– revisited

Back in June 2010 I asked “who is”.   In May 2010 this was a host that would be number 10, and by the time I did the review in June 2010 went to number 17.  Come to find out this host existed under another name, and for some reason did not renew the domain they were with.  I found other flaws which you can find on this post about

What most may not know is this is the first host to email me in regards to my posts.   The person to contact me on behalf of  is Daniel Collins . He asked that I kept the email kept private and that I removed my post.  Removing my post was out of the question, and I have for some time pondered on rather I should post these emails or not.   While being the first host to respond,  is the only host to ask me to keep a lid on the emails.   I never promised to not publish the emails, but I was not inclined to post them after seeing this site disappear off’s top 25.

This week I got sent some snap shots of the top 25 for this month.  I actually got several screen shots from friends that will be a different post because spacenets appears in the 10th and 11th spot.  This of coarse is a post all of its own.  But this screen shot is the reason why I wrote a post on again.

As you can see in February 2011 on the number 19th spot is is.

So here are the emails from

I have tried to contact Daniel to explain why is back on the list or to refute that he is paying once again for advertising.  He has ignored my emails.  This is the point where I post all of his emails.  I have also made it clear on the contact form that I will post all emails on this blog that a host may send me.

The first email from

July 1, 2010

Daniel Collins
[email protected]

Hi Ben,

This is Daniel from

I would like to discuss and clear up some of your issue you are
having with us.

For not even being a customer or trying us you are making a very bold
statement and claim on your site.

I would prefer if our email conversation would be kept private and no
published on your site.
The aim of this conversation would be to clear up anything you think
about us and hopefully once its all cleared you will remove your
comment about us.

Would this be okay with you?


Daniel Collins

Sent from (ip address): (
Date/Time: July 1, 2010 10:27 pm
Coming from (referer):

For some reason my response to is missing in GMail. But apparently it was enough to get him to respond back.

July 1, 2010

Hi Ben,
As again I would like nothing from my emails to be published.

Im not sure about the start you are going on about affiliates, we arenot an affiliate we have our own servers.

The ranking you are going on about for the,”This is a company that was supposed to be the the number 10 host outof 25, and now 17 out of 25. For that matter Alexa lists the TrafficRank at 1,476,372. Which by webhosting terms is not impressive.”

I agree with you the webhostingstuff website is missleading where itsays “top 10..” when its not based on anything apart from there bid.

As i have said before we are a small company so we need to get outthere in the big world and get noticed, so we need to advertise. thisis one method of advertising.I am thinking about moving away from this site and looking into othermeans of advertising the site.

I would like to speak to you about the customer service area so wecan get this resolved.

For the site switching to the uk version i think this is because itsdirecting you to the whmcs portal what uses a differnt template thatsnot dynamic, Thanks! will look into this.

Im sorry about the call and how it was dealt with, this does not giveus a good impression. We are now going to be setting business hoursfor our support.
regarding the name changes, we just was selling shared hosting a awebmasters website. we then thought we could take this to the nextstep and started it up as its own site, so this was when we, after that as we are a uk company and would like toregister most of our domains in time i registered the .com domain 301 redirects to the UK domain.

The .com domain is currently under a dispute regarding our new officeaddress. We are in contact with PublicDomainRegistry to get thisresolved.

our about us page will be updated soon to make it more clear, we willnot include the time were we was selling on this other site, just fromday 1 of trading under our current name.

the TOS will also be updated soon.

the showcase page link has been removed until we contact clients whoare willing for the site to be displayed.

Regarding the review about firstnetserv, the owner of the site hasbeen making false claims about peoples hosting websites. (setup aforum and requesting a removal fee be paid to get your bad reviewremoved)

I would like to hear / work with you regarding these issues.

Daniel Collins

My response to

July 5, 2010


First of all I never called your company an affiliate.  I was simple informing how I came up with the subject for my hosting reviews.  Since I could find no affilates marketing your site, I went with what came to mind,  which is “who is ioxhost”.

The very nature of my site is to expose fake review sites as well as those who use them.   Currently I am after everyone that is using As they claim that no one pays for the top 25 positioning. You were on my list as number 10 back in May 2010. I know positioning with the top 25 is paid for, as 2 years ago I busted them.

I am not sure what makes you think being in the top 25 is “advertising”  turn on a TV and you will find true advertising. There are many ways to get your company to the world at large as I have clearly done with my site and my popularity has increased everyday since I created the video that made my site famous, and it grows even faster since I started the blog.  I have ran 4 hosting companies in the last 11 years, and I did not have to pay for a lie to make the sites popular.  The best you can do is to stop using, and do true advertising.  Even a affiliate program would be better then this (if you read my posts you will see that my problem is when companies use high payouts on their affiliate programs).    Better yet expose your dealing with webhostingstuff on here.  By bidding for your position you are engaging in business with a company that damages honest companies.  I owned one of those companies effected by the practices of  As long as you are listed in the top 25 of you are unethical company that I have my sights on.

As for the flaws in your site,  this is something you need to find.  I spent less then 30 minutes to find the flaws I encountered on your site.  I did not do a full a review of the site as I have a list of things I look at when reviewing a site.  I suggest that you do a page by page inspection of your site (that means testing your site in every popular browser).  I am not in the business of telling webhosts (especially considering they used to be my competitors) how they can improve their service, especially I am not going to do so for free.   Clearly if you want to reach the world at large you need to perform quality assurance on your site, and not wait for people to find the problems for you.

Nothing will make me delete the post I put up or alter it, however I am not beyond putting up a second post that states that you redeemed yourself.  In other words an email that I can post saying that you had remove you and that you are committed to doing true marketing.


Benjamin’s response

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for your reply.
I don’t know how they can say people are not paying for that, Its misleading to the visitors thinking these company’s are the best when all the need to do is bid a bit of money.
We will be making a lot of changes to the site, (currently 2 of us) such as the Terms, We have business hours and going top to bottom checking the site.
I have just send WHS a email asking for the complete removal of our site.

My response to

Hello Daniel,

The problem is they like to delete the negative feed back for the companies that pay, and the positive feed back for those that do not.  The companies that approach them on this are slandered for this.

I would like to see the emails that whs has sent you, I can assure you any posts I do would leave out key information that they can use to identify you.

At the same time this is my recommendation that you post a response on my blog post in regards to having them remove you, and plead your case.


Benjamin’s response

HI Benjamin

I contacted them before regarding downtime they were showing where pingdom was showing none, they did nothing about this.

I removed all my bids from there site so i shouldn’t be listed.

Still awaiting there email to confirm they have removed my account.


End of emails with

After that there were only a few exchanges.  Where I tried to get him to send me the emails that webhostingstuff sent.  For that stop responding to me.  Even when I emailed’s Daniel to explain why they were back on the top 25 7 days ago on February 1, 2011.  Despite the claims of changing the terms of service they are still as short as they were.  The chat program is not the same as you have to go to contact to find it, and clicking on it seems to only reload the contact page.

The down time for this time last year was 2461 minutes.  Last month had 155 minutes.  But this is according to

In regards to the webhostingstuff reviews

This time around I find that has their own testimonials.  I decided to do what I have done with other hosts that decide to show case their testimonial as well as the reviews on  The question I have to ask is are these hosts still with – none active domain – Not on dns – – On (also a testimonial on site) On – On – Offline (also a testimonial on site) – Now with Bluehost as of Feb 7, 2011 (also a testimonial on site) – With Godaddy since November 21, 2009

There is one testimonial on that does not appear on – none active domain

So only 2 domains out of 8 reviews are hosted with Ioxhost.