webhostingstuff- September 2010 top 25 list

If you thought I was done reviewing sites that appear on webhostingstuff, you were wrong.  While trying to finish up May and June 2010, I slacked on July and August 2010.   So whatever host was on the top 25  on July – August 2010 will not be reviewed if they are not presently or in the future on webhostingstuff.  This is a company that I should have been following since the beginning when I first created my video.  I never realized til the last few months how flawed the top 25 hosts were.  Some of the hosts belong in the worst hosts lists.  All it took was constant monitoring of their site, despite the many times I get blocked, I have had plenty of volunteers willing to get me the information that I needed.

Webhostingstuff top 1 – 10 most popular hosting companies

1 – 10 on webhostingstuff is a bit mixed from the previous times I have looked.

FatCow is no longer on the top 25, However another of the Endurance International group – iPage.com is still there.  Losing there number 1 spot to Arivixe.  I have to wonder how Arivixe managed that besides for having some terrible reviews they made worse, there a outdated website.  HostGator seems to after I started monitoring moving back and forth between 4th and 5th postion.  Two new hosts that I have not reviewed appear in the 1 – 10 spots.



Webhostingstuff top 11 – 20 most popular hosting companies

Webinternethosting is still there, despite their singe rating they faked.  I had sent an email to Michael Low in regards to this but like in most cases he blocks anyone with any negative aspect to what he is doing.

Three new hosts in the 11 – 20 spot that I have not reviewed



Topgreenhost.com (another green host that probable buys green credits)

Webhostingstuff top 21 – 25 most popular hosting companies

Fire Dragon Hosting a site that is the worst designed site I have seen is in the number 22 spot.

Two new hosts to my list

Cyber Host Pro


ummm wait.  What the?!?!?! Webhostingstuff has i7net.net in the top 25 again!!!!!

I recently reviewed the problems with this site and for some reason even though the site has not been active for months its the 25th most popular hosting company?


I have to wonder how this site is there, and I would be surprised if i7net.net is was paying anything.  I do know that people are paying webhostingstuff via pay pal.  Perhaps i7net.net has not canceled the subscription payment and so this is on auto pilot.  While I7net.net is paying the bare minimum for “advertising” in a bidding war.  It shifts in and out of the 25th postion.

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