– Comment spam friendly affiliate program in my opinion has the worst affiliate comment spammers.  Case in point my post on’s annual Black Friday special.

Where I plead with to email their affiliates and let them know that spam is not acceptable. Here is the reply I got from

Hello Benjamin,

Thank you for your email.

Please note that these comments and spam are not from HostGator staff members, these are from affiliates of ours. Please know that we do not condone spam in any sense and we will gladly do our best to track down the affiliates that are spamming and remove them from the affiliate program, as it is clearly against our terms of service that they have agreed to. Please simply notify us and allow us time to look into the matters and we will do our best to control the problem.

Please do also note that we do have a policy regarding disclosure and the FTC guidelines within the TOS, and this was emailed directly to all affiliates as well, letting them know of the requirements and changes in the TOS.

We will also be letting affiliates know in advance when communicating the Black Friday emails that spam is grounds for termination within the affiliate program with the loss of commissions previously pending/sent being a possibility should they spam.

Thanks again for your email. I hope this helps clear up your concerns that we are definitely against spam and we will certainly do what we can to help combat it. It can be difficult when we have well over 150,000 affiliates to control and keep up with their actions – but we certainly do try to have the best and cleanest program around!

Thanks again. We wish you the best this Holiday season.

Best Regards,
Taylor Hawes

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.

I will say this about they are good about sending out a first response.  However they seem to lose interest after any first replies.  I realize of course that is not creating the spam. But they directly benefit from it. As any sale generated by their affiliates comment spamming is a benefit. My interest was that they would email their affiliates letting them know their policy on spamming.  We are less than 3 months away from this year’s Black Friday, and the comment spam has been from my own experience worse than it has ever been. In fact combined with all hosting spam I have received this year, it is dwarfed by what I get from these affiliates.  Just one person was responsible for most of the spam.

So what triggered this post?

The above mentioned post got a comment from one of’s affiliates and they wanted to post a coupon for which of course means they get paid a commission.  Had they read the post they would have realized the irony of comment spamming that particular post.

So I am angry about one little comment from one affiliate?

Personally I found it funny the particular post they decided to spam on dealt with affilate spam.  But what I dread is the comment spam on my personal accounts than there is this one affiliate that is under the YouTube user: Sophia9Lott3134. This affiliate decided to spam my YouTube video not once, not twice, not ten times, but 71 times. Were they not aware that some videos like mine have all comments approved?

Click the below image to see the full 71 spam comments from this affiliate.

Then there are these two YouTube users/ affilates that happen to have the same comment:

Those two shots and the ones below are all from my first video all of which were people attempting to post coupon codes for that would lead to them getting paid a nice commission. affiliates that spam comment only  targeted my video because it was in relation to webhosting?

I might have been their main target because my main topic is hosting, however a personal Youtube account of mine that has nothing to do with hosting and mostly videos of World of Warcraft has been target by affilates.

Bottom line needs to rein their affiliates in.