An open letter to

Hello, Corey of,

I am not sure you understand the nature of blogs.  Generally, any blog that is ran with any common sense moderates the comments.  Only 2% of the comments I get are approved, as the other 98% of the comments, this blog gets are spam. Rest assured I will not stop you from posting your comments on this or any related post.  I have approved all of your comments, regardless if they are duplicates as I do not delete or modify a contact for a host’s comments.

However, I have pre-approved you for future comments.  Since I got your attention with the last 2 posts on, I am doing this third one with questions.  I have emailed you the questions; here I will explain the questions in detail.

18 questions about

The Basics of

I have friends that think I should ask some of the basics which would be questions 1 – 4

1. When did you purchase the domain
2. When did you actually start up
3. How many servers does have?
4. What is the collective experience in the hosting industry of the owners?

Not much to explain here, other than question 4.  As an example, I will give out a short history of my experience.

I started out as a web designer with work in databases over 3 years.  I meet another designer who also had a lot of experience in sales who with a programmer decided to start up a hosting company.  The first try ultimately failed as the programmer got paranoid and greedy and locked us out.  The second time was the charm which would give me 11 years working experience where I and other partners formed 4 companies.  Two years ago I would sell all my shares and get out of the hosting industry, in hopes going for what I wanted to do, as well as time to breath.

The partnership:

partnership is an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.

It’s pretty clear what’s interests are, what are’s interests? I happen to be monitoring cookies when going from’s Trusted Partner page to  Which interestingly enough I get a cookie once I reach called AffiliateId.

5. Why did choose over hosting companies that have an established history like

As a Flippa Trusted Partner, we offer web hosting and free site transfer to Flippa customers who have less complex websites, like a simple WordPress site. We do offer dedicated hosting as well (, but most Flippa customers who choose us do not need this level of service.

I don’t see any explanation as to why chooses you to be a partner.  No offense but I would not have chosen to partner with your company.  Your company has been running for around a year, a year does not give the definition of established. On top of that, the feedback from your customers is less than stellar.

6. Are you willing to sign an affidavit that Flippa does not receive any kind of compensation? Be it monetary or some other action that benefits them directly.

Anyone that sells on understands that Flippa will create any gimmick that makes them money.  Something I plan to explore in my next post.  One example is a $50 fee that will put the sale on the first page, my experience is that this only lasts for an hour.  No surprise but just a quick glance at the other trusted partners I can see on a lot of the sites they offer an affiliate program.  I don’t even have to look at odesk as that is an ad I purposely put on my site. package questions

7. Does have only one “unlimited”/shared hosting plan?
8. If your hosting company only has one “unlimited” hosting plan, why is the $6.95 a month (2 years) not “The Best Value”?

From the chat I had last week, it seems the only variety you offer is Month to Month, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 4 years.  The package page gives the illusion that there is more than one package.  Not to mention wouldn’t a 2 – 4 years term be better than a 1 year?

9. Per your company’s terms of service, free accounts do not get the same features as paid plans, so what are the differences?

I am well aware that you changed your terms of service after I did my post. You have completely removed the section on free accounts not having the same features as a paid account.  I don’t have a problem with that, but the differences have to be noted, especially on a plan that offers a free year.  Honestly, I did a 3-month free hosting plan, and it was enough to make me want to tear my hair out.  Compared to the affiliate programs people were 80% likely to keep their accounts over a year.  Whereas 95% of the three free month accounts were closed by the end of the free period.

10. Why do you not offer dedicated to them, as well as have this “unlimited” service available through your site?

Regardless of your assumptions about what most Flippa customer’s needs, why do you not have the dedicated offer on the offers page for Flippa, or for that matter on your site?

Take it from someone that was in the business of selling dedicated servers, you can’t sell them unless they are out there for people to get to.  You point me to a link that I can’t seem to find a way navigate from the main page of to. reviews and awards

11. Can you explain why most of the complaints out there complain about too much money being charged to an account?

A lot of the complaints I looked at are complaints in regards to charges and in some cases multiple charges.

Here is one site that serves as an example:

Now I think the explanation for unexpected charges could be sites like offering $1 a month, but the order form that their site takes you to gives no such offer.  On the other hand, I really cannot guess as to why people are complaining about multiple charges.

12. Where did get the award for 2012 web hosting top 10?
13. Where did get the award for Most Reliable Web Host 2012?
14. Where did get the User’s Choice Web hosting Award?
15. Where did get the Rated #1 Web Host award?
16. Where did get the awards showcased on

You should check out the review site What I find interesting is sites that try to tell you that you should host with a host like But like many of the review sites that I look at, they don’t host with who they promote.  Guess where is hosted?

I can’t tell you how bad it looks when a review site that is dedicated to your is hosted with Godaddy.  If they don’t host with why should I?

The problem with a lot of the awards for is I have no idea where you got them from.  There are 4 on your site, and then their 5 more on

17. What are the websites for the people that wrote you testimonials (i.e. John, Michael, and Anna).

The only place I can find any positive feedback for is on’s main page. The one thing that could add some viability to those reviews is putting some websites that are hosted on your service behind them.

The Technologies Connection

18. What is you or your collogues relation to the company NSA Technologies?

During my review of feedback about, I find several comments that mention NSA Technologies. I am not going to go into the details; I will leave that up to you.

As I have stated through multiple posts, I have no problem with you being new in the industry. New hosts can be more inclined to work towards keeping a customer. The things that concern me about are that you offer an unlimited package, which there is no such thing.  Then there is the $175 payout that ultimately cuts into what could actually pay for service. I truly believe it’s easier to keep customers then it is to bring new ones in.

I look forward to a response to this Brainhost post.