– Will they surprise bill you? is my third host review of 4 hosts for November 2010’s top 25.  To be honest on the surface there is not a lot that I can tell you. This has been a bit of a stumbling block and the reason I have not posted in a while, as this was a host that was not going to take my usual 2 hours of research.   It may very well be a site that deserves to be in a top list.  But I have to ask why are they on   I could go on about their affiliate program, but it seems a fair program.  The design seems bulky.  Not to mention I really hate the little pop up window the terms of service are in.

So what is wrong with

Even though links to a site that has no negative reviews about them, they are out there.

One complaint I see is in regards to reoccurring billing.  In the hosting industry this is not exactly uncommon.  But the problem I find is where they are billing 15 days in advance of the due date.  Then there is their latest special where they offer 5 free gifts.  The problem is they are only free for a certain amount of time, and not all of them are for a year.  Its unclear that after the free period is up that you may get billed for those services, and if so what terms will you be billed for Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or longer?

For that matter you can find alot of anti-Siteground sites under a search of Siteground sucks. / connection?

It should be no surprise that I look at the whois for any domain some how linked to a domain I am reviewing.

Here is what I get when I do a whois on

 96 Mowat Ave
 Toronto, ON M6K 3M1


No surprise there.  I tend to think that if your a company that you should not get domain privacy and that should be for indivduals only.  You might say on one hand that this is good they have on the number 1 spot, and if you look at there network info they are indeed hosted with

So what about their previous history?  When I look at the wayback machine guess which host is number 1 every time:*/

Siteground is number 1 and LunarPages is number 2 in every snap shot.

Ever hear of the company called featuredpricehosting?   This was a hosting company that ran there own top 10, they ended up getting busted over this.  Granted I don’t know the full story but its on my to do list.  But I suspect that is the owner of   Even if they do not own it, it oddly has no negative reviews about

What about the free stuff I told you about earlier?

Being its now January 7th I find it odd that there still using Santa, but then again when I ran 4 hosting companies I had a New Years graphic up.

Now what is not clear is when you will be billed and how much for.

Standard SSL Certificate

This is the only thing that I can say with some certainty that this will be billed under no less then annual terms.  However I can tell you that you can get SSL certficates for as low as $20.   I can only assume it costs them $10, which is why they offer it for free the first year.  Just as I can believe that it only costs them $5 for a domain.  So if you do choose to go with for a ssl use it for the first year, but go else where to get a cheaper one after you exhausted your free time.

Spam and Email Virus Protection

At $5.50 a month that is $33.00 for 6 months, despite having 6 free months that only costs $24.

Website Wizard

If it was billed monthly it would be $3.50

Premium Support

There is no clear mention of how much more time you would have to wait if you did not pay $5.95 a month for priority support.

Daily Backup

I don’t what the maximum is of back up, this after all is a unlimited package.

Trying to go back to the main page of I get this popup window:

I figure the best thing to do to get my questions answered is to get on  their chat support to find out what they bill for.

The chat session

Martin: Hello Benjamin
Martin: Welcome to Hosting Services!
Benjamin: Hello Martin,
Benjamin: I am interested in your current offering
Benjamin: I see that the “gifts” are only free for a certain time and I would like to know if they are subject to auto billing?
Martin: Glad to hear about your interest, allow me a quick moment please
Benjamin: sure
Martin: I will now transfer you to a specialist in the field of current promotion and he will be happy to help you further
Benjamin: Thank you

This chat session has been transfered to Levan [sales]

Levan: Hello Benjamin
Benjamin: Hello Levan
Levan: The “gifts” are indeed for a certain pre defined period.
Levan: Sort of a trial for the extra services
Levan: And yes, as any other service we offer they would also be renewed automatically, if of course you do not choose to cancel them first.
Levan: Of course you will get quite a lot of notification before that, to make sure you remember.
Benjamin: Can you tell me when they would be rebill and for how much and under what terms (i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annual…….)
Benjamin: I suspect the ssl is once a year
Levan: which one would be interested in, or all of them?
Benjamin: all of them
Levan: Fair enough.
Levan: The SSL is indeed on a yearly basis
Levan: $82 per year.
Levan: Premium Support is $71.40/yr
Levan: Daily Backups are $71.40/yr
Levan: Spam Killer is $42/yr
Levan: Website wizard $42.00/year
Benjamin: This is not pro-rated to match the account?
Levan: If you could elaborate, please.
Benjamin: Example I buy today
Benjamin: 2 months from now you bill me for the back up
Benjamin: but only at 10 months
Benjamin: so that I am billed the same time as my hosting package
Levan: No the services would be rewed at different times, when the trial for the specific service has lapsed.
Benjamin: ok
Benjamin: do you offer a 30 day guarantee?
Levan: Yes, indeed a 30 day refund policy does come with the package.
Benjamin: In regards to the free domain, is that for the life of the account?
Levan: Yes, as long as you are hosted with us
Levan: the domain name will remain free
Benjamin: ok
Benjamin: how much would it cost to retain the domain if I decide not to keep my hosting account?
Levan: the standard domain registration fee with us is $14.95
Benjamin: cool
Benjamin: ok one last question
Levan: So that would be the it , yup
Levan: As many as you need.
Benjamin: its in regards to the premium support
Levan: ok
Benjamin: what is the difference in the premium and non-premium support
Levan: There are 2 main differences, one would be the average response time
Levan: Standard is around 15
Levan: Premium lowers it to 5 min
Levan: the second one is the ease with which you can post general issues.
Levan: Let me elaborate.
Levan: Basically the normal ticketing system is divided into categories.
Levan: So you need to navigate to the category at hand, and post the issue there, and it goes to the specialist in the field.
Levan: Example
Levan: Domain problems
Levan: Into the domain/DNS category
Levan: With premium you get a direct drop down meny
Levan: With a quick option post the matter immediately.
Levan: So it makes it a little harded for us
Levan: But easier for you.
Levan: That’s about it.
Levan: Of course with the trial
Levan: You get to experience that first hand.
Levan: Given that you do not have many requests
Levan: As mostly service runs smoothly.
Levan: No actual need for premium to be honest.
Benjamin: too many requests?
Levan: Simply for more dynamic users, in need of constant info
Levan: It’s better to go for premium
Levan: kind of beginner vs experienced user
Benjamin: Ok I think that will do it for me I will chew on this for the next hour and then decide if I will sign up. Thanks for the info.
Levan: Most welcome, glad I could assist you.
Benjamin: Have a good day
Levan: And if you need anything else , just come by. We are here at all times.
Levan: Thank you, have a great one as well!

In sum what this chat boils down to:

Over 6 months if you choose all 5 so called “freebies” you will be billed $262.20 with 4 billings over the coarse of 6 months.  After the first year you will be billed $344.20 4 times over the coarse of 6 months.  The sales operative told me that they send notices to remind you before you are billed

Also the support service seems a bit wonk, after all why should someone that does not pay for premium service not get this pull down menu support?

Either way if you choose Siteground you better be prepared to watch your email for what may be a surprise bill.

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  1. How can delete my account or how can i cancel the “Spam Killer + Email Virus Protection” auto renual from the siteground webhost. Or is there any way to cancel hosting at siteground.
    need help

  2. Hello Shashi,

    I will contact to get them to respond to your post. I would also suggest contacting them.



  3. Here is what they told me on their chat session

    Dessy: Hello Benjamin

    Dessy: Welcome to Hosting Services!

    Benjamin: Hello Dessy,

    Dessy: May I ask if you already have an account with us, please

    Benjamin: I run the site

    Benjamin: one of your customers is asking me how to cancel services

    Benjamin: I have directed them to your company

    Benjamin: but you can also answer their inquiry at

    Dessy: Could you allow me just a moment please

    Benjamin: sure

    Benjamin: You can either give instruction here or post them on the blog post.

    Dessy: I believe you refer to the question of how they can cancel any of the services, am I correct

    Benjamin: here is their response

    Benjamin: How can delete my account or how can i cancel the “Spam Killer + Email Virus Protection” auto renual from the siteground webhost. Or is there any way to cancel hosting at siteground.
    need help

    Dessy: Any of our services can be canceled at any time from the User Area -> Billing Section -> Billing Cancellation

    Dessy: Then the cancellation request needs to be confirmed from an email sent to the administrative email for the account

    Benjamin: That sounds a bit cumbersome. They should just be able to cancel from the customer interface.

    Dessy: Yes, that is correct. The billing section is in the customer interface, Benjamin

    Benjamin: but they have to confirm through a email as well

    Benjamin: the Email should only act as a comfirmation

    Dessy: Yes, that is just for their convenience. It is really often for customer to accidentally cancel their accounts or services that they do not want to cancel. That is why we have implemented that extra step

    Dessy: It is just a simple confirmation

    Benjamin: Well I will be sure to pass this on to your customer, you or the heads of your company are allowed to comment.

  4. Same thing here, I was charged extra 72 dollars 2 months after I registered at siteground, for the so called daily backup service which I wasn’t informed of. They just drew the money from my card, didn’t send me any email about it. 🙁

    And gosh, how hard it is to cancel a domain there.

  5. Good Post this happened to me. They also took money out of my credit card on an account i had cancelled. What worse is that i had taken teh credit card deatils off my account (to try and stop the surprise billing). That was a long day on their impossible support section

  6. Great review and totally accurate. I’ve been with siteground for about six years and had the same issues with them trying to charge my card without my permission. Their “support” system is designed to be difficult. They usually do address an issue once you get through. They tried to strong arm me a few months ago saying I was getting way too many emails and they would have to cancel my account if I didn’t purchase their monthly spam killer service. I just ignored their threats and they stopped bothering me. They finally realized after a few years they couldn’t squeeze any more money out of me so they leave me alone now. I should add that overall they are a good hosting company, but tend to be too aggressive in signing up new customers in the desire that they will cancel their accounts after a few months. This business model is rather suspect and hinges on the balancing act of server load versus usage.

  7. Hello Smoky,

    Thanks for your review. Are you still a customer? If so what is your website? Granted even if your not I still like to look at people’s websites as it was something did as a former hosting company owner.



  8. Yes, I’m still a customer. I run a small oscommerce/php shop and overall l’m happy but like I said, they gave me a hard time and tried to push products on me for the first few years. Siteground does let you choose what php version you want to run. They couldn’t install a ssl certificate I bought once so I had to use theirs. Sorry, I see no logical reason to give out my website address.

  9. I totally agree with all the responses above.

    – they lure ppl in with a cheap first year (10 dollars) and the second year they’ll charge you 107 dollars.
    – the control panel is designed to be confusing about the prices
    – cancelling the account is very well hidden and you have to talk to martin in a chatsession just to do it.

    For now I’ll be staying with GoDaddy who have a better deal which Siteground couldn’t match (36 months hosting for 36×3 dollars)

  10. I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth…
    See our conversation.


    yesterday we have got your offer with 30% discount for 3 year host, we have accepted this proposal and have pay for 3 year 250 usd. it means approximately 7usd\mo
    now we see on your site – proposal for 3 years – $3.95/mo and we don’t understand your proposal to us. please, I want to get from you correct explanation

    stavros: hi

    stavros: Hello!

    yesterday we have got your offer with 30% discount for 3 year host, we have accepted this proposal and have pay for 3 year 250 usd. it means approximately 7usd\mo
    now we see on your site – proposal for 3 years – $3.95/mo and we don’t understand your proposal to us. plea

    Anna: How are you today, Stavros?

    stavros: Hello!

    yesterday we have got your offer with 30% discount for 3 year host, we have accepted this proposal and have pay for 3 year 250 usd. it means approximately 7usd\mo
    now we see on your site – proposal for 3 years – $3.95/mo and we don’t understand your proposal to us. plea

    stavros: please, I want to get from you correct explanation

    Anna: Allow me just a moment, please

    stavros: ok

    Anna: I do understand what you mean, but I would like to note that the Christmas promotion is for signing up new accounts only

    Anna: The regular price for renew is $107.40

    Anna: We gave you 30% discount and as a bonus we added 30$ in your Wallet that you can use for any future servisec

    Anna: services I mean

    Anna: you would like to

    Anna: which is actually pretty good deal

    Anna: for a renewal

    Anna: Also I would like to inform you that anyone is more than welcome to sign up new account

    Anna: and take an advantage of the promotion

    stavros: it is uot of logic – new castomer will pay just 144USD and for same old one 250

    Anna: Stavros, this is not suppose to offend you, as I explained the promotional price is not only for new accounts, but also for the bilking cycle the customer will choose only upon signing up

    Anna: The renew for all those accounts will be charged $107.40

    Anna: when the billing cycle is over

    Anna: And this is per year

    Anna: Allow me just a moment

    Anna: I would like to consult with my maneger

    Anna: may be he will think of an exception

    Anna: for you

    stavros: tell me – if i as a new castomer will buy new host will I pay 144usd for 3 years?

    Anna: Yes you can

    Anna: you can still do

    Anna: As I said everyone is more than welcome to sign up for new accounts

    Anna: Allow me just a couple minutes

    Anna: I will directly transfer you to my manager

    stavros: ok! clouse my carrent host. it will finished after 2 mo/ retern me my money and i will think about

    Anna: as he is authorized to do more than I can:)

    stavros: ok

    stavros: but i do not agree with you now

    Anna: My manager is available now

    stavros: ok

    Anna: Would you like me to transfer you to him?

    stavros: yes

    This chat session has been transfered to Dimitar [sales]

    Dimitar: Hello Stavros

    Dimitar: Glad to have you over the live chat

    Dimitar: I see your conversation so far

    Dimitar: How are you doing today?

    stavros: so i do not agree with your politic – new castomer pay 144usa for 3 year host and we 6 years ol 250

    Dimitar: Usually it is considered a custom to start the conversation with Hello

    Dimitar: Now as for your statement:

    Dimitar: yesterday we have got your offer with 30% discount for 3 year host, we have accepted this proposal and have pay for 3 year 250 usd.

    Dimitar: It means that Yesterday you have accepted this offer

    Dimitar: You have already said that

    Dimitar: And you have agreed to the term

    Dimitar: And you have submitted the renewal

    Dimitar: Renewal payments are not refundable

    Dimitar: As I am sure you are aware

    Dimitar: Furthermore

    Dimitar: Chargebacks are made only in cases of fraudulent payments

    Dimitar: Which obviously is not the case here

    Dimitar: Since You have agreed to the terms

    Dimitar: Yesterday

    Dimitar: That is that

    Dimitar: Now as for your tone

    Dimitar: Please bear in mind that this is a business conversation and I will not tolerate a tone like that

    Dimitar: All that being said

    Dimitar: We are all grown people here

    Dimitar: We understand that you feel misleaded

    Dimitar: Even though you were not

    Dimitar: New customers get lower prices as their websites have just stated

    Dimitar: And they do not generate a lot of traffic

    Dimitar: Usually the first 3-6 months they spent in development only

    Dimitar: Also, in regards to your renewal

    Dimitar: You have received $ 30 as a bonus in your online wallet

    Dimitar: That you can use to get a new account as well

    Dimitar: Now I have the power to double that bonus

    Dimitar: And make it $ 60

    Dimitar: If you simply say that this will please you and if I think that you are eligible for such an exception

    Dimitar: Would that be a suitable solution for you?

    Dimitar: Are you still with me Stavros?

    stavros: first of all – Hello! you are right in this point. second – i don’t ceare how you calculate my tone. also i don’t ceare about money. but i do not like when somebody this way keep from me money. so from formally point you are right – and i see it. i don need you 60usd. but you loose 1 customer asi am

    Dimitar: Fine, as you wish sir

  11. Hello Stavros,

    Sorry for the delay it was a rather rough month for me last month.

    While I can not agree with you in regards to your thinking on getting a discount for hosting, I simply find this chat session abusive to you. I will be contacting on your behalf to see what the heck the deal is here. While your behavior was not formal, it was no where near as offensive as Dimiitar.



  12. Hello Benjamin and Stavros,

    First of all, I would like to say that the attitude of Dimitar in the chat pasted above is completely unacceptable, and does not comply with SiteGround quality standards. The SiteGround Sales Manager has attended to the case on the same day the chat took place as part of our internal quality check procedure, and Dimitar has received a serious official warning and a penalty according to the internal procedures. I would like to assure you that SiteGround will not tolerate such a behavior towards any of its customers.

    As for the case discussed, the promotions we have for new customers are really different from the promotions we apply to existing customers and there is a good reason for this. The perceived risk is a substantial part of a consumer behavior. When someone needs to choose a new provider without having personal experience with its quality, the perceived risk is bigger than when someone decides to renew a service, whose quality he has seen personally. So to alleviate this bigger risk we offer bigger discounts for new customers sign ups. What we state with this is: we believe that our service value is higher, but we understand that you may want to see for yourself if this is true and we are willing to invest some free service in convincing you what the true value is.

    Apart from the chat above, I believe that Stavros should have been satisfied with the service he has received so far, as he has renewed his account for 3 years twice so far. I can also see that he initially accepted our renewal price as fair for the service he has received. I also understand his wonder when he than realized that one and the same service costs more for existing customers than for new ones, but I believe that if everything was explained to him calmly and respectfully he would have understood the reasoning behind this pricing policies.

    Reneta Tzankova

  13. Hello Reneta,

    Thank you for your attention in this matter. I happy to see that you will not tolerate hostility from your staff.

    As a former hosting provider I can understand your position on discounts.



  14. Siteground is the worst company I had dealt with.
    they don’t have any live and friendly support.
    every time they changed something in the server, our website got screwed up somehow, and they have no clue.
    they just try to suck your money.
    best thing to do with them is have nothing to do with them, stay away!

  15. Hello furious2012,

    I understand your frustration and I would like to research your case in detail in order to be able to address your accusations. Could you please send me your domain name at news at siteground dot com? I will check your case and try to assist you.

    Best Regards,
    Marina Yordanova

  16. I cancelled siteground using their cancellation service. I got a confirmation on cancellation. before i cancelled i was asked all kinds of questions. i didn’t get a cancellation confirmation because i was cancelling at the end of my term. but i got a finished page with how they would like me back. if i changed my mind. Whoola i got a bombshell in my mailbox. 15 days to when it was over, and automatic renew. I wiggled my way through chat and i chatted with a guy. This was my second time they were playing this trick on me, i had to be real vocal and typed lots of stuffs telling them the implication and lawsuits. It was a massive back and forth. he ended cancelling the account and issuing me a refund. Its seven business day but i pray i get my full refund. The last time i was charged almost 40 dollars. This guys clearly have a game. I have referred lots of people to them, i don’t know what backlash to expect. I prefer Hostgator been with them for 4 or 5 years no hoopla. no crazy billing. Becareful with siteground, i wont recommend them to my dog. No integrity on their part. Their service is good but this craziness with billing i wont recommend them

  17. I just recently switched to Hostgator after seven years with siteground. My conclusions are thus. They really do oversell their servers, and as such are constantly limiting the resources that customers can actually use. Despite all the unlimited claims they are very stingy. Also, for the first three or four years it was very difficult to post trouble tickets. The support links were hidden and I actually had to lie just to get in contact with them. They also for a time wanted to charge for support. Eventually, they finally realized this wasn’t a good idea and got in line with the other big hosts with online chat and easy support interfaces. However for me it was too little too late. My humble php based ecommerce site was starting to throw php timeout errors because of their bloated servers. Trying to get this addressed with their “tech support” was like trying to deal with trained monkeys. They simply wouldn’t admit the problem was on their end and blamed it on my code. My code, by the way is hyper efficient. Long story short they don’t want customers like me. Even though I was only getting about 100 visits a day they would rather have tons of sites with only a few visits a day. All because of greed. They also tried to push some kind of spam service on me a few years back and and constantly nagged me to upgrade. They also constantly nagged me to keep a credit card on file. They also wouldn’t let me pay per month, or I could at a higher rate. They also wouldn’t let me pay with PayPal. They also sign you up for recurring billing and hope you forget about it. Even if you close your account they will still charge you if you don’t explicitly tell them to stop recurring billing. Plus, since they are based in Bulgaria I think they feel safe against potential lawsuits. Long story short I switched to Hostgator and saved $75 for the same services using their business plan and couldn’t be happier. Very easy to contact support and they even transferred my site free. Goodbye Siteground, I won’t be back.

  18. Hello Ed,

    We have 2 types of cancellation – immediate cancellation and cancellation at expiration date. As far as I understand you have requested from us to cancel your account at expiration date. If the cancellation process was completed correctly, your account shouldn’t have been renewed by the system. I would like to check what exactly happened in your case, since this is a very critical issue. If you could please let me know what your domain name with us was (here or at [email protected]), I will be glad to investigate further.

  19. Hello Eric,

    I would like to address your concerns about our services:

    If you are using our shared hosting service, you will indeed encounter some limitations which are necessary due to the nature of this service – multiple customers use the same server and share its resources. In our ToS we have described in details all the limitations and in your cPanel there are statistics that show your current usage, so you can track it anytime and react accordingly. Additionally, when we encounter a problem with the resources usage, we contact the user, describe the issue and offer different solutions for the case.

    In regards to reaching out to our support – indeed at some point it wasn’t easy to navigate through the system, since it included too many support categories and automatic test, but thanks to the feedback from our customers, we have recently released a new and improved HelpDesk which represents the best practices in the industry and was inspired by the needs of our clients.

    All our services are set to auto-renew in order for your website to stay up and running without interruptions which might harm your business. We send multiple reminders via email to remind customers in advance about the renewal so they have time to cancel the service if they no longer require it.

    If you wish I could check your exact case and help you resolve it, just send me information about your domain name here or at sales at siteground dot com

    Best Regards!

  20. Marina. The bottom line is you shouldn’t keep peoples credit card numbers on file and you shouldn’t automatically sign them up for recurring billing. You also shouldn’t have to make them contact you to delete their credit card information and to stop recurring billing. You should also accept PayPal and accept monthly payment options. Regardless of what your marketing department tells you, these are simply shady unacceptable business practices.

  21. Thanks for these reviews! I was about sign up with siteground. These reviews frightened me enough to stop and look for a better one. In case anybody from siteground is monitoring this, they should realize that their billing practices as detailed here, make potential customers uncomfortable and they are losing sales! But then again, if most of their customers are signing up with little understanding, expect almost nothing from siteground, they may be happy with each other. Low fees, low expectations and low returns.

  22. I’ve recently signed back up with siteground and so far am pleased with all the changes they have made. It’s easy to contact support now. They seem to have toned down their aggressive marketing tactics. I like their Chicago data center too. You still have to open a support ticket to tell them to remove your credit card information and cease recurring billing but they were efficient and polite about it. Their tech support seems way more knowledgeable than the big guys. I still don’t understand the marketing concept of offering the first year at a discount. Why not just have one good price and steady good service. Anyway, I thought I should mention that at least they are listening to feedback and making changes for the better. Hope it lasts!

  23. I have been a customer of Siteground for some time. They do have the tendency to auto-renew “promotional” services so be aware.
    However, I gotta say their customer service is very knowledgeable and quick. You won’t get a clueless rep who knows nothing about hosting as with let’s say 1&1. You will get a reply to a support ticket within minutes.
    The attitude of that Dimitar guys above is indeed appalling but there was an a** on the other end of the line too. Enough of this sense of entitlement. New customers are lured in by offering them promotions. Flash news to Stavros- this is standard practice and not just in webhosting.

  24. I am a big fan of site ground. I signed up with them at the beginning of 2014. Many of the reviews here are from 2011 through 2013. They may be completely valid. One of the above comment says that site crowns improved their systems based on customer feedback. My experiences been nothing but exemplary. They have the best customer support that I experienced. All of my support tickets have been answered within 15 minutes. I am a web developer who has hosted client websites on Dreamhost, Godaddy and Hostgator. I go to WordPress meetups monthly and discuss with other web developers the best hosting. SiteGround has been consistently at the top of the list. To others mentioned are Media Temple and WP Engine. Several people have said that SiteGround customer support is better then Media Temple, but this is not from first-hand knowledge since I have no experience with Media Temple. I will continue to use SiteGround as $10 to $15 a month is very reasonable for good web hosting uptime and support, and a domain name.

    Because of my web development, I have several support tickets in Woodside ground each month. Some months it could be as many as 15. The support I get is fantastic. I have always had my problems solved quickly with them. I have found customer support to be hit and miss at other hosts. Sometimes I would leave the conversation frustrated.

    I have gone through a renewal cycle with SiteGround and it was fine. I received emails weekly prior to the renewal and a 30% discount was offered to sign up for 3 years. My auto renewal was on and I would have been billed 15 days before my subscription expired. I am fine with all of this.

    I am very happy with my experience. I will continue to post my clients there. I have not been part of the referral program. I have learned here that they have one and will look into it. They are not the cheapest. So you should look elsewhere if that’s what you want. (Host gator, when I used them was the cheapest I could find.) But I’m no longer looking for the cheapest I want of reasonable rate for a good service that’s easy to use and I can count on. I have this now.

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