– Not a very big host is my forth host review of 8 hosts for October 2010’s top 25.  Another small host, granted this is not an issue because they don’t make any claims of hosting x amount of sites.  They clearly tell you they only have 2 servers.  One is for Linux the other is for Windows.   For that matter even though I see no claim of it, they appear to have been in business as early as 2002.  For that matter the only three reviews that give a 5 star rating over 3 years are still with this host.  What can possible be wrong, other then the purchase of so called advertising from webhostingstuff?

So where is the Condorhosting terms of service?

Yes once again a host that does not have a link to the terms of service on every page.  I am not sure why there are hosts that do not have a link on every page leading to the terms of service.   Having that link  available on every page But unlike other hosts you can find it on the packages page.

Ok so I found the Condorhosting terms of service now what?

The terms of service is suprisingly weak.  But I think the point that draws my attention the most, and another reason why I urge people to do their own back ups regardless of how good the host is:

Condor Hosting is not responsible for website management or files lost or damaged by users. Website construction and management is the responsibility of the client. Client-maintained backup of all site files is recommended and should be maintained outside of Condor Hosting’s facilities. System backups are intended to be used in the event of system failures and are not intended to be accessed to restore files to individual sites. A fee of $100 may be applicable should a client require any files from our backup systems. We cannot guarantee that the files contained in our backup systems will be the most current copies available for a given site. Tape backups are rotated frequently so retrieval requests should be made within one week of deletion to ensure files are available for restoration.

Ok they charge $100 for a back up that may not be a current back up.  But they said they use tape drives, which is not what they said on the about page “Data is backed up nightly onto a separate hard drive“.

Condorhosting seems to have some rather outdated plans ………….. Maybe

Keep in mind they claim to have 2 servers, they also claim on their about page “State of the art Intel Dual XEON™ 2.6GHz [with Hyperthreading] servers with 2.0GB ECC RAM, 3 x 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drives with Hardware Raid-5, Hardened Secure Kernel and Redundant Power Supplies.”

I am not sure of the last time I had a server with 2 gigs of memory unless its was a customers dedicated server.

If looks like the space on these packages is in kilobytes and the bandwidth is in megabytes.  But looking at the packages page I think the decimal points was a mistake. Frankly I don’t see enough in service to justify the pricing for low space and low bandwidth at these prices.   Granted the 3 sites that had reviews with are still with them (atleast I hope they are associated with condorhosting as customers).  But packages have to adapt.

Condorhosting may not be a bad host, they may have just made a mistake in judgement when they when with  webhostingstuff.