– Do they offer 24 / 7 support?

Cornhuskertech is my third host review of 8 hosts for October 2010’s top 25.  It feels a bit weird to do a post on a webhost that is a local host that also does computer repair.  Despite the fact that they have webhostingstuff graphic posted on the site.  A site I might add that is in need for improvements.  The design is outdated, and considering the amount of themes out there it does not take much to update a website to a more modern look.  After all how can you trust a host to be up-to-date with current technology if their webdesign is not up-to-date themselves.  After all a site is a representation of the company it represents.

Why CornhuskerTech?

Cornhuskertech: First, with Cornhusker Tech you are dealing with a local micro-business in Omaha, Nebraska. Buying hosting from Cornhusker Tech directly supports a local individual who in turn supports the local economy.

Yet Cornhuskertech has no problem paying a website that belongs to someone in Singapore for “advertising” to promote his site.

Cornhuskertech: Second, with Cornhusker Tech you are dealing with a local individual who knows who you are. The national hosting providers such as GoDaddy only know you as “number 9876543” when you contact technical support or place an order. With Cornhusker Tech, you are recognized as more than just a number.

What Cornhuskertech does not tell you is that both ThePlanet (I actually was several different numbers with them) and the host that they are really with do treat you like a number.  But I have to wonder by “individualdoes that mean only one person is performing the support?

Cornhuskertech: Third, with Cornhusker Tech your hosting fees go directly to a local business operation focused on providing quality service to clients. Unlike some of the others, none of the proceeds will be going to trying to outdo the previous year’s almost-too-racy-for-TV ad during the biggest football game of the year.

Considering part of the customer fees go towards the top 25 positioning on webhostingstuff, its not just supporting the local economy.  Also I have to ask is it better to be with a host that gets people to tattoo themselves as well as get them to change their name to the host name?  No I don’t mean ThePlanet.

So is Cornhuskertech with ThePlanet?

Cornhuskertech: Finally, you may be wondering if Cornhusker Tech really has the bandwidth and reliability to host your site. Cornhusker Tech is a sole-proprietorship, but I lease space in one of the country’s premier datacenters (The Planet). Neither Cornhusker Tech nor The Planet practice overselling, or the practice of setting up more accounts than the server has space or bandwidth to accommodate. So you know that whatever disk space and bandwidth you have paid for will be available to you. The Planet is connected to multiple major IP backbone networks, so is not some small operation dependent on one local ISP throughput. Rest assured that despite the small local operation here in eastern Nebraska, your data is safe in a world-class datacenter.

So is Cornhuskertech with ThePlanet? Yes and no.  This site is not a direct customer of ThePlanet.  Instead they are actually a reseller for HostGator, a direct customer of ThePlanet.   Not the first time I have found a host that was with HostGator (  Hostgator has no problem with overselling, for that matter they celbrate it. Frankly most of the complaints that I have seen from Hostgator seem to be a result of having too many accounts on a server.   Granted I have never used any of ThePlanets shared environments as all the servers I had with them were for my sole use, so I have no idea if they over crowd servers.

As you can see with the above graphic the  cornhuskertech domain is registered with Hostgator, and the dns is with which is the dns that hostgator gives customers.   However I can see that cornhuskertech actually has their own private dns, which I am not sure why they are not using.

Does Cornhuskertech offer 24 / 7 support?

That I can not tell,  for that matter I suspect not because of this page which seems the only way to obtain support:

Cornhuskertech: Email is the preferred means of communication. Calls will probably go to voicemail but all legitimate calls will be returned quickly. If you do not reach me by phone, please leave a message so I know who to call and what the call is regarding.

I can understand why people would not want to be considered a number.  I can also understand ranting against godaddy (even though their Football tv ads are a real form of advertising, and using webhostingstuff is not)  But I also know that when it comes to webhosting the ability to get 24 / 7 “+” 365  support is vital.  No visible customer login area is also something that bothers me. I can not find anything in regards to when you can get support.

Finale thoughts: Cornhuskertech has a beef with

So computer repair is part of your bread and butter,   it can’t be comforting when software that fixes registration issues puts out a TV commercials offering a cheap fix.  Perhaps he is correct in that manufactured the evidence, but it is a commercial.   What I don’t find is that there was any actually trying to see if the software works. Complaints about his customers that used it only to make it harder to fix the pc’s he gets in.  But between his rants about Godaddies and commercials I have to believe he has a problem with companies that advertise that he is in competition with.  Granted I have no idea if works, I use Uniblue to fix my registry issues.  But there has to be a better way for Cornhuskertech to bring in computer income then to go after a commercial.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m the sole proprietor of Cornhusker Tech. Need to set a few things straight as far as who I am and what I do, and who the service is for.

    Computer repair is first-and-foremost my primary service but the web hosting is something I offer “on the side” as an added service. It’s geared to other sole proprietorships and small businesses, mainly in the Omaha/Lincoln area, and nearly all my clients fit into this category.

    Yes, my hosting service is actually re-sold service from The Planet, and yes, it is on the same servers as HostGator’s operation. It allows me to offer service at a much lower price due to far less overhead. It also allows me to provide one-on-one support to my local clients, while also being backed by the folks at The Planet for actual administration tasks. Cornhusker Tech is not owned by The Planet or HostGator, however. I am the founder and sole proprietor, and I chose The Planet as a service provider. Not the other way around.

    As to 24/7 support? My target market is not normally in need of 24/7 support, but in the event an emergency arises, yes, I will get up and pick up the phone at 3 AM and deal with it. That’s part of serving my clients.

    Yes, I pay for advertising at, and in turn use their uptime monitoring service (thus the graphics on the home page). And yes, as a computer repairperson, I take issue with some of the purported online optimization tools, because I have had to clean up computers that were otherwise in good shape but were loaded with spyware and crapware due to online tools like FinallyFast. I don’t have a beef, per se, with competitors. GoDaddy, for example, and I are nowhere near on equal footing. My point is that “Tom Small Business Owner” in Omaha ought to consider going with me, rather than just going with a national firm because he knows their name off the top of his head from a Super Bowl commercial, because I will take the time to get to know him and his business and work for him. GoDaddy won’t. The Planet or HostGator won’t either if he bought direct from them. I will. That’s all I’m trying to communicate there.

    Now as to the phone information, I am working on some changes there. Same goes for the page layout, though frankly, it’s not that big of a deal to me as it gets the job done and I prefer it to splashy Flash layouts. Customer login was just added this week.

    If you have any additional comments and concerns, please feel free to send me a direct email.

  2. Hello Joel,

    Any future comments or concerns will be addressed here.

    In short, you are not a customer of theplanet. You are a customer of Hostgator which is guilty of the same things that godaddy is guilty for. To be a customer of theplanet you would have to pay them, as it stands theplanet would not give you the time of day without a customer login. I am a customer of theplanet. So do not try to tell me that your hosting service is“re-sold service from The Planet”. I doubt that you understand the relationship between hostgator and theplanet otherwise you would not becalling it resold services.

    Its my own opinion that you did not mention hostgator because you did not want your customers to bypass you for them. Its also my opinion that a customer can by pass you and go straight to Hostgator for better service at their convenience, not to mention receive more for their buck. Besides why should anyone bother with someone that offers hosting “on the side” when they can go with a company that treats hosting as their main focus? Or why deal with a reseller of resold goods? After all if there is a problem your customers have to call you, and you have to call hostgator, and hostgator has to call theplanet. It pains me to say anything in favor of hostgator,considering how much of a problem I have with them. But they may be better solution then cornhusker..

    My issue with your company is the whole focus on ‘local economy’. Yet the hypocrisy is you buy services from Hostgator that you claim is theplanet both are Texas companies, and “National Firm”s. Your “so called” advertising source is from Singapore. These are not companies that are in Eastern Nebraska.

    By being on webhostingstuff you are not keeping your hosting focus on your local community, but trying to claim you are one of 25 top hosts in the world. The whole reason you got my attention is because you appeared on that list and I am in the progress of exposing webhostingstuff for not being the best source for finding a host. There are tons of online site monitors out there, and for that matter you did not have to pay to use webhostingstuff’s uptime monitor.

    Webhostingstuff has no problem ruining local and small hosting operations. For that matter they helped many companies that choose to no longer use them to get where they are today. So far Hostgator is the only one stupid enough to not get off the list. Which is why Michael Low was so desperate to allow you to appear in the top 25.

    Your response has only backed me up on my claims about webhostingstuff not being a source to find a webhosting solution. It also tells the fine people of Eastern Nebraska that if they want to spend money on the local economy that you are not the one to spend it with.

    Also why is uptime important if your target market is not those that need hosting 24 / 7? The point of having a website is have a presence that is available 24 / 7. Design may not be important to you and what you have “gets the job done”. But its a good indicator of your skills and how up to date you are.



  3. Hi Benjamin,

    Ultimately it appears that Web Hosting Stuff is who you have the issue with. That’s fine. I just chose to advertise with them, and I may not renew with them. But if I choose to advertise outside my local area, it shouldn’t call my local commitment into question. For example, when I advertise in the local phone book, that phone book isn’t really based out of Omaha either. So I don’t see how you can fault me for advertising there just because they aren’t local, even though my focus is local. Web Hosting Stuff is but one of my advertising sources. Were they the only place I advertised, it might be another story.

    But basically, what I am coming back to is this: you have a bone to pick with Web Hosting Stuff, and as a result you have an issue against anyone who advertises with them. That’s fine, and you probably have good reason to do so. I would appreciate knowing why, so I can factor that into my decision when it comes time to renew my advertising. If you can point me to some more specific information on why I should not be advertising with Web Hosting Stuff, by all means, I will look at it and consider it, and I am not committed to renewing my advertising there. If they are demonstrated as being unethical, then I do not want the association.

    And as to the HostGator reselling aspect. Simply put, I need to be clearer and more up-front about that, and will take the constructive criticism positively and make some changes. But I believe my local product still has a place because there are a number of people who do not want to administer their own accounts themselves. Not everyone who needs hosting is going to feel comfortable buying it, setting it up, administering it, and so on. I have many clients who have not once even used their cpanel accounts. I do everything in there for them. I see my market as being those who want a web presence but do not want to take it on themselves. My products and packages are designed for them, and there are a lot of people out there like that. Are self-described “computer geeks” going to buy my packages when they could buy direct? No and I don’t intend them to. I offer a wide range of services so they could, but I understand that direct is “better” for their needs. That’s fair enough, but what I do offer meets the needs of its target market.

    Thanks. This actually will help me refine some things on my page to better define services for the target market. I do want to set the record straight that I am not out there to scam anyone, nor do I intend to appear to be doing anything shady. If my perceived association with Web Hosting Stuff seems to be such, or the previously-unclear description of the reseller hosting setup I use, then that is my fault, but it is not the intent. Appreciate this opportunity to clear the air.

  4. Hello Joel,

    Do you seriously think that you are in the same ranks as hostgator? Surely godaddy is a higher rank then you are but they are not on that top 25 list. Regardless that is what webhostingstuff is claiming.

    Have you looked at the other hosts that are in that top 25 spot you are in? is not even an active hosting company, yet webhostingstuff has no problem sending people to cPanel waiting page that offers no hosting plans. Then there is another host that was on that list that was using their wild west domains account to sell hosting products, problem was he was keeping the sites in his name. Another host was so stupid as to fake a review on only to have the site linked to review found in their bbb record. Then there was another host that went after a customer and used their religion against them. Another company that had several sites in the top 25 that has left the list actually owns several hosting companies and buys them up called Endurance International Group, the buyouts tend to be a night mare for the customers that are forced into the new system.

    The list goes on…….

    By allowing yourself on this list you considering yourself no better then them. If that is not enough reason to stop using them you can click on the category webhostingstuff to see every post that links to them. I even made a video because of them which you can see on every page of the blog.

    If you want to start experiencing issues with whs, I suggest contacting them to remove you from their service and see what happens. Most of the companies that have contacted me to remove my posts have reported to me that whs does not return a response to their emails and blocks them. This is how they deal with negative feed back.

    Its my impression you are new to the hosting industry. There is a lot that you need to learn, the first of which is webhosting is not a secondary offering. It does not matter what kind of hosting someone purchases. You may be offering service to someone that runs a 9 – 5 / Monday – Friday operation. But the people that might find their business at 3 am on a Saturday night. What may be a secondary offering to you, may be to your customers opportunities that can not be found locally. Take it from someone who has 11 years of experience in the industry and ran 4 hosting companies offering hosting to the world at large. I did that personal feel you talk about. Despite having tens of thousands of customers I could give you a lot of details about any customer I dealt with. I have provided hosting from that small personal website all the way up to corporate webhosting. Frankly my favorite customers were not always the ones that paid the most, but those that stayed the longest.

    Second being the little guy does not mean you should try to pick a fight with a operation like godaddy, especially when you are using a host that is no better then them as a reseller. You also went after registry cleaning program without any proof it does not work. My suggestion is to change the article and add proof. Not to mention youtube is a great way to bring in traffic to your site.

    Third the whole argument about the local economy falls apart, when you use outside resources. After all why should anyone pay you to be the middle man for resources from companies that are not local? Not to mention you tell people that are not from your community that they are foreign / unwelcome. Bigotry equals less money.

    Fourth, ditch the hostgator account. You can claim they are the best, but they pay $50 – $125 per referral. You can complain about the commercials that Godaddy puts out, but hostgator is not that much better when they are putting high percentage of hosting fees in affiliate commissions versus actual service. Paying people to tattoo their logo on them and actually change their name to (you can find posts on their blog). You complained about Godaddy overselling, Well hostgator has no problem telling the world that they think overselling is a good thing. 

    You can’t tell me they are not overselling on the server you are on.

    This is only an assumption. But looking at your order form and it does not appear that you take credit cards has me wondering if you are registering your customers domains in your name. I suggest getting a good merchant If that is the case. I also strongly discourage putting customers domains in your name as it can cause problems later on. I have had to deal with this kind of problem too many times in the past, and that was because of my resellers not myself. I can only imagine how much of a issue this can be when the domains are in your name.



  5. Thanks for the reply.

    Well, I did some investigating with WHS this evening, and have made the decision to fully sever that connection as of now. I discovered that all it took to move up the rankings there was to pay them more. That is shady, and now that I have that knowledge, I am not going to have anything to do with it. (Though the same could be said about Google Adwords in one sense…) They have also made it clear that I will not be receiving any part of my account balance back. Their banners were removed from my site as of this evening and the link to my site should be gone from their directory as well. So thanks for the exposé of them as I’d been advertising there for the leads without a lot of consideration of the actual practices.

    Also, appreciate the feedback on the articles. I do intend to make some changes soon as part of a new marketing push and this will be taken into account. A couple things have already been modified such as the local argument, put into better context. That particular local argument is unfortunately overused here in the Midwest, and I do see your point.

    One thing to clear up though is that I am not in the Hostgator affiliate/referral program. The reseller program is different in that I do manage everything through WHM with the WHMCS client interface. To the client, they never appear to work directly with Hostgator at all. I have private nameservers, and everything in Cpanel and WHMCS is fully under my branding. I am not simply relaying people to Hostgator accounts. There’s no commission or any other reason for me to actually promote Hostgator aside from the open disclosure that they are my service provider. Also, the reseller accounts are disk and bandwidth-capped, unlike the “unlimited” overselling they are doing with their direct customers.

    I do have a domain registration and payment gateway so do not register clients domains in my name except when expressly asked to (rare). The upcoming revisions and upgrades will be promoting this service further. Also, I do take credit cards through PayPal Merchant Services. At this point they are the only card processor I work with for hosting.

    Again, appreciate the feedback, also on the “personal” aspects — improving service is a goal and I will look into ways that off-hours support can be expanded. Hosting has been part of my business for about two years but you are correct on being “newer” to it than most; also, I have only looked to strongly promote it this year.

    This particular article might have originally been an exposé on what looked to be some unethical things on my part, but with that info, it is my full intent to avoid that appearance and make changes accordingly.

  6. Hello Joel,

    I was not saying that you were an affiliate of hostgator, mainly because I have no proof or opinion in regards to that. From the information I have you appear to be a reseller for hostgator, in that you sell space that you get from them and offer support to your own customers. I had alot of customers that did that some of which also did computer repair also. I simply brought up their affiliate program because of godaddy’s foot ball commercials. Both take huge sums of money away from customer service.

    You would not by chance have the emails that webhostingstuff sent you? If you would be willing to let me have a copy I can send you an email to send them to.

    I am glad to hear that you are going to make changes, just because someone does not put your site in the best light it does not mean you can not take advantage of the criticism. I just wish the last host that decided to spam me would not promise to spam no more.



  7. Waiting for a response from webhostingstuff. At this point the info I have is from their FAQ and account pages where they say unused funds payed to them will not be refunded. When removing my listing and ads, under the funds balance remaining it said the terms are it is not subject to a refund.

  8. Hello Joel,

    Sorry for a late response, I sent you an email with an opportunity to be the first for a re-review of your site.



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