Unlimitedgb.com – A Call to Redemption

If you read my Twitter and Facebook feed from Thursday night, you will know that recently a host was trying to bribe me, which is Unlimitedgb.com. I have been asked to remove my post, as it shows up on the main page of  their search results. I wanted to be certain to do a broadcast to make it clear that I was not going to take a bribe before I contacted him again to see what he would pay.  However I am not in this to destroy, as I indicating with my very first posts.  As the title of this post suggests, I want Unlimitedgb.com to seek redemption.


I did a post on them because they choose to create fake comments on this blog to get people to visit their site. Which if you think about it, not a very smart move as this is a site that is all about exposing fake reviews for hosts Kind of like throwing rabbit in a snake pit thinking it will not get eaten. I quickly notices that the posts had a similar problem, they all entered my domain in field for website when making a comment.  I wrote my last post to point out how those spam comments were fake, and several other flaws with this host. To make matters worse they choose to create positive feed back on the very post that called them a scam. Never mind most of these forum trolls did not provide web sites that were hosted with this host. On top of that two of the responses came in the same day came from the same ip address. Not to mention the only positive review that came from someone that appeared to be a client (waterlemon.co.in ) appears to have moved to a Australian server last month.

This is my public letter to Unlimitedgb.com

To Sanson D’silva
Managing Director
Interweb iTech (India) Private Limited.

I am not removing my post, not for any amount of money.   I did not create this site to make money.  Yes there are ads, I would like the site to atleast pay its way.  The people that come to my site, don’t have shopping in mind.   In some cases they want to find a host or they want to complain about a host. You mentioned compensating me, and that I made money by making a post on your company.  To that I have to say I made $18 on adsense last month.  Taking the percentage of traffic I got last month for that single page I made $0.06 if anyone actually went to any of the ads on my site.  Yes the post has the most comments of any of my posts.  Which in part was because someone in your company thought it would be a good idea to post fake comments on my blog.  There are also a lot of unhappy customers as well.  Did it not occur to you that creating fake posts would only increase the relevance of my post in search engines?

I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I did not go looking for Unlimitedgb.com

If the fake comments such as someone that claimed to have been hosting with you for 2 years (never mind your domain whois says that is impossible) and other fake comments had never been posted.  I would never have known who your company was.  Which means I would not have made a post about unlimitedgb.com.

We do not share a similar situation. I owned (past tense) a hosting company that was effected by a review site (webhostingstuff.com), because they deleted positive feed back my customers gave me.   I did not go there and place the comments myself.  I asked them to restore my customer’s comments or to remove me out of their system.  Instead I was blocked, which lead to this site that goes after fake reviews by those in the hosting industry.  Fake reviews like what were done on my site by your company.

Why I will not delete my post on unlimitedgb.com and what can be done to salvage your reputation

Another thing that does not make us similar is I am not going to block you from contacting me as webhostingstuff.com did to me.  I am willing to work with you to turn things around.  The first thing I am going to tell you is it would not matter if I delete the post, you have a lot of angry customers.  Never mind if I did delete this post, someone would figure out that I did something dishonest and / or other people will create pages negative pages about unlimitedgb.com to take my posts place.

I suggest:

  • You need to admit to what was done, and what will be done to prevent it, here on this blog post.
  • You need to address the complaints of your customers.

Running from this will only make it worse, the only thing to do is to take this head on.  If you are willing to take on the complaints of your customers, I offer freely to mediate between you and your customers. I will even contact previous angry customers that posted on my blog as well as other sites if I can.Your not going to get out of this by paying people to remove the past.  Use that money to take care of your customers.

If you will work with me I will modify the post to change the results in search engines, but I will not remove it.



P.S. Unlimitedgb has an opportunity to change, I am offering to help you do it.  But I will not give that opportunity to unlimitedgb in an unethical manner.