Everity.com – Home of the $5 Reinstatement Fees

Everity.com is my Second host review of 5 hosts for January 2011 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  On the surface it appears that they have 12 – 5 star reviews with webhostingstuff.com.   The problem of coarse is that last review was April 2, 2008, before that it was December 2, 2007.  There is nothing available to show why this host should be in the top 25 for this month.   By the way the sites that were under those two reviews are hosting with other companies now. otakuplayground.com is with middhosting.com mamigon.com is with godaddy.com

There is only one place I can find a review done in the last 12 months for Everity.com


December 12, 2010

Having only used two hosts in my life, I cannot say with authority that eVerity is the WORST host out there. But I can say from over 5 yrs experience that are the worst host that I have ever dealt with, that their customer service is nonexistent, that their support is a joke, that their security is akin to an old hound dog that might occasionally muster up a bark or two but certainly is past his prime, and that choosing eVerity as my hosting company was the worst and most expensive decision that I have ever made in relation to my web presence.

Thats is the only review that web-hosting-top has.  After that I can only find reviews in 2009 at http://www.vistainter.com/reviews/E/everity.com/

There is another negative review there, but apparently they fixed it and the reviewer retracted it.  So basically only that one I quoted is their only negative feed back.

So what do I think of the Everity.com design?

Of coarse you know I am going to complain about the design if you have read my previous posts.  It appears outdated.  But what I find odd is if you navigate enough the links start becoming strange with long parts of code in the url.


I know that this site is on Theplanets servers, however I suspect this may be a part of reseller program.

Everity.com has been helping customers since 1998 or 2002?

The age thing is a curious thing.  I proable would not have brought it up if I was not been looking at the way back machine.  Here is what the whois says:

Though the whois shows that this domain has a history back to 2001 with the way back machine.  I tend to wonder if that is because they let the domain expire, or did the domain belong to someone else?


eVerity has been helping companies create profitable online marketing since July 1998.

They are currently stating: http://everity.com/aboutus.php?sid=80WUQgqMGB90yRF8sWFqJaRofNanMRkt

eVerity was formed by James Hold on July 4, 2000. Originally named SmarttBiz, eVerity began by offering merchant services and web design services to both online-only and established brick-and-mortar companies. Shortly after opening, eVerity began offering web hosting and domain registration services as well. In February 2002, merchant services were phased out so that the web hosting division could be given priority. To this day, we have continually provided a top-rated product, as demonstrated by having one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.

So what was the domain for SmarttBiz?  SmarttBiz.com does not exist anymore.  So I can’t tell when it existed and why it was abandoned.   Not to mention Everity.com was bought until June 11, 2002.  Though there is a history on the way back machine in 2001. Here is perhaps the explantion where they got 1998: “James Hold, eVerity’s President and Founder, began developing web sites in 1998 while attending University.“.  Though I have to admit I would like to see the numbers they have to prove they have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.  As I stated earlier they only have one valid negative review, but they have had so few reviews in the last 12 months (1 to be exact).

One finale thought about everity.com


Here is a reason to read the terms of service:

However, we do charge a reinstatement fee of $5.00 if your account has to be suspended for non-payment and you want it restored for any reason

I have to ask how else is eVerity on the top 25 for webhostingstuff if not by “Advertising”?

Myhosting.com – Another Host that Pays for Ratepoint.com Service

Myhosting.com is my First host review of 5 hosts for January 2011 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  The first thing I noticed when I was looking at the top 25 for January 2011 was that this paticular host that I have been seeing in some of the top 10 sites.

I can’t say I did not have time to get this post as well as the rest of January 2011 done.  Instead I will be adding secondary posts of every host I have reviewed in the near future that will have my grading system up.  For that I have a volunteer that has offered to do the grading once I get the system to gather.   So far it will be something that involves 100 points where various things add points such as a chat system, where as things will take away from the points such as the use of Ratepoint.com as myhosting.com has done.

Anyway I am rambling worse then usual.  My focus on this company is the reviews.  Despite showing on the top 25 that it has 4 stars out of 5 stars they have averaged 3 stars in the last 6 months through webhostingstuff.com.  However they have an overall average on both Technical Support and Customer Service of just three stars out of all their reviews.

But lets forget that the ratepoint.com account they have says they only have zero negative reviews.

Myhosting.com Awards & Reviews


Despite having awards and links to those companies.  There are few direct links to where the wards are located.  Then there is the whole reason I am doing a review about this host – Webhostingstuff.com.  There is no sign of those badges that tell you that they are certified by webhostingstuff.  Perhaps just my therory for Hostgator.com may be the same for myhosting.com.  In which Hostgator.com, is not paying for “advertising”.  That webhostingstuff.com has in the top 25 under an affilate commision.  After all what would be the incentive to not put up a host that does not pay for “advertising”.


“The web hosting affiliate program that you’ve been waiting for is here! You can earn up to 400% with recurring commissions with myhosting.com Affiliate Program. You will earn commission for all services we provide, even for VPS and SharePoint Services!

Myhosting.com and Ratepoint.com


Amazingly like the other two hosts I have reviewed, they have no negative reviews.

The bottom line is Ratepoint.com is being paid by these hosts for the option to put up reviews.   So if a service has more negative posts then positive, there is not much reason to keep the service.  Lets say that I am wrong and that Ratepoint.com does not delete or hide negative feedback, then why are there no negative reviews on the Ratepoint.com service?

There are 2 on Web-hosting-top.com:


Then there 6 on webhostingstuff.com where they appear:


Myhosting.com and Hostingreviews.com


Ok so they are number 7 but…… where are those numbers that show me how fast they have grown.  After all the first host would have X amount higher then second host, and the second more then the third.   So on and so forth.  Numbers that we can see to see why any of these 10 hosts are the fastest growing for November 2010.  Seriously where are the numbers and other facts that prove why a site gets an award.

Myhosting.com and Webhostingsearch.com

No direct link on the site but I found http://www.webhostingsearch.com/hosting-awards/best-services-june-2010.php

Once again no proof of numbers or why they were the best in June 2010.

To be able to receive this award, the provider must have excellent performance. Even though the award is given for a specific month, the provider has proved to us and our visitors that they have outstanding uptime, response time and reliability for the last six months.

Interestingly they have review without dates or websites to back up the reviews.


Though for some reason “Offers “100% Uptime Guarantee” is a reason not to sign up for this company.

Myhosting.com and Alreadyhosting.com

Not the first time I have dealt with Alreadyhosting.com, I found out about them when I learned about them whining about their affiliate commissions on webhostingtalk.com.


There is no direct link per usual.

AlreadyHosting.com would like to congratulate myhosting.com for being selected as a Top Web Hosting Provider. To be selected for such an honor hosts must provide excellent customer service, reliable web servers, affordable hosting, and they must have a proven track record in the hosting industry. Congratulations to myhosting for achieving these high standards!

A search for part of that phrase leads me to this link:


Keep in mind Alreadyhosting.com is nothing more then affiliate, they are not a review site.   If a hosting site has a affiliate program.  They will “review it”.

So far the review I can see what amounts to traffic.  Nothing else.  Oh but they do have a coupon code to click on.

Myhosting.com – Web-hosting-top.com

Here is what I find off,  the award says Listed and Verified since 2006.  Thats not really a review or an award, but I can confirm it at: http://www.web-hosting-top.com/web-hosting/web-hosting-top.myhosting.com-reviews

Then myhosting.com claims: “We have also been recognized as the Most Reliable Hosting Company for February 2008.“.  I can not find anything to back that claim.   Also there first review was August 10, 2009 with web-hosting-top.com.

But here is what I find interesting “Since our inception in 1997, our company has always been committed to providing the best quality web hosting, online collaboration and communication services at a superior value. We have done a great deal over the years to implement and achieve our vision and maintain top quality web services that are in demand. Our continuing pursuit of excellence is our primary and unwavering focus.

So lets “focus” on the whois:

Web-hosting-top.com is not the only place to say 1997.

Now the weird thing is that I don’t see this on past through the waybackmachine.


So why is being one year older that important to myhosting.com?

Its one thing for a new host to try and make themselves look older, in most cases through an aged domain.  But myhosting.com is way past the point where age is a concern for most people.   But I can only guess that because the owners had another company before myhosting.com they choose the start date for the older one like mail2web.com.

So email provider since 1997, host since 1998.

Myhosting.com and Hostreview.com

No direct link once again.  So I am off to search for the direct links myself:


No facts, numbers, and or data.  However they have a sales pitch for a review that has had the comments and pings closed to the general public.

Without data I am not sure why anyone should choose myhosting.

Webhostingstuff.com – January 2011 top 25 list

Webhostingstuff.com has 5 new hosts for this month.  1 of which I have been seeing on hosting-review.com, myhosting.com.  To be on a top review site such as this means their not exactly a small host.  A special review coming soon for hosting-review.com.  1 of these hosts has not even been online for a year.  Two of these hosts have not had any new reviews in almost three years.  The last host has a 40% approval rating in support.

I know in the past that I have slacked on getting reviews out in a timely manner, but so far it seems like I am on schedule to complete January’s review before the end of the month.  I plan to tackle a few more hosting review sites before February 2011.

Here is the video summary of this blog article. I do apologizes in advance as I am trying to make these in 20 minutes so not exactly my best work.  But I hope it gets the point across.  Especially since I use Webhostingstuff’s own “Facts” against them.

Webhostingstuff.com a surface review of January 2011 top 25

Only 1 new host in the 1 – 10 spot, that may very well be in the same league as Siteground.com and Hostgator.co,

Webhostingstuff top 1 – 10 most popular hosting companies

Myhosting.com – Number 4 of WHS’s top 25

Despite their claim of “Your trusted webhost since 1997”, their domain was registered 1998.  What is one year right?

But there is the reviews with on this top 25 list that should make anyone skeptical of being a top host.

Overall their weakest points is customer service and technical support.

Webhostingstuff top 11 – 210 most popular hosting companies

Everity.com – Number 15 of WHS’s top 25

The affilate program is one aspect I plan to look at with this host.  You might say that they have 12 5 star reviews, but when was the last time they got a review?  April 2008!  Before that it was December 2007.

Also otakuplayground.com is hosted by mddhosting.com now

mamigon.com is hosted at Godaddy

Webhostingstuff top 21 – 25 most popular hosting companies

Ampheon.co.uk – Number 22 of WHS’s top 25

Another United Kingdom focused site that found its way on WHS which focuses on United States.  I say that because the bulk of hosts that appear on this top 25 list offer service mainly for $ / USD (United States Dollar). First look I had to scan over to find where the hosting was, turns out this is not a site thats main focus is hosting.  The claim is “Internet Business Development Specialists Since 1994.  The whois info says 2000, and the waybackmachine says they have a back up no later then 2001.


Despite the funky claim of being older then what the whois states, the last time it had a review was February 2008.  On the bright side maximsglobal.com is still with Ampheon.co.uk.

10looniehost.ca – Number 24 of WHS’s top 25

Having zero reviews has me asking is this a new site or a site that has not really taken off.  10looniehost.ca has an Alexa score of 11,757,464.  Which is pretty bad even though the domain was created on July 3, 2010.  I am suspecting that the domain was recently used this month.  On the below graphic you will notice two things.

  1. Zero reviews
  2. A traffic popularity of 13,597 of 14,289 hosts listed on WHS.

Bounceweb.com – Number 25 of WHS’s top 25

Despite looking at this site various times in the last 24 hours The sales chat remains offline.  There is a claim of hosting 57,000 sites, even though a customer may own 1,000 or more sites.  After all they offer an unlimited plan which hosts unlimited domains.

Perhaps a review of their “awards” will tell me more.


The webhostingstuff.com tell me that this host has a failing overall grade in technical support.  The last 6 months is a two star / 40% approval rating.

Here is hoping I can finish reviewing 5 new hosts with webhostingstuff before the end of this month.

Webhostingstuff.com – December 2010 top 25 list in review

Webhostingstuff.com did not have a lot of change over for December 2010.  Three of these hosts I am pretty sure are not major players (Layersevenhosting.com, Infuseweb.com, and Phastnet.com).  One host may be a major player (Avahost.net), but I am willing to wager that they are in trouble and bleeding out clients, but thats only an assumption.  The only big hosts that I am sure of on this top 25 list you get on by how much you pay for “advertising” is Hostgator.com and Siteground.com.  I have to say that I had no problem finding the flaws in these 4 hosts.

Here is the video I made last month to show case my finding just off the surface of the top 25 reviews:

So in summary here is what I found out about these 4 hosts.

4 New hosts for December 2010 on Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

Layersevenhosting.com number 20 out of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


Despite having a 7 day guarantee I think the most troubling part about this host is that their partner company claims to be a SEO experts, and that they can propel your site.  To that I have to say why is this Alexa score so high:

The rank is pretty high even compared to most small hosts (the lower the number the better the score).  It may be forgivable to not have Brash.im with a high SEO score, but its another for the webhost you own to be worse then your SEO site

Infuseweb.com number 21 out of 25 for webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


What stuck out to me when I first saw this host on the “top” 25 list was that this host only had one review.

This review was back in January 13, 2008 which was more then three years ago.  However this site redirects to a site owned by infusedweb.  I have say though that the 3 testimonials on the site are all active websites.

Inspite of the review, I am troubled but what is a really long terms of service.  The definitions section alone is almost 3 pages long, has 820 words / 5020 characters. A section that I feel is over kill.

Even if you were to over look these flaws and sign up for hosting, the domain fees are way above most domain register companies and a perfect example of why it pays to keep your domain and your hosting with separate companies.  Especially when .tv domains cost 3 times that of competing domain registers.

Phastnet.com number 22 out of 25 for webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


Another host with just one review.  But the interesting thing about this Phastnet.com customer is that they changed their dns in October 2008

The one thing I wish they would answer is “How can you tell a reliable web hosting provider from an unreliable one?”.

This is another company where you are better off buying your domain from a third party due to what I consider 150% more then what you could pay with a domain register.

Avahost.net number 25 out of 25 for webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list


I think the one main point I found while reviewing Avahost.net was that they own their own “top” 10 hosting  site, where remarkable they have been the number 1 host everytime.  cheap-web-hosting-review.com.

If a company thats willing to fake its own postion is not enough perhaps their review with webhostingstuff.com will be enough:

January 2010 I find 5 new hosts on Webhostingstuff.com, tomorrow I will release the video and post for my surface findings.

Avahost.net – The owner of cheap-web-hosting-review.com

Avahost.net is my forth and last host review of 4 hosts for December 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  The thing that stuck out to me most was that this was a host with a 3 star rating, or 60% approval / a grade school grade of D.  In the last 6 months they have only one review which is 2 stars, a 40% approval / failing grade.  There is nothing to justify this host being in the top 25, unless of coarse you take into account the “advertising” fees.

The design is a contender for the worst up December.  Its almost as if this design was just thrown up.  There is no direct support link.  The chat is hidden at the bottom of a few pages.  The faq is troubling:


Q: Why my site is Suspended?
Q: Has My Domain Expired? Content is changed.
Q: How do I login to billing account? Password is not accepted.

The terms of service can not be found on every page, I had to ask a tech that took 10 minutes on chat to get me the link.


Avahost.net has awards or do they?


Going to their about page I find “reasons” to pick them as a host.  It should be no suprise as to why they are not linking to webhostingstuff.

Despite paying “advertising” fees their rankings leave little to be desired.

Avahost.net is top pick at cheap-web-hosting-review.com

You can tell when a hosting company owns a hosting “review” site when that one host is always number 1.


But most hosts are smart enough to have whois privacy protection to cover up their ownership of their “top” host sites.

In case you have not clicked on the picture to enlarge it, its a snap shot of the whois for cheap-web-hosting-review.com.

It belongs to one:

Registrant Contact:
   Daniel Hart ()

   PO Box. 2353
   Houston, TX 77074

Avahost trys to tell you:

You can find it in Google but it would be better if you entrust the professional’s opinion. Our cheap web hosting review site will help you to get information about all the features you need. Each hosting provider is rated and reviewed by customers who already used this web hosting.”
So where are the customer reviews?

Avahost.net – dedicatedserverdir.com / webhostdir.com

The problem with this site is they really do not tell you on what merits a host won.  They do allow you to vote a host in.  I have to wonder how rigged that system is.  After all what if I got on elance.com and hired someone to fake abunch of votes?

Avahost.net – hostreview.com


This is the only thing I can find in relation to Avahost.  Which has to do with nothing more then them adding VPS hosting.

Avahost.net – Alexa

I am not sure the point in including their Alexa score, its alot like the one site that decided to include a site grader which has nothing to do on the service of a site.  Alexa does nothing more then measure traffic popularity.  The lower your score the better your traffic.  I have seen sites that are in the millions on their Alexa score yet offer excellent service and make a lot of money.  However on a side note Alexa does offer the ability to leave a review of a website.

One finale thought on Avahost, avoid their domain registration because if you should ever forget to renew you will have to pay a $250 fee to get it back.  Having a domain with Avahost could be costly.

Phastnet.com – Will you defend them from Attorneys?

Phastnet is my Third host review of 4 hosts for December 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25. When I was going over the top 25 list for December 2010 I found this host in the 22 spot.  Intrestingly enough they had only 1 review.  A review that was done September 3, 2008 by seo-writer.com.   The best part of that review is that whois info indicates they changed their dns October 24th, 2008 to caratnetworks.com.   Without any other customer feed back this host with a traffic popularity of  4,849 out of 12,785 hosts gives no valid reason for being in the top 25.  I guess it pays to buy “advertising” from webhostingstuff.com.

Phastnet.com has a retro design?

If you read enough of my posts you will know that I will comment on bad design.  Asides for a limited terms of service then has no mention of remedies for down time other then:

Customer agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold PhastNet harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorney’s fees asserted against PhastNet, its agents, its customers, officers and employees, that may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by customer, it’s agents, employees or assigns.

I am not sure buying service means you need to defend them.  But the designdesign on this site belongs in the 90’s.   It looks like the first third of the site is a different design then the bottom part.   I would like to say the first third of the site would be ok by itself, but that first third is pretty cluttered.  The other two thirds of the site belong in a blog post. On the other two thirds its asksHow can you tell a reliable web hosting provider from an unreliable one?”  However it does not answer the question, just uses a real estate analogy that tells you nothing.  Curiously I had to look to see if the site has changed much since it reported to  be online since 1999.


Going through the Way Back Machine it appears this host acted as a Web Mall.  Web Malls served as a a local search engine, and were very popular in the 90’s, but by started dying out in the early part of the last decade.  Its not hard to see why they discontinued this service on their site and went straight to webhosting.

The part I find troubling is the adding of those webhostingstuff.com approval graphics.

In regards to Phastnet.com having 99.94% up time

The funny thing about that uptime is that it does not take into account that is the uptime for phastnet.com.  In order for you to have the same amount of uptime as this hosting company you would have to be on the same server.  I say this because its a good idea not to keep your customers on the same server as your main site.  One of my hosting operations actually had 4 servers for different aspects of the company.  None of these servers housed customer websites.   There are a lot of good reasons for isolating yourself from your customers especially when it comes to a server getting hacked.  Not all of the hosts that I have looked at have more then one server.  So there is no telling what the actual uptime will be for the server they will house you on.  The host may or may not monitor on a frequent basis.

Phastnet.com’s domain pricing

Never mind that the hosting packages seem a slim in their offerings.  Their domain pricing is over the top, some of which are almost triple the cost of other providers such as the .tv domains.  $15 seems  to pay for a .com.  The free domains they offer are all that are $15.00 a year.   A .info domain at 15 is almost 8 times what I have at times paid for them.  If you only choose to have one domain I suppose it would be ok, but when you have as many domains I do you want to keep things cheap and simple.  Its always been my advice to keep your domain names and your hosting provider separate, especially if you end up on bad terms with your host.

If you have to have hosting from phastnet, I recommend getting your domain elsewhere.

Infuseweb.com – So what is wrong with this host?

Infuseweb.com is my Second host review of 4 hosts for December 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  Off the top of my head I am going to say that I have a feeling that this may be a hosting company thats not aware that the “advertising” they are paying for is placing them at number 21 postion of 25 so called “top hosts”, on webhostingstuff’s so called hosting review site.   The design of this site is not terrible, but its not great either.  They have a link to the Better Business Bureua where they have no negative complaints.  However they have only been an a credited business with the BBB since March 2010.  I don’t deny that this is a 10 year old host.  Despite the sparse reviews (all of which are good) I can find some as far back as 2006.  I can only guess that last year Infuseweb.com decided that they no longer wanted to be an obscure webhost.

Infuseweb.com has a really long terms of service

The definition section of the site does not in the very least encourage me to read through the terms of service for this site. For a simple hosting solution the terms of service are really way too long. If you don’t beleive me just take the section on “Definitions” which is section 1 – 1.20.

The definitions section alone is almost 3 pages long, has 820 words / 5020 characters.

In all honesty I think that section alone is not necessary in the a terms of service.  Terms such as bandwidth, content, customer service, fee, fee schedule, and so many other terms can be found in a faq section as opposed to the terms of service.  That section alone would deter me from signing up, as it seems like more of an attempt to make a longer then necessary terms of service to get the average person not to read it the whole way through.

Infuseweb.com reviews

On webhostingstuff.com there is a only one review by jthack.com, back in January 13, 2008 which was more then three years ago.  However this site redirects to a site that belongs to:

Domain name: nebible.net

Administrative Contact:
   Infuseweb LLC
   Anthony Wilko (admin@infuseweb.com)
   Fax: +1.2105682649
   9901 IH10 West, Suite 800
   San Antonio, TX 78230

I am going to give Infuseweb.com the benefit of the doubt on this one.  As the domain belongs to someone else.   In three years especially with a bad economy circumstances can change.  I can’t tell you how many old accounts were shut down on my companies just because people had to choose between trying to get something online going and keeping a roof of their head.

Towards the bottom of the main page you can find three testimonials from customers of infuseweb.com.  I can tell you now that those sites on the testimonials are indeed active websites that are under infuseweb.com’s dns.

Infuseweb.com domain registration fees

The domain registration involves 2.2 (2.2.1 – 2.2.6) of the terms of service which is 746 words  / 4472 characters.

The domain fees are not exactly expensive but they are not cheap.   Then again I have alot of domains and I consider anything over $7 too expensive,   but I own my own register.  While my register acts as a income source to me, I have to say that the transfer fee seem to high.  I try to make transfers the cheapest, even cheaper then registering a new domain.  Its my own opinion that paying $13.95 is pretty high for domain registration when there are many places that charge far less.  Frankly there is little service required when it comes to domains.  Unless you get into some highly technical stuff like where name servers are versus email locations.   You would think with the cost of the domain name they would refrain from using your domain for their own uses.


You acknowledge and agree that Infuseweb or its agents, assignees or licensees may associate any data of any kind, in Infuseweb’s sole discretion, with the domain name registered in association with Your Web Site or any URL incorporating said Domain Name until you replace such data with Your Web Site, at such times as Your Web Site is no longer available, and upon termination for any reason, for as long as Infuseweb or Infuseweb’s agent, assignee or licensee continue to be listed as the hosting entity with the domain name registry used to register such Domain Name. This paragraph shall apply to any and all web pages generated by Infuseweb or its affiliates, including but not limited to 404 error pages.

This may be the case with hthack.com which while not pointing to a domain redirects to nebible.net which seems to belong to the owner of infuseweb.com.  However nebible.net does not seem to be a commercial site but a religious site.

In the end Infuseweb may not be a bad host, but I have to wonder why they used webhostingstuff.

Layersevenhosting.com – Brash.im – Your source for SEO?

Layersevenhosting.com is my First host review of 4 hosts for December 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  When I first reviewed this host 2 things came to mind because it had zero reviews.  A. it was either a really old host that no one ever noticed or B. it was a fairly new host.   Turns out it was created August 2009.  The design for this site is clunky and in some cases text is hard to read as parts of the graphics make it hard to read the text.  From what I see this is primarily a U.K. host that seems to be focused on the U.K. market.  I am not sure the point of using webhostingstuff.com as this is a site that focuses on the U.S. market.  The point that makes me think that people should avoid this company is because they offer “7 Day moneyback guarantee“.  I can not stress enough that anything less then 30 days is not enough time.   For starters I think my focus is the whole zero reviews thing that sticks out when I look at Layersevenhosting’s 20th spot in the top 25 of webhostingstuff.com.

Layersevenhosting has Zero reviews with Webhostingstuff.com

Webhostingstuff uses the excuse that they use several points of measurement to determine if a host is popular.   But as you can see from this graphic that this host has been assigned a traffic popularity number of 4,889 of 12,786 hosts.   You can also see that this is a host that has zero reviews, so it was not customer feed back that made Layersevenhosting number 20 0ut of 25 hosts.   This is just another host that happens to be in the top because they are the 20th highest payer for “advertising”.

Layersevenhosting.com – Brash Limited connection

I have to admit there was not alot to look at when it came to layersevenhosting.com, honestly it was pretty dull.   But I found a mention of Brash Limited this peaked my interest because I had to wonder who this other company that owned or was behind this host.  Searching I find brash.im, where I find colorful but distracting website.  I get the point of what Brash is when I read part of the rotating graphics “We can improve your online presence – FACT“.

Looking at the Alexa tool in my Google chrome browser I have to laugh as I look at both Layersevenhosting.com and brash.im.  Neither of them have cleared the million mark on Alexa.  Brash.im has a zero Google Page Rank.  Keep in mind my SEO skills are limited to those that help me.  But you would think that these two sites would do far better then I am.

If brash.im was not bad enough improving their own search engine placement.  The very hosting company they promote on the site should serve as an example of their skill in SEO services.  This is the kind of data that tells you to avoid a company that tells you “we can improve your online presence – FACT“, its not a fact because they can’t do it for themselves.

I am a little confused by the Search Engine Data for brash.im.  They have far more back links then I do yet they have a zero Google Page rank and much higher Alexa score.  I can tell you now that my business partner is capable of dropping a site down to around 70,000 Alexa score in three months.

If brash.im and Layersevenhosting can not improve their own search engine standing how will they improve yours?

Webhostingstuff.com – November 2010 top 25 list in review

In November 2010 I found 4 hosts I have not reviewed before on webhostingstuff.com.   The first two hosts I found had me wondering if webhostingstuff was so desperate to get new hosts that they are willing to allow storage sites.  Further review showed that these were indeed hosts but hosting companies.  I suspect that only three of these new hosts are paying for the WHS “advertising”.  Webhostingstuff.com is still blocking me after only a few clicks.

Webhostingstuff.com November 2010 pre-review video

First new host on Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list is Hostinglocker.com at number 11

hostinglocker.com – Creation is all that is needed to be a top host


Per usual I looked at the whois of the domain for this host.  I have to say I was surprised to find that this host was not even a month old when I took a snap shot of webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.   I am all for giving new hosts a shot.  But it should take awhile for host to get some level of creditability right?  They also had a testimonials which I have to say is a little surprising considering that one of them was Sony.

It seems the way they get around the whole less then a month old is this statement “HostingLocker – established in 2001 as parent company, iNetdog. ”

I have to say that I don’t care for the whole argument that just because they have another company that becomes the start date regardless if its a hosting company or not.  The date a hosting company starts is the day it goes live, and by live I don’t mean the creation of the domain.  iNetdog is almost 10 years old.  Perhaps you might be thinking oh they host Sony’s site on that companies servers.  iNetdog is a Godaddy wildwest reseller, given the speed of support and servers I doubt that Sony would ever use a Godaddy account.

Second new host on Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list is Aquarius Storage at number 12

Aquariusstorage.com – Will they share your information with a 3rd party?


Another site that seems like it should be a place to store files, and not hosting.  But clearly it is a hosting service.  Unlike the previous host they are actually 2 years old, meaning they have some time under their belt.

But what I found intresting


Use of Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We may share aggregate statistical data about our customers with third parties, such as advertisers or suppliers. This aggregate statistical data will not identify you personally.

Also as of last month despite having one 5 star review thats almost 2 years old, their customer seems to have chosen to migrate last month.

Third new host on Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list is Siteground at number 13

Siteground.com – Will they surprise bill you?


This is perhaps the first time in 2010 that a high level site appear on webhostingstuff.com.  But I have to wonder why.   At this time I suspect the only reason hostgator.com appears in the top 10 is because webhostingstuff.com has an affiliate link set up.  But siteground does not have a huge pay out, and in my opnion has a fair payout.  So I have to wonder why they appear in the top 25.

But there not exactly a innocent company.  One thing I find is complaints about the billing.  With their holiday special over 6 months if you choose all 5 so called “freebies” you will be billed $262.20 with 4 billings over the coarse of 6 months.  After the first year you will be billed $344.20 4 times over the coarse of 6 months after the first year.  The sales operative told me that they send notices to remind you before you are billed.

I also have to wonder if the owner of besthostdirectory.com is owned by siteground since it has whois privacy protection, keeps siteground in the first position, and is hosted with siteground.com

Forth new host on Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list is Wooservers at number 19

Wooservers.com – A BurstNET reseller


On the surface the only thing that caught my attention was that the whois said that this site was a year old, and for some reason they had 7 positive reviews.   Further review of those reviews had me skepitcal, as none of them pointed to wooservers dns.  But three of them pointed one network that wooservers was on that raises all kinds of red flags.  That would be a company called BurstNET.  I can not stress enough that if something involves BurstNET it should be avoided.  When it comes to BurstNET you can count on outages, equipment failure, and untimely support or lack there of.

And this is the last month that webhostingstuff has i7net in the top 25