Webhostingstuff is blocking me

If you have read my previous posts on webhostingstuff, you will know that I have had to ask people to assist me in getting screen shots.  Before last month I could get almost anyone around the world to do screen shots for me.    But last month friends of mine that had never been to this hosting review site and were unable to get anything other then a strange error message and screen asking for a email address.  I don’t trust them to give them my email address.  If you saw my October 2010 review, you will see that now there is only one host of any measurable merit.  Which is hostgator, all the other hosts are fledgling hosts.   If you want a sample of how skewed the top 25 is one of the  hosts is out of business (yet remains on the top 25 list, another is a hostgator client (on a non-reseller account) and who faked their review, and another has turned his wild west domains account into a reseller program while keeping peoples domains under his name (that is a disaster in the making).  Thats just the hosts that come to mind.




But here is what a friend found while using his iPad to get me screen shots:

Webhostingstuff’s home page error

Going to the main site brings up this error.  Strangely at first it seems that the site is somewhat working.  After all you can see the header and side bar.  Which is how it starts with me.  When I make future attempts on what appears to be a blocked screen I don’t get this.  I just get a page with a link to click on to give my email address.

Webhostingstuff wants your email to fix a problem

Strangely when I get an error page with most websites, they do not request your email.  If they do they usually want more information.

What happens when I click on anything else on the webhostingstuff.com’s website?

Pretty much get taken to a blank screen with only a “Click her to resolve error” and a string id.  Clicking the link will take you to a screen asking for your email address.

So what does Google cache have on webhostinstuff?

Nicely I am near the bottom of their search engine results off of just ‘webhostinstuff’.

Below you can see that even google is getting blocked by webhostingstuff.com as their home page cache with google is an error message.  It also seems that they are not paying for google adsense like they used to.  Its not hard to imagine they do not have the adsense budget like

The blocking is being done without any discrimination.  So the webhosts that are on their top 25 may be not be the best the hosts, for that matter they may the very worst.  But they did pay to get traffic.  This blocking method is not to their benefit.  Anyone that find a host by their search engine that links to this site will come to a weird site that asks for your email address because of an error.  Frankly how can you trust a site that has an error, when you are searching for a quality host.

Its my opinion that unless webhostingstuff does something to adapt, there not going to be in business much longer.