Awardspace, what is so rewarding?

Awardspace is my second host out of  7 of September 2010 list.  This is the second host to have a free hosting plan.  However unlike the last host I reviewed there is a very limited 200 meg account.  Not really something you can get a basic word press blog on.  But there are still things that trouble me such as their own forums.  That there site appeared on  Repeated hack attempts against their own forum which resulted in down time.  I supposed from one angle you could say that its a level of transparency that most hosts simply do not do.

Its not all bad, atleast awardspace does not tolerate hate speech

One of the first things I did was search on google for awardspace sucks.  The second result was troubling, and was pure hatred of Africa.

Below is the least offensive page from this subdomain site.  The rest of the pages were enough for me to wish sites creator a long and painful fate.

However a chat with a Awardspace sales person had the site removed immedatly

Andrew: Hello

Andrew: There are no additional charges

Andrew: The free plan comes for no price

Benjamin: ok, one thing I need to know.

Benjamin: While looking up your site I found something disturbing and I want to know if this is allowed content.


Andrew: Well, this ain’t acceptable

Andrew: The site is closed down

Benjamin: I found it while on the first page of search engine results on google it appears to have been up for 2 years

Andrew: Thank you for notifying us about that

Andrew: We really do not tolerate such sites

Benjamin: thats good

Benjamin: is there any other pages with details on the free account? I just want something to start out with an upgrade later

Andrew: Basically here are all the free plan characteristics:

Benjamin: ok thanks I will review


Andrew of awardspace had immediately removed this garbage off.  For that I a commend Awardspace.  But I have to question their judgement because this was on the very first page of ‘awardspace sucks’.  It appears to have been up for 2 years.  This is one of the reasons I did not want to offer people subdomains off my hosting companies because of the bad press that they may bring.

If it was someone that was my customer I would have made sure to refund every penny they paid.  I would not want to profit off a person that does such crap.  Not to mention against my business partners wishes, called the bastard up and give them a piece of my mind.  I really do not like this level of intolerance, and pure stupid hatred.

Is Awardspace a green host?

I have no idea, they point to a European energy company, whose site is in German.  Other then that there is nothing else to indicate hey are green.

Stadtwerke Kiel AG

I know that Europe is ahead of the U.S. in green.   But that does not mean this is not a energy company that buys energy credits.

Finale thoughts on Awardspace

The biggest positive is that they deleted the Africa sucks site.  But there are things such as 50% affiliate commission.  Then there is their refund policy thats not clear and straight forward.  It reads pretty much like if you have to have ‘x’ to have ‘y’ in order to have ‘z’.  It only applies to 1 – 5 year terms.

I have a problem with 5 year payment plans.  Time changes, and thats one month out of 60 to see if you will commit to a plan. If after 31 days you don’t like the plan then your stuck or out more money.

Then there is the troubling fact that they are in the 9th position of’s top 25.   But in the end I think that Awardspace being in the 9th position spells trouble for webhostinstuff.

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  1. I use awardspace and I can say that they are great. I never had any problems with them. The service is fine and the customer support if very friendly. I really do not know why they are listed in this site. As you can see in the review above they were willing to help and have removed the hater site. I do like them and I will continue to support them!

  2. Hello Manuel,

    On the bright side they are no longer in the top 25 last I seen.

    I would never have added them to my list to review if I had not found them on webhostingstuff’s top 25 list. If you have read any of my other reviews you will know I usually can dig up alot of the problems. The other issues are negligible. All hosts end up having some major issue they need to work out.



  3. I was using Awardspace for 6 months and although they had some issues, I didn’t care too much because my website isn’t critical. It would be lucky to get 30 visitors a month so no problem when they were down.
    Imagine my surprise, when I was given a notice advising my webpage was Suspended because of Over Use.
    It “Apparently” had used it’s Monthly Quota of 5Gig.(2 days into it)
    WOW is it possible my website had gone viral and everyone in the world wanted to see it? I doubt it :p
    I quickly got onto my Stat Counter to see the stats of the site. Disappointing, only 8 Page Views in the month of May.
    I then checked Awardspace Traffic Usage system and it also reported 40Mb of data had been used over the 2 days of May.
    The real fun starts when I contacted support.
    Sent tickets with screen shots and clear explanations of why it’s not possible for my site to have used up the month quota.
    Screen shots included my Stat Counter showing 8 Page Views.
    Another Screen shot of their Traffic Monitoring system showing only 40MB of data used in the 2 days of May. Not 5Gigs.
    The explanations were simple. I even did some maths for them.
    Awardspace support reply with Copy and Past replies. Nothing indicating what could be the problem, such as account misconfiguration, or monthly data wasn’t reset. Only Childish answers.
    At time of writing they were having a special, a years hosing for a cheep amount. Unlimited Space and Unlimited Traffic. But when I read the fine print I noticed some discrepancies. So there’s no way I would purchase this hosting package.

    I have now moved to another host by simply rerouting my DNS. Never let a hosting company handle your domain names. If such and issue arises you won’t have control of your domain names. It’ll be messy to get back ownership and redirect your domain names. Use a DNS service. In this case the Data of the Webpage was Stuck on Awardspace but I simply uploaded my data from the backup to the new host.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my experiences.

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