Want a cheap unlimited host from The Endurance International Group?

Chances are you may have found this post because its about ‘cheap unlimited host’. ‘There are  twenty cheap unlimited hosts under the Endurance International Group.  While all of them offer the same package, there not the same price.  So today I decided to go through and see who is the cheapests and who was the most expensive.  Not to mention I wanted to see if all the sites offered hosting.  Not all of them do. 3 do not offer hosting, 8 do not offer unlimited hosting.  The remaining 19 plus iPage which is not listed make 20 sites that can be called a  “cheap unlimited host”.  I  found the owner of these cheap unlimited(s) while looking into the Endurance International Group.


*WARNING* I do not endorse any cheap unlimited host!!!

If anything I would tell you to avoid these sites and sites that offers you a promise that simply can not be kept.  Its a gamble any time you get into a cheap unlimited host that offers more then is reasonable feasible.  You never know at what point the cheap unlimited host is going to shut you off.  There is always an unwritten profit margin that a host is not going to let you pass.  Sometimes its called processor usage.  Often when I see that someone was shut down because they  exceeded 1 – 3 % of processor usage I have to wonder how powerful the server they were on, or how old it might be.  Granted with The Endurance International Group you may have a longer limit then other unlimited providers due to the fact they use their customers as an advertising platform.

Why would I create a list of cheap unlimited hosts?

Some people no matter what I say will still buy cheap unlimited hosting, and for that matter will flock to the cheapest of them.  Despite the possibility of getting burned, its perceived as a deal.   So if your not going to listen to my warning,  you might as well know which one is the cheapest.   I went through all the sites I could find on The Endurance International Group BBB page.


I found that 20 of them offer unlimited hosting.  iPage was not listed, but i am including it on my cheap unlimited host list.  All offering essentially the same thing Unlimited space and bandwidth with various sign on bonuses (carbonite, Google adsense, free domain……..).  So if you have to have one of these hosts you might as well have the one with the cheapest price.  Why pay more then you have to for what is essential the same cheap unlimited host plan?

A  cheap unlimited host list for the Endurance International Group

The below list is in order of the cheapest price per cheap unlimited host.   All of these sites belong to the Endurance International Group. Keep in mind you may have to sign up for almost three years to get the price I have listed.  The price listed is per month.

iPage $3.50
FatCow $3.67
PowWeb $3.88
Dot5Hosting $3.95
HyperMart $4.25
Globat $4.44
DomainHost $5.95
ehost $5.95
Enteryhost $5.95
FreeYellow $5.95
HostCentric $5.95
IMOutdoorsHosting $5.95
Ipower $5.95
IpowerWeb $5.95
NetworkHosting $5.95
StartLogic $5.95
USANetHosting $5.95
Xeran $5.95
ApolloHosting $6.95
Webhost4Life $19.95

…. And the cheap unlimited host winner is iPage

If you have to have a cheap unlimited host, and it has to be from the Endurance International Group why pick any other host then iPage.

…. And the cheap unlimited host loser is Webhost4Life

Compared to iPage you could save $16.45 a month, $197.40 a year, $394.80 over 2 years, $592.20 over 3 years.  For that matter its hard to call Webhost4Life a cheap unlimited host considering most hosts do not have their unlimited hosting price this high.

They all have the same plan, with the same support team.  So why pick any other cheap unlimited host plan?

What if you went with one of the sites that offer their cheap unlimited plan for $5.95 a month?

You will pay $2.45 extra per month

You will pay $29.40 extra per year

You will pay $58.80 extra for a two year period

If your getting the same essential cheap unlimited host plan from the cheapest company, why would you want to pay even a penny extra?  The cheap unlimited plan to go with is the one by iPage if you have to have one from the Endurance International Group.