Unlimitedgb.com – A Scam to Avoid!!!

The first time I heard of unlimitedgb.com was when I thought someone commented about justhost.  I looked at the site, and made the comment this host may be worse then justhost based on a cost that was far less then what was already dirt cheap with justhost.  I also doubt that unlike Justhost a Endurance International Group site, that this blog spammer was supplementing their income by advertising on their customer control panel.  Meaning that this spammer was increasingly likely to shut down anyone that used too many or too few resources.  Unlimitedgb.com is the first hosting scam that I will write a post up for this year.

Before I go further into my rant, I am going to be pretty clear about going with a company that spams.  Spamming is illegal, and if they are willing to spam what other illegal activities are they willing to engage in?  For that matter will they even offer the service that you thought you were getting from them?  Because this host choose to spam my blog to try and get customers I have to declare them a scam. You should avoid this host at all costs.  Yes they may be far cheaper then the more commonly know cheap hosts, but can you really afford to give access to your money to someone that can not bring customers in under valid forms of commercialism?  Unlimitedgb.com should be avoided at all costs.

Just a sample of Unlimitedgb.com’s spam

Below is just a small sample of what has been coming in.  For some reason its not been caught by the spam filters.  Making me wonder if I should try and tighten down the the ability for someone to make a comment.  But the truth of the matter is I will not, because 99.9% of the attempts do not go through they add to my Alexa score.  I was a little surprised to find this out.  Even though I gain by their attempts, I am not willing to let them use my blog to give them a leg up on getting people to sign up for their service.  This will be the only mention they get from my site unless I find more dirt as to why no one should choose this despicable company.

At this point I don’t think any of the comments are real.  The first comment was proable put by someone within the company, but the other comments look like a bot.  Though none of them match, so perhaps even these comments were placed by someone within Interweb iTech.  All for the purpose increasing this host’s search engine ranking.  The weird thing is they entered hosting-reviews-exposed.com in as their site on their comments.  No references to a individuals website.

The lights at unlimitedgb.com are on, but nobody is home

I wanted to give these guys a piece of my mind.   When I saw the below graphic I thought great I can chat with one of them.

Well I was wrong, regardless of there being a “LIVE RESPONSE Online” I get this:

There live response does not mean they are “Ready to Assist You…”.  It means you can click on that to send them a message.  If you want to know who owns this company I have copied the below from the whois for their domain.


    Interweb iTech (India) Private Limited
    Sanson D'silva        ([email protected])
    No.371 Cross Cut Road,
    Tamil Nadu,641012
    Tel. +91.9994169999
    Fax. +91.4224377683

What I find interesting is whats in the address bar for Unlimitedgb.com

Since Unlimitedgb.com you wanted some search engine results, I am more then willing to give them some negative feed back.

Unlimitedgb and Interweb iTech is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.