– Fun and Games by Email found its way to my blog because they choose to spam my personal email account back in November 2010. Not because spammed once, but several times through 2010. I was in the middle of writers block when another email came in from was the encouragement for starting posts on companies that spam.

I was emailed by someone claiming to be Antony John with telling me I should have used the unsubscribe link. They asked me to remove my posts about, and to give my email account, so they could remove me from their list. I made it clear that I would not give my email account as I never gave it to them to begin with. Hence why I labeled manashosting a spammer.

After which the email spam stopped from

By October 2011 it seemed decided to do something that they had done on many other sites to my site and that was to post fake positive feedback. They tried to use a post on a post to get people to go to Frankly I thought It was distasteful to use a negative post I made on a host to try and advertise For which I made another post about choose the wrong person to spam

I have a lot of reasons to hate spam. Being a former hosting provider being the ultimate reason for hating spam. I can’t even begin to speculate the countless hours of money and man hours lost in dealing with spam. The more domains that were put on our servers, the more spam that the servers were forced to endure. On top things like spam assassin ran making it to where we had to put less clients on a server. Then there is all the legitimate email that I lost because of measures to avoid spam.  Some cases this would cost me clients. Then there was the occasional asshole that thought they could use our servers to spam. Sometimes my servers were held hostage by the likes of spamcop to pay what very well may be deemed as black mail to white lists IPs. Don’t get me started on Comcast whose own spam policies costs me hours of man hours to fix. They had adapted a stupid practice of using abandoned email accounts to catch supposed spammers. That is only a small taste of why I cannot stand spammers and I could write novels of what can only amount to a burning rage. But this is about one company that will use illegitimate means to get customers,

An email exchange with

I had to meant to post the email exchange between me and Manashosting back in December 2011. But as I stated super busy with issues such as the loss of a family member, work, and well the holidays.

This email came in again from someone claiming to be Anthony John on December 7, 2001.  The Subject was “ACTION REQUIRED
Am writing on behalf of, on your website there have been several occasion of abuse of service by posting unreliable and false statement about our company which is hampering our business to a greater extent and also its affecting our branding. We from the company have brought this to your notice several times and no action has been taken yet with this regards. Now that there has been a new rule implemented by the Indian government to protect company’s interests and individual interests we request you to remove these folly reviews from your site at the earliest. The rule that is governing is called as Information Technology Act (ITA). If you are unable to remove the folly reviews we recommend that you remove our company from your website completely. All the keywords that are added with our name Manashosting and or Manashosting needs to be removed from your website.

Thanks and regards,

Antony John
Branding Manager
Bangalore, India

I only received one email from, from this guy claiming to be Anthony John. This time around I have no idea why he has my email, as I never sent a reply back to him through the Gmail account. I simply posted his email to the first post, and allowed the blog to email him with a email from the system.

Here is my response to


Your company spammed me, hence why I did an article on your company.  Had you not spammed me you would not have found yourself on my site.

As for I where I lied, point out where and I will see if there is an actually correction needed. Otherwise instead of issuing threats you do not understand, I would suggest in your next email you ask me how you can work to resolve this and change your company to a viable option. By that I do not mean a bribe, but following business practices I lay out.  If you do not want to see any more articles stop spamming me and every one else.

I have done reviews on far bigger companies then you, and they are willing to work with me.

Also Anthony, don’t lie your company only contacted me once, as I published your companies last email.


Benjamin’s response:

Hi Benjamin,

Its nice of you to respond with your grievances and we do apologies if we had spammed you earlier, but what we would like to tell you is that due to this review on your site we are losing business to an extent, and more over we had never approached you on this, now since there is a law that is in place in our country where we can approach the site owners and let them know about the hindrance caused to us and we would like to settle the matter in a more amicable manner rather than seeking the justice through law Information technology act (ITA)

We do also understand that there might have been a mistake from our side by spamming you. At the same time we would like you also to consider the amount of work that is done from our side to bring our company’s branding and there by would like you to take us of your website.

I hope that you would surely consider this request.


Antony John
Manager Branding

I did try to dig into their laws, but frankly I doubt even understands the link they sent me. It’s a pdf file so not exactly easy to search for the exact law they are trying to point to. I could care less about there lose if Manahosting is going to fake their reviews and spam. But in short I get the last word with


You spammed a U.S. citizen.  I am not a citizen of your country.  Therefore your law does not apply to me. Spamming is illegal in my country. Which means any severs that you have in my country must comply with U.S. law, not India law.  Never mind my first amendment rights.

But if you want to go after people that have negative things to say about your site, how about

I also know your spam commenting like you did on my blog my biggest case in point is:

If you care to debate it I can make it a point to have that company review the positives.  You have a trend of creating positives (and you’re not good at faking it) every time there are negative comments.

Trying to point me to a law that does not affect me, is not going to help you.  Point to me where you thought there was an actual lie.  I suggest you read each of my posts on your site word for word.  But I know I am not the first to complain about your spam.

Also there is no question about if you spammed me, you did spam me.  I never gave your company  my email nor would I ever give your company my email address.  Which makes the emails your company sent to my private yahoo account spam.  There is no might of about it.  I will not accept a half assed apology.  Simply put I should never have received any of your companies emails.

As for never approaching me on this your full of crap.  I have your previous email from “11/14/10”.

[email protected]


It looks like we have sent emails to your personal mail id. This could
have been amicably settled because we also give links for DND which we
update on a regular basis. We request you to mail your email id so
that in near future you would not receive any emails from us. And we
also request you to take the content off your site.

I hope that you would surely do the same.

Antony John

Sent from (ip address): (

Then there is your email from earlierWe from the company have brought this to your notice several times and no action has been taken yet with this regards.

So yes you have approached me on this.

I have dealt with another host from your country on the same issues., of course they did not try to pull some law on me, they tried to bribe me.  Which did not work out so well from them either.

Read the blog and actually correct everything I pointed out.  Doing so means I will work with you and update the posts.  The posts will not be removed.

Either way you spam my email, blogs, YouTube account or whatever else I will write up another post.  So before you spam anyone, think twice as I have over 30 email accounts with various sites, 26 blogs, and 5 YouTube accounts.

Once again there was no might have been about the spam.



P.S. Spam pisses me off to no end can choose to respond to this post, or learn from their mistakes to avoid having to suffer further consequences.

I hope I do not have to give Manashosting any more lessons in ethics.

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  1. I had an account with manashosting may years ago and went through hell trying to get any kind of technical support. Server was very slow, site crashed all the time. When I finally decided to move, they were of no help at all. Beware, they are a bunch of greedy hosting providers providing a crappy service

  2. Manashosting is the worst hosting company I have Evered used. They took three weeks to host a website. I tried to contact them through their chat service but they discounted the chat without any proper response. Once I was unable to login to my email id and I again I tried to contact them but same thing happen idiots sitting there discontented the chat without giving any answer. You are absolutely right Manas hosting is the WORST company. Now I am goiging to change the hosting company.

  3. I bought java hosting package from Manashosting. Needless to say it was the worst mistake of my life. It took them 2 days to verify that i have made a payment – let me clarify that i paid via bank that was already listed in their payment gateway. Then they dropped the mother of all bombs on me. They did not provide me with the connection url of mysql. They said its not required. Their technical team had no ideas as to what a port number of mysql means. I immediately asked for a refund and then they asked me to raise n-number of tickets which were meaningless. Finally i got a call from their technical team head – Ajay. That smart assed guy asked me to show my irritation to my friends and not to them. I verbatim quote my reply to him: “Awww..did i hurt your tiny emotions. dont start crying now. u can go to ur mommy today and tell her that ur ass got whooped today by me.” – this was the most satisfying experience of all that i had with them. Its been 5 more days now and i am still waiting for refund. I know they will not refund but then they picked up the wrong person to have a legal fight with when my company owns a whole battery of lawyers who are dying to have a field day with these people.

    In a nutshell – NEVER GO FOR MANAS HOSTING.

  4. Cheap tricks from manas hosting

    I took 3 years hosting package from manas hosting, this is the mail sent to me after 1 year is completed.

    Is this a chep trick from to make the customer pay additional money??

    Manas hosting cheap tricks to get money from consumers.

    No one on that number is responding and when i contact the manas hosting customer care, they ask me to contact the number mentioned in the mail( funny)

    The mail came from a gmail id and not the official id( may be any sales person in manas hosting team may be trying to increase his sales by misusing the data and misleading the customers)

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: ManasHosting
    Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 8:41 AM
    Subject: Shared hosting package misuse
    To: ———

    Dear customer,

    We would like to hereby inform you that the research team has found you reselling shared hosting package which is a terminable offense as per the company’s Term of Use and hence we would be forced to delete / suspend your account permanently .

    Your last date of upgrading your shared hosting package to reseller hosting package will be before 11 am 27th of August 2012 failing which your account would be deleted/ suspended permanently. Call your Accounts Manager on 07411010172 to upgrade your account immediately.

    As per the Term of Use, which you had agreed before placing the order, it is clearly mentioned that company will not be responsible for any sort of miscommunications or misinterpretations derived by you while purchasing the package and have insisted the customers to go by the details provided on the package page and other related pages on the website.

    In Package page it was clearly mention that:

    *Condition: Unnecessary audio, video, software and other large size file uploading in our server is not allowed, you can choose our alternative Offer vps plan, No Free domain registration with above package and all the hosting domains should belong to the same customer and No reselling. Mass Mailing and spamming is not allowed.

    Difference between shared hosting and Reseller hosting:

    Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The reseller purchases the host’s services wholesale and then sells them to customers, possibly for a profit.

    The reseller provides technical support to his/her customers and does the billing from their (resellers) end.

    Reseller gets a Reseller control panel where they can create multi account login control panels and provide individual FTP for individual customers with out doing any sharing.

    Reseller may sell the packages created by them to their customers and provide after sales service to their customers.

    Shared hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner uses the service and resources provided by the company and does not have the ability to allot their space, bandwidth or any other resources to other third parties.

    Shared hosting customers are provided with a single control panel and single FTP

    Shared hosting customer gets the support from the company after purchasing the package.

    Call your Accounts Manager on 07411010172 to upgrade your account immediately.

    Thanks & regards,
    24518 Harper Avenue
    Saint Clair Shores Michigan 48080

    P.S. This is an advertisement and a promotional mail strictly on the guidelines of CAN-SPAM act of 2003. We have clearly mentioned the source mail-id of this mail, also clearly mentioned the subject lines and they are in no way misleading in any form. We have found your mail address through our own efforts on the web search and not through any illegal way. If you find this mail unsolicited, please reply with “Remove” in the subject line and we will take care that you do not receive any further promotional mail.

  5. I registered a site with for 5 years, and after that every weekends they started spamming with mails including my calls, It was so irritating that they asked they will shut down my website also , Its been just two years, for the mistake I did, I have not renewed the domain name , I just deleted the content, I did that because ,on march 2nd week i called them telling there the websites are infested with Mal-wares, they told me for the price I pay that is what I get, I CALLED up technical desk telling about in numerous number of issues, CURL doesnt get executed on their servers most of the time. No one ever turned up for help . I just decided that I have to give up , cant be shitty with this guys , You dont believe once I did not pick call , The person abused with ALL bad words including usage of f$%#, the number from which I received the call is 9379772682 , The series of numbers starting from that is ALL manashostings . If I had opportunity I could publish the abusing SMS they sent me too..

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