– Email Spammer, and now Comment Spammer is a company that found its way on my blog because they choose to spam my personal email.  Their response was for me to give them my email so they could remove me off their list. Since I never gave them my email address, I did not see the point in giving it to them.  I did not respond to their request. Instead I advised them to delete their list and start from scratch. Any email list that you do not obtain on your own, and through a double opt in is not a viable list. They also wanted me to remove my post:

Hi, It looks like we have sent emails to your personal mail id. This could have been amicably settled because we also give links for DND which we update on a regular basis. We request you to mail your email id so that in near future you would not receive any emails from us. And we also request you to take the content off your site. I hope that you would surely do the same.


Antony John“.

I of coarse declined their request.

This is a post that has been sitting on the back burner, and yet I think I need to get this out of the way before I start my review of I want to get this out of the way because spam does inspire me to write, but my rage has an expiration date.  Yes I suffer attention deficet disorder, and shinny things such as the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire do distract me.  So if I don’t do this now, I probable will not do it later.

So that was the end of my dealings with

I thought learned their lesson as I did not get any more spam to my personal email account.  But in the middle of last month this came in:

Email spam did not pan out so choose to comment spam my blog.  After all what does a Indian host have to do with an American host like  Not to mention the 5000 rupee unlimited Linux plan is about $101 so its not that much more then This is not the first time I have received spam from some host that is a bit ridiculous.  One that stole the Android logo tried to spam on my Youtube account:

Bot agrees, all Bot wants to do is offer affordable web hosting to the regular person. Not everyone is a major corporation that can afford $200 a month, which is what some of the other hosting companies out there charge 
And thats why we are slowly gaining popularity. We do what all the rest can do, but MUCH cheaper.

Then of coarse I basically told him this was his chance to be honest, as frankly with his traffic rank it really was not worth my time to review them.  He then went into this whole spill about free hosting for those in the militarty, and donations to a charity which was according to the way back machine police officer charity site, and now a soldier charity site.  But it was that $200 figure, which really makes no sense.  Most people who come to my video are not going to pay $200 a month.  Nor was this guy role playing as a bot, as he  was hosted with one of Endurance International Groups hosts.

This positive comment,  is not the first I have seen that looks a little too good to be true. a Host for India?

At the start of my business I wanted to market to people in my country.  Not because I did not want money from other countries, far from it I will take as much money from anyone that will not have me tossing and turning at night over something that bugs my conscience. I probable would be a far richer man if my greed was stronger then that pesky thing called a conscience.  In the beginning I just figured people would rather do business with their own country.  After all you see enough “Buy American” bumper stickers, never mind a lot of the cars with them are parked at Walmart.  To them I have to ask is it okay to buy from Brazil?

The United States, unlike India is a mixing pot of every nation. Meaning any pictures of people were varied, though mostly with people wore business attire.  Not dressed in shorts, t-shirts and sandals with my Beatles style / bowl hair cut so no skater looking guys like myself. Which interestingly enough I don’t see a lot of stock images that show case the people of India.  A little odd for a No 1 host of Southern India..

Manashosting has 30 different methods to obtain to contact them

A lot appears to have changed when I last looked at this host, as it used to have a blue background.  But the thing that truly bothers me despite not really having pictures of the local populace.  Is that while claiming to be the Number One host in South India, they do try to get international customers.  Most of which are offline or away during what amounts to bankers hours in the U.S.  How can any company that wants business from my country not offer support during my hours? a ISO 9001 company?

I am not to sure of that as there is nothing to validate it.  A search of reveals nothing on this  Perhaps like much of the fake positive reviews this is another lie told by Manashosting.