Banahosting – thinks they can control you

Banahosting is my last host of  7 of September 2010 list..  I seem to be on a roll with hosts that do not feel they need to have their terms of service link at the bottom of their site.  Though this host actually does have a link for the terms of service called “Terms and Conditions”.  But this site is a bit diffrent, even though they don’t have a link in the usual location.  The link where you might find the terms of service on the bottom of their page they have “Using this site means you accept its terms”,  Next to a privacy statement.   I may be no expert on legal mumble jumble but I do believe you would have to have the opportunity to actually read the terms of service before you can accept the tos.

This text on banahosting is not linked to the terms of service

Its my opinion that very text is unprofessional.  By being on a site does not bind one to the terms of service.  Nor the use of the site, it would be the use of services that binds you to terms of service which you generally agree to when you sign up for service.

Chances are you are here because you wanted to find out more about banahosting, and not to see what new post I might have put up, maybe you have a complaint against banahosting.  Rest assured I am not going to hold you to any terms.

So what else can I find wrong with banahosting?

To be honest there is not much to go by.  The terms of service seem a bit weak, but otherwise I can find no problems.  I am sure things such as $20 to get a dedicated server turned back on might be a gripe.  Fee outside of the hosting fees as non-refundable also not something I see as an issue.

The only thing that irks me about is the assumption that you agree to their terms just by using their site.

Granted there is not a lot out there on this host that was formed back in February 2007.   This may be a host that I revisit at a later date.  Perhaps due to feed back I may get on this post.  I have to wonder why banahosting choose to get on webhostingstuff’s top 25.

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  1. I have recently signed up with…

    I will say the support is fast but, that is about all the good I can say!

    Everything is is plain screwy.

    They have there own control panel GUI for Cpanel and I’m pretty sure that’s where lies most of the problems.

    Forget about trying to do anything in the Cpanel.

    Forget about adding a sub-domain and seeing it up anytime quickly.

    You’ll get a story about the domain hasn’t propagated even you you pointed it 4 days earlier.

    Funny thing, I pointed a domain a couple days earlier, then went and did an ADDON domain, BOOM, the site was in play showing my temp page I use, then I went in about 5 mins later and threw me into the CGI.

    That’s a little of what I have seen.

    Glad I signed on the discount trial, just playing around in there now to see what else is wrong and what excuses support comes up with. 😉

    Steer clear of this company would be my advice.

    I feel for the newbies that would not know any different running into a company such as this…

    The famous, It must be something you are not doing right canned responses that some of the hosting providers state.

    I suggest as always, do your homework, if your interested in a hosting company, try to get the intro/trial price etc.

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