Avahost.net – The owner of cheap-web-hosting-review.com

Avahost.net is my forth and last host review of 4 hosts for December 2010 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  The thing that stuck out to me most was that this was a host with a 3 star rating, or 60% approval / a grade school grade of D.  In the last 6 months they have only one review which is 2 stars, a 40% approval / failing grade.  There is nothing to justify this host being in the top 25, unless of coarse you take into account the “advertising” fees.

The design is a contender for the worst up December.  Its almost as if this design was just thrown up.  There is no direct support link.  The chat is hidden at the bottom of a few pages.  The faq is troubling:


Q: Why my site is Suspended?
Q: Has My Domain Expired? Content is changed.
Q: How do I login to billing account? Password is not accepted.

The terms of service can not be found on every page, I had to ask a tech that took 10 minutes on chat to get me the link.


Avahost.net has awards or do they?


Going to their about page I find “reasons” to pick them as a host.  It should be no suprise as to why they are not linking to webhostingstuff.

Despite paying “advertising” fees their rankings leave little to be desired.

Avahost.net is top pick at cheap-web-hosting-review.com

You can tell when a hosting company owns a hosting “review” site when that one host is always number 1.


But most hosts are smart enough to have whois privacy protection to cover up their ownership of their “top” host sites.

In case you have not clicked on the picture to enlarge it, its a snap shot of the whois for cheap-web-hosting-review.com.

It belongs to one:

Registrant Contact:
   Daniel Hart ()

   PO Box. 2353
   Houston, TX 77074

Avahost trys to tell you:

You can find it in Google but it would be better if you entrust the professional’s opinion. Our cheap web hosting review site will help you to get information about all the features you need. Each hosting provider is rated and reviewed by customers who already used this web hosting.”
So where are the customer reviews?

Avahost.net – dedicatedserverdir.com / webhostdir.com

The problem with this site is they really do not tell you on what merits a host won.  They do allow you to vote a host in.  I have to wonder how rigged that system is.  After all what if I got on elance.com and hired someone to fake abunch of votes?

Avahost.net – hostreview.com


This is the only thing I can find in relation to Avahost.  Which has to do with nothing more then them adding VPS hosting.

Avahost.net – Alexa

I am not sure the point in including their Alexa score, its alot like the one site that decided to include a site grader which has nothing to do on the service of a site.  Alexa does nothing more then measure traffic popularity.  The lower your score the better your traffic.  I have seen sites that are in the millions on their Alexa score yet offer excellent service and make a lot of money.  However on a side note Alexa does offer the ability to leave a review of a website.

One finale thought on Avahost, avoid their domain registration because if you should ever forget to renew you will have to pay a $250 fee to get it back.  Having a domain with Avahost could be costly.