– Severing the online community since 2004 or 2011? is my Forth and Last host review of 4 hosts for February 2011’s top 25.  This is pretty much a repeat of the last review.  In regards to a website that appears to have just come online.  So I guess I will follow the same formula.  The one big difference between these two hosts is this host’s domain was purchased back in 2004.   I think this is a aged domain, because it does not appear by any of the sources I check to see the traffic of a site that this site has been active until last month. only started keeping track of the uptime as of January 30, 2011.  Sure I mentioned this was not really a domain that I think was a wise choice.  Sometimes I think people choose a domain just because its short rather it has any meaning at all or not.  Several of the host I have reviewed fall in that category.

So what does have to say about

From the about page I get a few things.

1. There not quite aware of what SEO and search engine submission is.   One merely submits your site to search engines, but that does not guarantee traffic.  The other depends on several key factors about the site that make it liked by search engines.  Granted my SEO expertise is limited to the help I get from people I pay and the advice I have been getting.  But I know enough to know that they are using SEO merely to draw people in like myself that may not know better.

2. That phone number is not valid, I tried to call it myself and I got an invalid number.

3.  The rank of 4,207 out of 15,718 (it was 15,722 but it seems is in the middle of cleaning house) sites seems a strech, though I have to wonder if is basing traffic popularity off of Alexa Rank.  Remember the lower the number the better. Alexa Rank 5,816 WHS traffic popularity 74 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 402,328 WHS traffic popularity2,249 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 1,259,171WHS traffic popularity 3,725 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 1,004,442 WHS traffic popularity 4,207 of 15,718

Its pretty close.  Just in case you think that the popularity some how computes into validating this top 25 list you should see the first post I did that looked into webhostingstuff traffic popularity.

Also lets look at since they are on this top 25 list with Alexa Rank 1,464 WHS traffic Popularity: 18 of 15,718

Turns out that Siteground has a phenomenally lower rank then, for that matter is lower then

Just for kicks lets look at Hostgator Alexa Rank 239 WHS traffic Popularity: 3 of 15,718

And for more kicks how about two hosts that do not appear on the top 25 Alexa Rank 67 WHS traffic Popularity: 2 of 15,718 Alexa Rank 4 WHS traffic Popularity: 1 of 15,718

So far there is only two sites out of all of those I listed that do not tell me that is not basing their own traffic popularity off Alexa. uptime

By the time I found this host it had not even been online for a month.    For some reason none of my friends have been able to get me a screen shot of the uptime for, so I am going to just post what I can get from Google’s cache.  This site just started being monitored within days of me finding it on   That “advertising” really must pay off.

I have to ask how did Hosthttp end up on webhostingstuff top 25 (like I really need to ask)?