webhostinglogic.com – Your source for over priced domains

Webhostinglogic.com is my fifth host review of 8 hosts for October 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25. What strikes me about this site is that its cluttered.  I am not sure the point of putting tons of links and distracting graphics on the main page of a site.  Much of what I see on the main page of webhostinglogic towards the bottom of the screen belongs in on a package page.  The main page of hosting site should not overwhelm, but invite you to explore the site further.  Instead I find information scattered around the main page of webhostinglogic.com.

Does webhostinglogic offer a free domain or a $20 domain?

If you read enough of my posts you will know I have a gripe with cheap and bulky resource hosting.  I also have a gripe with free domains with hosting.  Mostly because that was a ploy that hosting companies use to keep customers, now they charge an obsene amount to keep the domain.  Yet I have issues with costly domains.  Paying $20 domains for a domain is like paying McDonald $20 for a cheese burger and fries.  Domains are one of those things that you can afford to go cheaper with, at this time I don’t know of many cheap domain registers expect those that offer free domains with the hosting that I would advise avoiding.  There is not much involved service level wise with a domain.  Once again I can not stress enough that its not a good idea to keep your domain with the same company that you start out hosting with.  Maybe after a few years when you decide you like your host, but even then there is that chance that the host could be bought out by someone that could care less about the management of your service.

Regardless if your first domain is free with webhostinglogic.com $20 is a lot to pay for extra domains.

So whats odd about the terms of service for webhostinglogic?


I can’t stress it enough, you have to read the terms of service with anyone you sign up  with.  Webhostinglogic is a good reason to read the terms of service.

Web Hosting Logic accounts cannot be transferred or used by anyone other than the subscriber. Customers may not sell, lease, rent or assign the connection or parts of the connection to any party not named in this Policy. Customer may allow ftp access to its server and host web sites for its customers without violating this Policy. Network bandwidth charges in excess of allocated amount will be assessed from access log reports generated by the HTTPD server.

So there is an anti reseller clause in the terms of service, that I can understand.  What I can not understand is the anti transfer of ownership clause.  If a customer contacted me and told me that so and so was to take over an account, I did not think twice about the transfer.  Did I say that I like money?  Allowing someone to keep someone else account and not having to register a new account is less fuss.  Its like that argument I have with the utility company when ever I paid them via phone:  They wanted me to confirm who I was, yet I could care less who pays my bill so long as they can not modify my service.  By the same token I don’t care who pays for an account as long they abide by the terms of service.

If a customer re-registers after Web Hosting Logic’s cancellation of the account without Web Hosting Logic’s written consent, Web Hosting Logic will cancel Customer’s account and all dues and fees paid to date regardless of whether service has been rendered will be forfeited. Additionally, any amounts due will be immediately payable.

Ok so your not allowed to reregister with them after they canceled your account.  So what makes them think they can bill you for service they will not provide?

At the time of account cancellation, a Cancellation Code will be provided. If accounts are billed in error after the Cancellation date, credits will only be issued with a valid Web Hosting Logic Cancellation Code. If cancellation is done in writing, it will be the responsibility of the Customer to contact Web Hosting Logic for the Cancellation Code.

Can you say charge back?  If you canceled your account, they are not authorized to bill your credit card.  Its their responsibility to not do unauthorized charges.

Use of Web Hosting Logic’s hosting services could involve listing subscriber’s participation in relevant directories, and subscriber expressly grants permission for such listings.

Does this mean that they can list you as a user for commercial purposes?  That seems like a violation of customer privacy.

Although all hosting plans contain an exceptional amount of data transfer, each plan is subject to a surcharge in the event usage exceeds the allotted free bandwidth for that plan. Customer is responsible for charges related to bandwidth exceeding the plan’s allotted data transfer.

So whats the fee for exceeding bandwidth? The last one I have an issue with is number 19, its not something that belongs in the terms of service as the victim of a copy right violation is not going to be subject to the terms of service.  This belongs in a completely different page along the lines of abuse.

Last thoughts on webhostinglogic

The question I ask is how did webhostinglogic get into the 18th spot?  After all you look at the number of reviews on webhostingstuff.com you come up with zero.  The webhostinglogic.com was registered in 2001.  Looking at the way back machine its does not appear that they are using an aged domain.  But the most commonly used review sites have nothing for this host.  Despite having a score under 1 million with Alexa I am not sure that webhostinglogic has been doing much in the way of business.