Webhostingstuff.com – January 2011 top 25 list in review

For January 2011 webhostingstuff.com added 5 hosts I have not reviewed before.  Unlike normal I will finish the new hosts I find in the same month I reviewed them.  Though I have to admit its pretty close as this is the last day of the month.  Most of the reviews were pretty easy to write, with the  exception of just one host.  Sometimes I find myself struggling to find what it was that makes a host not a top host.  Digging up the dirt so to speak.  Its not uncommon for me to be stuck with a host that is not spectacular.  By that I mean it may be dull as a rusty nail, but there is little to offend.  Like some hosts that are pretty easy to spot the flaws (like mochahost), some are not.  This is the point where I am hoping to get customers of the host in question to give me their take.  My review may give little or no reason to not choose a host  In some cases customers tell me how wrong and terrible I am.  But I have to ask if they are not so bad why are they using a fake review site?

For the first time ever a host that is on my review list has contacted me prior to my post, perhaps because they saw the video or post on my initial write up of January 2011.


Here is the video of my intial write up:

5 New hosts for January 2011 on Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

While hostgator.com an siteground.com still manage to be the top 25 list.  The list has hosts that don’t seem to be on the same level as them in some cases no where near them.

Myhosting.com number 4 out of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

Myhosting.com – Another Host that Pays for Ratepoint.com Service


The first thing that comes to mind with Myhosting.com is ratepoint.com.  I suspect sometime I will be doing a review of ratepoint.com as soon as I get enough people telling me that their reviews on ratepoint.com are not showing up.  Despite there not being negative reviews on the paid system Webhostingstuff.com  and web-hosting-top.com  both have negative reviews.

eVerity.com number 15 out of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

Everity.com – Home of the $5 Reinstatement Fees


eVerity.com is the host that was not spectacular.  Asides for no proof of being a top 25 host with webhostingstuff.com.  There was not much proof that they were a bad host.  One complaint was taken care of and the complainer withdrew their complaint.  Though I have to say their last positive review was in August 2008.  Their last only valid complaint was December 2010.

The only interesting thing i found was a claim of being formed in 1998, but that was only by going through the way back machine and I can find no mention of having formed in 1998 on the present site.

Ampheon.co.uk number 22 out of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

Ampheon.co.uk – When you don’t need 24 / 7 tech support


Ampheon.co.uk’s main focus it seems is web design.  A look at the support page, which you have to know where to look to find it.  Its rather annoying for their not be a clearly visible support portal. But also what has my concern is the comments located on that support page thats not easy to find.

Business Hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays

customers using this service without the appropriate support agreement will be charged £125 per hour, pro-rata to a minimum billing period of 15 minutes if an urgent response is required before the beginning of the next working day.

Meaning their cheapest host package could become their most expensive.

Its not clear that support is available all 365 days out of a year.

10looniehost.ca number 24 out of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

10looniehost.ca – A New Host, and Only a 7 Day Guarantee


As I write my wrap up for January 2011,  I am sure that 10looniehost.ca has either emailed me (again) or responded to my post.  I have to congratulate them on being the first to try and minimize the damage before hand.  Asides for some tweeks on thedesign, stopping the advertising with Webhostingstuff.com, and offering 30 day over a 7 day guarantee they could very well be off to a good start.    In short here is the three things I told them my post was about:

1. Making it clear I have no problem with hosts not being new.
2. I basically cover how you have nothing to prove that you have reason to be on webhostingstuffs top 25.
3. You have a 7 day guarantee that can only be found in the terms of service. Its not on the main page or the package pages  Which I make a point of telling my readers they should settle for no less then 30.

I also told them they are welcome to respond to the post I will neither delete it or edit it.  But then again neither will I delete their responses if they ask me to later.

Bounceweb.com number 25 out of 25 for Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25 list

Bounceweb.com – When 2 out of 5 Star support is all you need


Despite questionable awards they have a weird way of claiming to be green.  They just buy off set credits, thats it.  They give you some weird facts that I am not sure are correct.  Though I am sure the last one is just an opinion.

  • Datacenters take 4% of the world’s electricity.
  • Global warming is a concern for 90% of people.
  • Only 3% of web hosting companies are going green.
  • Going green costs 31% more than using dirty electricity.
  • Being socially responsible is cool.

But there are those awards one of which is webhostingstuff.com.

The overall support rating alone is a reason not choose this host.

Just 5 more reasons not to trust the top 25 on Webhostingstuff.