w3centric.com – More Michael Low ventures

I found w3centric when I was looking over my search engine results.  I was not sure why someone would find my site using that term until I did a search of my own on what w3centric was.  It brought me straight to the domain w3centric.com.  It show cased less then a dozen sites all belonging to one Michael Low.  It does not appear that like webhostingstuff.com and hostaz.com, that this site or the others I have not seen before are blocking me.  I come to suspect that webhostingstuff and hostaz are on a single server.  These other ventures are not on that server as I clearly see them. Hostaz and webhostingstuff are clearly show cased on the front page.  But what I find intresting is that two words are not found any where on this site, “unbiased reviews”.  Instead its:

About W3Centric

The Company W3Centric Network is a privately owned web development company. We own a number of popular web sites catering to a large web audience.

Each month we serve millions of unique visitors from around the globe. Over 100 million ad impressions are served through our network of web properties every month.

W3Centric is profitable, enjoys excellent revenue growth and market reach worldwide. Our web audience and ad clients are primarily from North America and Europe.

Is this where Michael Low tells the truth, that webhostingstuff and hostaz are nothing more then profit ventures? That the true function is no about ranking, but rankings per pay?  I don’t see any ads on these sites.  Granted webhostingstuff is paid positioning and hostaz is nothing more then an elaborate review site designed to look like a consumer reports for those looking for hosting. So lets see if I can give him a reason to be paranoid and block people every where for no reason at all on these sites.

w3centric.com – 4printerinkcartridges.com

This is the first ‘web property’.  First of all on the ink cartridges that are show cased on the main page can be obtain cheaper or near the same cost at Amazon.com.  Keep in mind you only have to spend $25 to get free shipping (unless you have Amazon Prime), where as with this site you need to spend $50 to get free shipping. My own thoughts: The first thing that bothers me is there is not clear contact page.  Only a list of products to buy.   This is a outdated design, most of graphics are not loading.  perhaps thats because they are loading from the whs / hostaz server? But then again perhaps you can bypass Michael Low for the company he is an affilate with http://www.myinks.com

w3centric.com -4discountcontactlenses.net

The second ‘web property’.  I am not expert on contact lenses, but like the last site there is not a very clear contact link. So if there is something wrong with your order.  But perhaps it would be best to just avoid this Micahel Low and go straight to the company he is an affilate with 1800contacts.com.

w3centric.com -hostrated.com

The third ‘web property’ and the third review site.   I wish that there was enough to go on here to write a review about this hosting review site, but there is not.  Clearly this site is dedicated to any host that has an affilate program.  The first 6 sites belong to Endurance International Group.  All of which have large payouts per sign up.  Clearly there is nothing to indicate why these hosts are in the 1 – 15 spots.

w3centric.com – 4discountshoes.com

The 4th site is starting to reveal a pattern in Michael Low’s business practices, because this site is nothing more then an affiliate for shoebuy.com.

w3centric.com – 4orientalrugs.net

The 5th site no surprise, an affiliate of rugman.ca.

w3centric.com – 4homefitnessequipment.com

The 6th site is an affilate of bigfitness.com.  I have to say this site is the worst design of them all.  No wonders on the main site they have a picture of coming soon.

W3centric.com – 4gemstonejewelry.com

The 7th site has no affiliate, because its not even up.

I don’t see any thing in relation to ad impressions on w3centric or any other site owned by Michael Low

But this is what I do see:

The Team The W3Centric team is led by CEO Michael Low. Michael has more than 10 solid years of hands-on experience in e-marketing, site design and e-business management.

He also posseses academic qualifications in the banking and financial services industry. Combining his unique expertise in e-business and solid financial training, Michael successfully led the W3Centric team in creating one of the largest network of niche web properties.

I would like to thank whoever it was that found my site by typing in ‘w3centric Michael Low’. In the end the only site of any unique business model is webhostingstuff.com.  None of these sites smacks of any ‘financial’ creditability.Asides for w3centric, all the rest are just cheap attempts at being an affiliate.