and all uses of personal information that you collect from users including any information collected via the Service. You agree to indemnify and defend CloudFlare from and against any and all claims stemming from your failure to comply with this provision and/or your failure or refusal to abide by the terms and provisions of any applicable privacy policies.

I can’t seem to find a privacy policy on

So its been 2 months and has testimonials

I am not familar with Martin-Group or The RedStone Group, but I doubt that Sony America is hosted with them.

Then there is this statement from

Why don’t you offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth?

Actually it is not possible for any hosting company to offer unlimited disk space or bandwidth. This is typically an advertising gimmick that is cleared up when you read their Terms of Service. All of them will have a clause where they can terminate your account for excessive disk or bandwidth usage, usually without defining those terms. HostingLocker actually reserves the bandwidth and disk space you pay for to keep your site performing well and insulated from other users who may be abusing server assets.

Which is true, but I tend to wonder how anyone can trust hostinglocker when they use webhostingstuff for “advertising” and have testimonials that are questionable.