– Another Host that Pays for Service is my First host review of 5 hosts for January 2011’s top 25.  The first thing I noticed when I was looking at the top 25 for January 2011 was that this paticular host that I have been seeing in some of the top 10 sites.

I can’t say I did not have time to get this post as well as the rest of January 2011 done.  Instead I will be adding secondary posts of every host I have reviewed in the near future that will have my grading system up.  For that I have a volunteer that has offered to do the grading once I get the system to gather.   So far it will be something that involves 100 points where various things add points such as a chat system, where as things will take away from the points such as the use of as has done.

Anyway I am rambling worse then usual.  My focus on this company is the reviews.  Despite showing on the top 25 that it has 4 stars out of 5 stars they have averaged 3 stars in the last 6 months through  However they have an overall average on both Technical Support and Customer Service of just three stars out of all their reviews.

But lets forget that the account they have says they only have zero negative reviews. Awards & Reviews

Despite having awards and links to those companies.  There are few direct links to where the wards are located.  Then there is the whole reason I am doing a review about this host –  There is no sign of those badges that tell you that they are certified by webhostingstuff.  Perhaps just my therory for may be the same for  In which, is not paying for “advertising”.  That has in the top 25 under an affilate commision.  After all what would be the incentive to not put up a host that does not pay for “advertising”.

“The web hosting affiliate program that you’ve been waiting for is here! You can earn up to 400% with recurring commissions with Affiliate Program. You will earn commission for all services we provide, even for VPS and SharePoint Services! and

Amazingly like the other two hosts I have reviewed, they have no negative reviews.

The bottom line is is being paid by these hosts for the option to put up reviews.   So if a service has more negative posts then positive, there is not much reason to keep the service.  Lets say that I am wrong and that does not delete or hide negative feedback, then why are there no negative reviews on the service?

There are 2 on

Then there 6 on where they appear: and

Ok so they are number 7 but…… where are those numbers that show me how fast they have grown.  After all the first host would have X amount higher then second host, and the second more then the third.   So on and so forth.  Numbers that we can see to see why any of these 10 hosts are the fastest growing for November 2010.  Seriously where are the numbers and other facts that prove why a site gets an award. and

No direct link on the site but I found

Once again no proof of numbers or why they were the best in June 2010.

To be able to receive this award, the provider must have excellent performance. Even though the award is given for a specific month, the provider has proved to us and our visitors that they have outstanding uptime, response time and reliability for the last six months.

Interestingly they have review without dates or websites to back up the reviews.

Though for some reason “Offers “100% Uptime Guarantee” is a reason not to sign up for this company. and

Not the first time I have dealt with, I found out about them when I learned about them whining about their affiliate commissions on

There is no direct link per usual. would like to congratulate for being selected as a Top Web Hosting Provider. To be selected for such an honor hosts must provide excellent customer service, reliable web servers, affordable hosting, and they must have a proven track record in the hosting industry. Congratulations to myhosting for achieving these high standards!

A search for part of that phrase leads me to this link:

Keep in mind is nothing more then affiliate, they are not a review site.   If a hosting site has a affiliate program.  They will “review it”.

So far the review I can see what amounts to traffic.  Nothing else.  Oh but they do have a coupon code to click on. –

Here is what I find off,  the award says Listed and Verified since 2006.  Thats not really a review or an award, but I can confirm it at:

Then claims: “We have also been recognized as the Most Reliable Hosting Company for February 2008.“.  I can not find anything to back that claim.   Also there first review was August 10, 2009 with

But here is what I find interesting “Since our inception in 1997, our company has always been committed to providing the best quality web hosting, online collaboration and communication services at a superior value. We have done a great deal over the years to implement and achieve our vision and maintain top quality web services that are in demand. Our continuing pursuit of excellence is our primary and unwavering focus.

So lets “focus” on the whois: is not the only place to say 1997.

Now the weird thing is that I don’t see this on past through the waybackmachine.*/

So why is being one year older that important to

Its one thing for a new host to try and make themselves look older, in most cases through an aged domain.  But is way past the point where age is a concern for most people.   But I can only guess that because the owners had another company before they choose the start date for the older one like

So email provider since 1997, host since 1998. and

No direct link once again.  So I am off to search for the direct links myself:

No facts, numbers, and or data.  However they have a sales pitch for a review that has had the comments and pings closed to the general public.

Without data I am not sure why anyone should choose myhosting.