– responsible citizen of the Internet? is my Second host review of 4 hosts for February 2011’s top 25.  Considering many times my posts show how rushed for time I am.  In some cases bad spelling, or worse I make  grammatical errors.  Some times my mistake is doing these posts before my morning coffee.  I am not saying this post will be perfect.  But something seems off about this host and much of the text seems off.  The site seems to be missing something that I can’t quite figure out.  The design is so so.   But I have to ask, what amount of guarantee do you get with this site?  Its not on the main page, and its not on the product page where you would expect to see such details.  As always I suggest in no less then a 30 day guarantee.  If a host does not offer at least 30 days, then you should steer clear of that hosting company.

Clearly this is a host in need of someone to edit it.  There is a big difference between a blog like mine, and a business site.   Between a freeware chat program and a free theme  and paid theme and chat system.  I can’t help but think perhaps instead of spending money on “advertising” perhaps they should focus on improving their own site.

Strolling through their site, and skimming through knowlegdge base I some how come to the terms of service where I find the claim “Comforthost.NET is a responsible citizen of the Internet”.

Is Comforthost.NET a responsible citizen of the Internet?

I am not sure how any responsible host would pay for “advertising” with

As such, we feel it is important to ensure that our customers adhere to our policies to ensure that their respective business and surfing is completely legal and ethical.

Ethical is not doing business with any review site, just to make yourself look like a top host.

Oh but I said something was not right with


    Foroquimica S.L.
    ComfortHost.NET        ([email protected])
    Paratge Masos 9
    Tel. +34.972442539

Perhaps the location explains why the English is off, even though the site is hosted in the U.S.  The owner of  the site resides in Spain.

So what about that 30 day guanrantee / 100 % uptime with

Important Notice: *All Payments To ComfortHost.NET Are Non-Refundable* ComfortHost.NET is a brand of Foroquimica SL.(“The Company”) who agrees to furnish services to the Customer, under ComfortHost.NET brand, subject to the following TOS (Terms of Service). Use of ComfortHost.NET Service constitutes acceptance and agreement to ComfortHost.NET’s AUP as well as ComfortHost.NET’s TOS (Terms of Service).

A little chat with

There are several things that bothered me about this host.  No up front guarantees,  vague mentions of a money back guarantee – even though the terms of service state no refunds. A support ticket system that has no login to use.  Simply a “security code” to avoid spam.  I realize the chat system says tech support.  My techs could answer the questions that I ask in this  chat, but then again they did not have to scramble to find what I asked.

System 18:18:55

System is getting started. [Tue Feb 22 2011 18:18:55 GMT-0700]

A representative will be connected, please be patient.

David Khanu enters the chatroom.

David Khanu 18:19:15

Hello Benjamin, my name is David Khanu, how may I help you?

Benjamin 18:19:25

Hello David

David Khanu 18:19:35


Benjamin 18:19:44

I don’t see any where on your site where there is a guarantee, do you have one?

David Khanu 18:23:27

sure, we are providing gaurantee to our service

Benjamin 18:23:45

Where can I find the guarantee?

David Khanu 18:27:12

Could you please more precise with your request, Which type of guarantee that you desire ?

Benjamin 18:28:31

Well any kind that you offer
Examples uptime, money back, ect, ect

David Khanu 18:29:48

Please hold on
we offer a 100% upttme guarantee and 30 dyas of money back guarantee

Benjamin 18:33:07

and where do I find this on your site?
its not covered in your terms of service

David Khanu 18:36:04

Please have a look ib the following link

Benjamin 18:37:24

Is that all you have? Other hosts list the guarantee in their terms of service.
This is all I can find “All Payments To ComfortHost.NET Are Non-Refundable”

David Khanu 18:38:52

okay, Could you please submit a sales ticket with us. We will get back to you with more details

Benjamin 18:39:25

ok, have a good day.

David Khanu 18:39:56

same to you

If Comforthost were a responsible citizen of the internet, they would not be buying advertising from webhostingstuff.