Is Following the FTC compliance for

Last month among other Endurance International Group hosts sent out FTC compliance emails.  For some reason while I had tons of people sending me their emails from, appears to have not received the notice.  So I am going to make another wonderful post for them, where they can view said notice at:

I am also going to point out why they are wrong.

If your don’t know why you should not trust, here is why.

They work to be at the top of “(host name) sucks” in search engine results.  The reason why they do that is they know a lot of people try to find out rather a host is good or bad, though that particular search phrase.  They hope that you will go to their site and read why you should host with that host, and search no further.  In this case they want you to get an account with so they can get $100 for every sign up, plus a performance bonus for bringing in x amount of customers (per month?).

Fatcow sucks? Beware – Read this Fatcow Review First | Even the Best Hosts Suck Sometimes

That is the header they give you, they want top ranking when you do a search for sucks.  They want you to look no further then their site.  Here is how they try to prove they are on your side:

Some say Fatcow Hosting scams or Fatcow sucks? Saw some issues, Fatcow complaints and bad customer experiences? Can these negative reviews be trusted? Heard some horror stories about their limitations?

This time around they decide to point to’s BBB record.  Honestly I would never use the Better Business Burea as the finale measurement of trusting a company.  That and it proable needs a review of its own for the hosting companies that pay for their reviews.  Take a look at this ABC post on the BBB, and yes Wolfgang Puck still has an F rating.

Another site of interest is

Read enough there, and you can see that I should be looking at the BBB in regards to so called hosting reviews.  So perhaps a post for another day.

But as of today does Fatcow have a A+ rating?

As you can tell going to link that, fatcow does not own its own BBB acreditation, it shares it with other EIG owned companies.  Unlike what I did, did not post a full shot of that rating, and yes I got that from the same exact link they point people to.

So how bad is Fatcow?

Personally I have tried a few of eig companies, Fatcow, Justhost, ipage, just to name a few. Always the service is to slow to do anything serious on.  For some bizarre reason people pay me a couple thousand to build a site, but they can’t be bothered to pay more then $100 a year to keep their site going.  Many of these clients burnt by other people because they choose to buy from someone offering their design at the price they wanted, only to disappoint them.

As always does, it claims that you should buy Fatcow, because there are only a hand full of complaints against them.  For some reason tries to use Alexa to compare Fatcow against Ipower (also owned by EIG).  An Alexa rating has no bearing on weather a host is good or not.  It is a measure of traffic, and there are alot of host that have a higher rating and more complaints then fatcow.  Unfortunately I don’t have time to point them out.  But I am sure has more complaints then fatcow, and it definatly has a higher alexa rating.

But as far as searches go, the top 2 pages are mostly affiliates such as  But there is one site that has more then 8 complaints

So is ftc compliant?  No, despite the many “discount” links, there is no full disclosure that they get paid by for any referral. Lets see if Fatcow is serious about that email they sent, and will do something about it.