Amazon Cloud Drive – Great Idea, Poor Implementation

If your a back up nut like me, Amazon Cloud Drive seemed liked a good idea.  After all I have data all the way back to the late 80’s when I had  5.25 floppies I carried in two cases in my back pack.   Funny how all that data can fit on my smallest thumb drive and still leave ample room for more data.   The thing that lured me in was the free music storage, especially from previously bought Amazon Mp3s.  Til last month I had no idea of exactly how many mp3 albums I had purchased.  Which was 783.  It took 13 days on my home connection at .7 mbs to upload over 10,000 songs.  It seemed like I was putting toothpaste back in the tube.

The flaw with Amazon Cloud Drive

I make no excuses, I am a data horder.  Every tid bit of programming, graphic work, data base, spreed sheet, email, chat (got to love trillian), photos (digital and scanned), video, video game saves, documents, and perhaps a lot of data that could  easily be sent to eternal oblivion, and not be missed.   Over all I estimate that I have around 1 trig of data that I could not live without.  Would I pay $1,000 a year to store it?  Yes.   But the problem is folders.

One example is the photos I took for 2010.   Which are in a folder called 2010.  In it are folders labeled by month, in there are folders labeled by event (vacation, holiday, business trip) .  Last year I had 106 folders.  I do this in part because I take a lot of pictures, and don’t always label them.  Not to mention that moron cto I had at the beginning had borrowed my camera decided it was a smart thing to reset the numbering on my camera.

The fatal flaw is that Amazon Cloud Drive does not import folders.   I had contact Amazon about this and they told me:


Thanks for your comments about uploading folders to Cloud. Customer feedback like yours really helps us continue to improve our products and provide better service to our customers. I’ve passed your suggestion to the appropriate team for consideration.

We hope to see you again soon.

I am not sure why they hope, it took me less then 30 minutes to buy something, in which case carbon for my fish tanks.  If you have read my posts frequently, you know I have love obsession when it comes to  But it boggles the mind that they want to sell a product for $20 – $1,000 a year for storage, which does not upload folders.   Which means you create each folder and bulk load each picture in.  Which is a lot of mind numbing work as I have 3031 folders just in pictures.   For the amount of work it would take me to upload all of my photo’s to Amazon Cloud Drive, I might as well just get a dedicated server and upload everything by FTP.

How could Amazon, not have thought about folder uploading for Amazon Cloud drive?

I am not sure what Amazon was thinking.  Quirks like this with Amazon Cloud Drive, are what make me not want to try the hosting.  I don’t want want a reason to stop shopping at Amazon.  One of the things I noticed when I got the Kindle 2, was that instead of having page numbers, I got percentage.  It was not until the Kindle 3 that they decided to add page numbers.  Never mind I got my Kindle 2 five months before Kindle 3 came out, and it was not until last December (2010) they stopped selling the Kindle 2.  They have not released a patch for the Kindle 2 for page numbers, so like Kindle 3 readers they can read along with their paper back counter parts.

Here is hoping there is a Amazon Cloud Drive fix soon.