Manashosting – is a spammer

Manashosting is not a host that I had in my sights, at least until they decided to spam my personal email account.  For that matter the only valid email on this account would be from friends, family, and places I do personal shopping on (i.e.  Its not an email that I ever did business with as its a Yahoo account that I have had around 15 years.

But that did not stop an email from [email protected] subject Domain reseller.  With links to

Interestingly they are spamming from India, for  a hosting account on for  While I have filed a complaint with theplanet, I don’t have a lot of confidence in getting this resolved.   After all not the first time I have dealt with them in regards to spam complaints.  They are really bad about not dealing with Copy Right complaints.

Manashosting has a ton of complaints out there

Its my opinion that most if not all of the positive feed back was done by manashosting.  I say this because this host has more negative complaints then any of the previous hosts that I have reviewed.

What does webhostingstuff have to say about manashosting?

Inrestingly one of the good things about webhostingstuff is they collect reviewer websites.  The first that catches my attention is:

Great service (Excellent)
– by Leena ( on 5 September 2010

Have been with manashosting they are very good. I have never faced any sorts of problems with them and now i have taken up their reseller ship as well. Am glad i can make extra money with out losing my peace of mind. Thank you every on

So who does this website belong to?

So they owned the domain, and its expired.  Interestingly most of the sites with excellent reviews I have looked at are not pointing to manashosting, or have privacy protection so you can not see who they are.

There are still a lot of sites with complaints about manashosting–manas-hosting-not-recommended-c143011.html

and more…….

Here is even a blog dedicated to complaints against them:

Then there is this post which is the whole reason I advise against keeping your domain with the same company you host with:

If you want to part with your money and your domain, manashosting is for you, otherwise don’t accept offers by spam.