– When a 2 star host is all you want is my sixth host review of 8 hosts for October 2010’s top 25.   When I first wrote up my review for whs in late October of 2010 the first thing that came to mind was this host had a 2 star ratine, or in my own thinking a 40% approval rating.  By grade school standards that means this host is failing.  The site itself is a poor design, and it appears that there has not been an update on the site in 2 years.  But the point is they are supposed to be one of 25 so called best hosts, so I figured I should look at the reviews on webhostingstuff.

The complaints on just point to tech support issues.  One complaint states having to give details that were already given before.  Nothing is more aggravating then having to state what was already given, especially if its in a ticket system.   It gets worse when it deals with down time.

Infinitie networks only has one review that puts them in a good light

Infinitie is great  (Average)

– by Marko ( on 3 September 2008

This review from Marko who happens to own his own (very cluttered) webhosting review site, said they were great.  Funny thing is there are tons of hostgator  placements but nothing for  Marko only gave then an average rating, since webhostingstuff is blocking me again and I don’t want to bother anyone to see how many starts this reviewer gave infintite networks I have no idea which category he rated less in.  The whois information for this site indicated there was a dns change to another host atleast in August 2010.  I have no idea if he changed his dns prior to that after his review.

What state is Infinitie Networks located?

I have been reading several places where there are claims of being headquartered in Phoenix.

Our Support Team is located in house at our Phoenix NOC operations center, so we are in Arizona Standard Time, which as of right now is basically mountain time.

But the problem is their domain whois info gives a Nevada address:

   Infinitie Networks
   3155 East Patrick Lane
   Suite 1
   Las Vegas, Nevada 89120-3481
   United States

Then there is this from another webhostingtalk post: 
IP to Ping: (Phoenix, AZ)
So I ping it and I do a look up by IP

Once again I am brought back to Las Vegas, Nevada not Phoenix Arizona (where I am).  Its not like he could not set up a data center here.  I am not sure why someone would claim to not be from Las Vegas.  Phoenix is in many ways similar in economics, crime, and climate.  Both of which I think are ideal cities in terms having a network center as both are geo-logically stable and extreme weather is rare.

Going through their site I find a  link to the colocation facitily in Arizona

But I am brought back to that ip “to ping”.

Perhaps it was a mistake?   That the ip they meant to use was for their Phoenix location.  Its not like every host out there stays in one city.

But I am brought back to the design of infinitie networks

The blog seems to be the only thing with posts for this year, granted its only 3 blog posts.  The forums are far worse.

One of the things I hate about having a blog or forum on a company site is that you have to do regular updates.   While a plus in an active blog and or forum gets a site higher search engine rankings, it means someone needs to update it.  If you guessed I was the one that got suckered into maintaining them you guessed correctly.  The rate that I put out posts for this blog would be considered barely adequate.

Looking at their announcement forum all looked well until the end of September 2008.  While there were frequent updates through 2008 to then, it just suddenly stops.  I am not sure why they stopped.  It has to be better then paying webhostingstuff to show case that even while infinitie networks are in the top 25 they have a 40% approval by customers.