Webhostingstuff.com – February 2011 top 25 list in review

webhostingstuff.com added 4 hosts I have not reviewed before February 2011.  This has been a bit of a strange month since there has been at one point 19 hosts, and at most 24 hosts.  I have to wonder if this odd oversight may be a sign that they are losing out on people that pay for advertising.  This time around 1 high end host, one mid / maybe small host, and one new host, and one new host that appears to be on an aged domain.

A sum of the 4 new hosts I found on webhostingstuff.com

Webhostingpad.com – Number 3 of Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25


Webhostingpad.com – When 3 out 5 star Customer Service will do

I am not sure the point the point of covering this host, there is a lot of negative feed back for this site.  Even Alreadyhosting.com one of many affiliates has stated they don’t like this company (though this was affiliate commissions related).

Comforthost.net – Number 10 and 11 of Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25


Comforthost.net – responsible citizen of the Internet?

The answer to that is no, they are not a responsible citizen.  For that matter they offer no guarantee.  Instead:

Important Notice: *All Payments To ComfortHost.NET Are Non-Refundable* ComfortHost.NET is a brand of Foroquimica SL.(“The Company”) who agrees to furnish services to the Customer, under ComfortHost.NET brand, subject to the following TOS (Terms of Service). Use of ComfortHost.NET Service constitutes acceptance and agreement to ComfortHost.NET’s AUP as well as ComfortHost.NET’s TOS (Terms of Service).

Spacenets.com – Number 12 of Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25


Spacenets.com – 30 days or less to top host

They claim to have been under hostm2.com, but decided to go with spacenets.com ( a domain they registered Oct, 24, 2010) for better name recognition.  Frankly I think hostm2.com is a better domain.  But the funny thing is hostm2.com does not appear on webhostingstuff.com.

If you choose to go with this company you should pay special attention to their terms of service:


Shared Web-Hosting Accounts: If you wish to cancel your services, you must write to sales or request a Cancellation from your clientarea.

If you cancel your account and your payments still continue for any reasons such as

1) by fault of Spacenets staff

2) by fault of the payment processor

3) by fault of any other payment collection company

we are not responsible for any overdraft fees that are issued by your financial institution.


Hosthttp.net – Number 13 of Webhostingstuff.com’s top 25


Hosthttp.net – Severing the online community since 2004 or 2011?

What can I say about this site other then I believe its a aged domain.  Honestly when I did this review I strayed from the point of actually looking at the site.  My disinterest into looking at this site stems from the fact that many sites I use to look at traffic history have nothing for this site.  It copies spacenets.com in many ways.  An over the top affiliate system like most of the hosts.  After that I ended up exploring the possibility that webhostingstuff.com is basing their traffic popularity of of Alexa.


Webhostingstuff.com’s Traffic Popularity versus Alexa traffic Rank

For a while now I thought that maybe the traffic “popularity score, was a rip off of Alexa.  So far it does not look to far from the truth.  Clearly traffic popularity still plays no part in if a host is in the top 25.

1. Hostgator.com – Alexa Rank: 239WHS traffic Popularity: 3 of 15,718
2. Arivxe.com Alexa Rank: 5,670 – WHS traffic Popularity: 73 of 15,718
3. Webhostingpad.com Alexa Rank: 5,816WHS traffic popularity: 74 of 15,718
4. Mochahost.com Alexa Rank: 11,494 – WHS traffic popularity: 112 of 15,718
5. Site5.comAlexa Rank: 4,544WHS traffic popularity: 64 of 15,718
6. Iweb .com – Alexa Rank: 5,976 – WHS traffic popularity: 75 of 15,718
7. Kvcwebsitehosting.com – Alexa Rank216,548WHS traffic popularity – 2,011 of 15,718
8. Omnis.com –  Alexa Rank40,686 – WHS traffic popularity – 323 of 15,718
9. Scalahosting.com –  Alexa Rank144,199 – WHS traffic popularity – 900 of 15,718
10 & 11. Comforthost.net – Alexa Rank: 402,328WHS traffic popularity: 2,249 of 15,718
12. Spacenets.com – Alexa Rank: 1,259,171 – WHS traffic popularity: 3,725 of 15,718
13. Hosthttp.netAlexa Rank: 1,004,442 – WHS traffic popularity: 4,207 of 15,718
14. Everity.com – Alexa Rank: 1,820,845 – WHS traffic popularity: 4,072 of 15,718
15. Condorhosting.com – Alexa Rank: 6,602,089 – WHS traffic popularity: 8,510 of 15,718
16. Wooservers.com – Alexa Rank: 65,669 – WHS traffic popularity: 497 of 15,718
17. Infinitie.net – Alexa Rank: 343,448 – WHS traffic popularity: 1,899of 15,718
18. Yaspe.com – Alexa Rank: 2,979,977 – WHS traffic popularity: 4,380 of 15,718
19. Gigapros.com – Alexa Rank: 102,929 – WHS traffic popularity: 640 of 15,718
20. Siteground.comAlexa Rank: 1,464WHS traffic Popularity: 18 of 15,718
21. Layersevenhosting.com – Alexa Rank: 1,810,951 – WHS traffic Popularity: 5,675 of 15,718
22. Phastnet.com – Alexa Rank: 2,984,426 – WHS traffic Popularity: 5,776 of 15,718
23. Ampheon.co.uk – Alexa Rank:–  2,984,426 – WHS traffic Popularity: 5,776 of 15,718
24. Avahost.net – Alexa Rank:–  76,918 – WHS traffic Popularity: 566 of 15,718
25. Bounceweb.com  – Alexa Rank:–  63,628– WHS traffic Popularity: 499 of 15,718

This month with my re-review of ioxhost.co.uk I have been told that I should go after bigger fish.  The reason I do not leave webhostingstuff.com alone is because they were a king maker, and now they are fish out of water gasping for breath.  I am not stopping till Webhostingstuff reforms or is out of business.