Ixwebhosting.com: Digitalfaq.com (your affiliate) is trashing your company

Ixwebhosting.com has in the past responded to past posts, and I hope they will do so again. Because one of their affiliates is trashing their company. Clearly it makes no sense for Ixwebhosting.com to pay someone that is telling people to avoid Ixwebhosting.com.

A few months ago I encountered Digitalfaq.com, a forum that is trying to be a review site. Despite claiming to be an expert on hosting, they provide nothing that will prove they have used the hosts they recommend or advice to avoid. There is no data that might help prove a host is good or bad.

But when I pointed out that Digitalfaq.com had affiliate links to hosts bash the brand for like Ixwebhosting.com the owner had this to say:


Second, if somebody is stubborn, and going to sign up with one of those hosts anyway — likely due to the lure of cheap “unlimited” — then yes, we’ll take the affiliate commission for it.

Personally if I was the owner of Ixwebhosting.com I would  at least cancel their affiliate membership, if not seek collecting any payments that were made to digitalfaq.com. Their membership id is PID=3235990.

This is what Digitalfaq.com has to say about ixwebhosting.com

So perhaps Ixwebhosting.com may not be sold on that, more proof is needed that Digitalfaq.com is really trashing their brand. Well there is a whole post designated for just that:


IX is a Commission Junction affiliate, and has a payout of $50-150 per sale. (All CJ publishers can readily see what the payouts amounts are, so this is a verifiable fact.) So when you see “review sites” with IX listed as a “top rated” host, you know why. What they really mean is “IX pays us the most, so buy from them so we can get our $50-150”. By contrast, quality hosts generally cannot afford to pay out more than $5-25 per sale, because they actually invest their income in quality hardware, quality bandwidth, quality datacenters (rental or otherwise), as well as trained/knowledgeable support techs.

Every place I look that ixwebhosting.com shows up on Digitalfaq.com I find the clickable link. Clicking the link for I find the following code in the URL for Ixwebhosting.com PID=3235990.

Not to mention some of the hosting companies that digitalfaq.com recommends do a lot of what ixwebhosting.com does.

The following hosts depend on the amount of sales per month. So if you only bring in 1 customer you get the lowest amount, or should you bring in more 10 or more you may get the max per sale.

  • Jaguarpc.com $65 – $110 (65 – $125 per sale through cj.com)
  • Downtownhost.com $40 – $100
  • Arvixe.com $70 – $135
  • Glowhost.com $50 – $125
  • Siteground.com $50 – $150 (cj.com-/$7 – 80 per sale through cj.com)
  • Inmotionhosting.com $50 – $100 ($100 per sale through cj.com)
  • Hostdime.com $40 – $150
  • Site5.com $25 – $100

But some of these hosts upon review find themselves on “review sites”. I search for a few that I knew are frequently on review sites with the term “*host name* reviews” and here is what I found.

  • Arvixe.com – Hosting-review.com
  • Inmtotionhosting.com – webhostinggeeks.com
  • Siteground.com – besthostsdirectory.com
  • Glowhost.com – hostingsthatsuck.com.

Arvixe.com, siteground.com, inmotionhosting.com, and Site5.com all magically appeared on webhostingstuff.com, a review site that charged host for being in the 1 – 25 spots. A small summation how webhostingstuff.com was not to be trusted.


Any surprise that hosts that find themselves on other so called review sites are also on digitalfaq.com? One has to wonder if Digitalfaq.com feels they have not got enough payments from Ixwebhosting.com and changed their stance.

But there are companies that pay out far more than Ixwebhosting.com such as:

Liquidweb.com $60 -$5000 or 5% reoccurring commission.

Back when I first looked at the host Digitalfaq.com recommended I found that 89% of the hosts they recommend have very clear affiliate programs. 2 of the three had affiliate login areas. The one host that did not have a clear affiliate program had WHMCS which has a built in affiliate manager.


Digitalfaq.com goes further to trash Ixwebhosting.com

You’ll see these sorts of hosts referred to as “oversellers” or “unlimited” hosts. This is because they’ll oversell their services, stuffing too many clients onto a single server, which causes everything to run slow. And because resources are finite — there’s no such thing as an “unlimited speed” CPU or an “unlimited size” chip of RAM — you’ll find that there are very narrow limits on what can be done with your hosting account. These limitations are buried in their site documentation, such as the Terms of Service. Unless you’re hosting a teeny tiny little HTML-only homemade site for personal use, then you’ll want to seek better quality services. These are NOT business-grade plans, as uptime tends to be unreliable, and there’s little room for expanding your site (including more traffic as your business becomes more popular). For that matter, it can be unacceptable for a high-traffic personal site.

And to make the situation ironic, many of the better hosts are the same price, or even a little less costly. Go figure. The primary difference is a good host puts a cap on the space and bandwidth you’re allotted. It’s not “unlimited”.

But Digitalfaq.com changed their stance on Unlimited hosts back in March.

Excluding a few well-managed hosts like JaguarPC or Site5, unlimited hosting plans are impossible, made with promises that cannot be kept.


Why Digitalfaq.com change their mind on recommending unlimited should be clear. After all how much did those two hosting companies pay out?

  • Jaguarpc.com $65 – $110 (65 – $125 per sale through cj.com)
  • Site5.com $25 – $100

Most review sites don’t link back to host they don’t recommend. Especially when they make it a point to capitalize on trashing a host while recommending another.

I meant to do this sooner, but as I have stated many times before this site does not pay the bills. That and I have a new house being built, the time table was recently moved up from being finished in late October to late July. Just in case Digitalfaq.com thinks I lost interest. I plan on doing one of these posts for every host that digitalfaq.com chooses to trash like ixwebhosting.com. For those that ask by no means is this a defense of Ixwebhosting.com. I just feel that two wrongs do not equal a right. If digitalfaq.com’s actions did not influence a customer to choose Ixwebhosting.com, than they should not be paid for that referral.

Here is who they recommend instead of Ixwebhosting.com:

Again, if you want an enterprise-grade quality host, look at EuroVPS.

If you want a cheap host, that still has some quality, look at Stablehost or Ninjalion Hosting.

  • EuroVPS.com – $26
  • Stablehost.com – $25
  • Ninjalion.com- $30

I am sure that would include some of the hosts they now recommend that offer unlimited hosting.  Because the current list is between $25 – $500. So the very reasons that Digitalfaq.com uses to claim that Ixwebhosting.com is a bad host, makes them a bad review site.

Just in case Digtalfaq.com decides to change or delete their post here is a screen shot.

Ixwebhosting review  Are they a good host for my website  - digitalFAQ.com Support Forum (1) copy copy

So in short Digitalfaq.com claims that they are a bad host based on their being with CJ.com and offering payouts near the same as the hosts they recommend. Ixwebhosting.com is also a bad host because they offer a unlimited hosting.com.

Ixwebhosting.com has a clause that makes it very clear they can terminate bad affiliates:


F. Defamation/Libel

You agree that in the course of any performance under this agreement or otherwise with respect to any dealings between you and IX Web Hosting that you will not transmit any information which is or might be considered to be defamatory or libelous.

Clearly claims of a high affiliate program (that Digitalfaq.com clearly signed up for) and unlimited hosting are all points to be used against choosing a host like Ixwebhosting.com are grounds for removal.”

So one has to ask, will Ixwebhosting.com take action on this rouge affiliate Digitalfaq.com?