Hostingsthatsuck, or hostings that pay too much to suck?

Hostingsthatsuck has a catch phrase for every host they show case: “Even The Best Hostings Suck Sometimes“.   You would think with a name like that you would find a rogues gallery of webhosts to avoid.  Some how every host thats finds its way on this site is a host that you should select.   Every post for every host they select uses the same theme.  Its almost to the point they do nothing more then replace the previous host with the last host, copy and paste details from the host they are reviewing.  After which they do a quick search for the host they are reviewing with against others on the words sucks.   Then they estimate how many of those are valid.  Its been my experience that they do not actually look to see if there is more then one individual complaining about the host on a single search engine result.

Hostingsthatsuck, rinse and repeat a repetitive theme one size fits all approach

They claim to do the research for you on who ‘sucks’.  Preceding every review of  a host, using this little tiny bit of data from search engine results to tell you if a host sucks of not:

If you are considering any hosting company, you should do a search for keywords “ABC Hosting Sucks” on Google. Perhaps you have already read tons of good stuff and rave reviews about hosting ABC but doing the “ABC sucks” search may reveal the true side of the hosting provider

That would be great way of seeing if a host sucks or not.  But the problem is sucks is not the only negative word that can be associated with webhosting.

Fraud, bad, lame, scam, terrible, evil, stupid, apathetic, dumb, pathetic, careless……………………………. and more words then I have time to post.  Its a huge list of words that can be used to indicated a host is bad.   But the search focuses on how a host has so few relevant to suck.

After “proving” a host does not suck:

We try to be nonbiased when we do reviews but with *host name here*, it is hard not to. So have no problem recommending this hosting to anyone. Now click here to checkout the plan most suitable for you and start on a reliable hosting at lower price

Don’t be conned by the “nonbiased” approach.  The bottom line is they want you to buy hosting from these companies because the company has a rather nice pay out.

What happens when a site on hostingsthatsuck starts to go bad

They deleted their negative feedback on Justhost (Probable because they get about $100 per referral), but Mochahost is still there.

You have to scroll down past all the research in sucks on google.  Past the praise to find a update about how is no longer a recommended host.

You have to scroll past all the glowing endorsements by Hostingthatsuck to see a host that at the start of the post did not suck, but you come to find that the host does indeed suck.   The affiliate links are still there, and so are the coupon codes.  So why did Hostingthatsuck not have the update at the top?  Perhaps the affiliate link at mochahost can tell us:

Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale:   50% of all sales you deliver. You can earn up to $731 per sale !

Its not hard to see why the update, which should be a warning is not at the top.  Their excuse would be that you should have read the whole review.   Its a case of your lose is their gain.

The final word on hostingsthatsuck

The one thing that every site has in common on hostingsthatsuck is they all have rather nice payouts.   Its my opinion that the name implies you would find hosts to avoid.  Hostingsthatsuck does show you if a site is bad, you just have to read past the gold foil at the top of the review.