iWeb Technologies Inc – If you host with iWeb.com will your email get through?

number 19 for May 2010 webhostingstuff is iWeb Technologies Inc.  Despite the massive amount of complaints I can find in regards to iWeb Technologies Inc they have moved from 19 to 15.  The first thing that comes to mind is iPad, iPod, and iMac.  But this site has nothing to do with with Apple.

Webhostingstuff.com’s ratings for iWeb Technologies

Despite averaging all 9 reviews I get the following rating from webhostingstuff.com:

Uptime and Reliability 4.22 out of 5
Technical Support 2.44 out of 5
Customer Service 2.56 out of 5

For some reason a 3 out of 5 star rating is enough to move from the 19th to 15th position.

How old is iWeb Technologies Inc?

This graphic sticks out:

Here is what iWeb Technologies Inc / iweb.com’s domain whois tells me:

   Updated Date: 23-oct-2009
   Creation Date: 29-mar-1999
   Expiration Date: 29-mar-2019

The creation date does not match the “since” year

iWeb Technologies Inc Awards

iWeb Technologies is another company that has an awards page with the review.  Like some of the hosts I have reviewed there is not link to the companies where they got the awards.


iWeb Technologies Inc, ca.tophost.com award

So far the only thing I can find on ca.tophost.com that leads to an award is something about 8th place


iWeb.com’s Web Hosting Magazine award

A pharagraph does not really sum up why they deserve an award in 2005


iWeb.com’s Webhosting Directories award

In a previous post I had explained that webhostdir.com had given an a review with out This review site never explains why someone gets an award.  For that matter I don’t see feed back from the people whose opinion matters, the customers.


My finale thoughts on iWeb Technologies Inc

When I do search for iWeb, I see a a lot of complaints.  But some of those complaints seem to be written by the same person.  Perhaps there are a lot of people with bad grammar / bad typing.  But one of the biggest complaints I see are in regards to spam, phishing, and spyware.  One example is:


At this time they have a 2 complaints with Spamhaus, the place they mention having an award with:

Found 2 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of iweb.com

SBL94865 iweb.com

13-Aug-2010 13:33 GMT
Snowshoe Spam Hosting (smtpd.brwmkt.com)
SBL94864 iweb.com

13-Aug-2010 13:25 GMT
Suspected Snowshoe Spam Range (EWMKT)

Chances are if you host with iWeb Technologies Inc, your email probable will not reach other networks.