A Call to Redemption: Hostgator.com

This is an open letter to the staff at Hostgator.com.  Please note that all responses will be posted as blog comments.

With Black Friday fast approaching, I feel that your company needs to address a problem, that it is a part of.  That problem being spam.  Last year I received both comment and email spam from your affiliates during your Black Friday event. In short spam being either sending to a non-opted in email address or posting unwanted comments which generally have nothing to do with content they are posted on for the purpose of monetary gain.  This year I have been getting spam well in advance of November.  Of all places my first video.  This was a video I had emailed you and several other companies at the time of release 4 years ago from this month, hoping that you and other hosts would deal with the so called “review” industry.

Here is just a sample of Hostgator.com related spam I received on one of the many videos on YouTube.com.

That does not include my email or my blogs.

Just to be clear, I am not against you having affiliate program or making money. But I believe in doing it ethically, and I can respect creativity in bringing in customers.  But spam i.e. unwanted solicitation, is not a form of creative marketing.  I realize with your affiliate doing spam and in some cases “review” sites, its to your advantage as you make money off their actions.

With Black Friday around the corner, I challenge you to contact your affilates before you send out your Black Friday Promotion to stop them from spamming.  Not to mention seeing you practice the same FTC policy that Endurance International Group.