Webhostingpad.com – When 3 out 5 star Customer Service will do

Webhostingpad.com is my First host review of 4 hosts for February 2011 webhostingstuff.com’s top 25.  As I stated this is not the first time I have encountered this host.   Frankly I am not going to have any trouble proving they don’t deserve to be in the top 25.   More so I will have an issue of where to start.  Frankly this is like shooting fish in a barrel with a missile hanging over the barrel.  Its one of those companies its not hard to find negative results while looking for results in search engines.  For that matter I found one of those so called review sites, allreadyhosting.com complaining about them on webhostingtalk.com about their affiliate payouts.  Last time I looked at this company it was because greenvillehost.com.


Another hosting company that was greenwashing.  I found the connection between the two when I was looking at the awards, which lead me back to webhostingpad.com.  For some reason it was ok to share awards between two sites.

So where to begin with webhostingpad.com?

You go to almost any review site its not hard to find negative reviews about this host.  For that matter I even found a hosting review site that was complaining about them.  Alreadyhosting.com at webhostingtalk.com.


I too have had a lot of trouble with the WebHostingPad affiliate program, I have not been very impressed with them in the past but recently they got a new affiliate manager. The new manager seems to respond a lot more quickly than the old one; however, I still think they have a lot of work to do.

Despite this not being impressed forum post with this host, they still have a page up saying:

Editor’s Review of WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad has caught our eye and continues to receive higher rankins on our website! The price of hosting through this site is exceptionally low. WebHostingPad is known for their promotional pricing, during their promotional periods I think it is fair to say that WebHostingPad offers the best value web hosting.

If you have researched the web you will find that this web host has received nothing but exceptional reviews. Customers have complimented WebHostingPad, many reviews discuss their great customer support and pricing. I could only find one availiable hosting plan which may be a downside for some; however, overall this is a great host!


Though even on this page you can find negative feed back:

Well..Just another victim of this hosting company. Really regretted signing up with them. So my advice to anyone reading reviews about this company. Signing up is a definite no no. Don’t settle for cheap rate and threaten services just because their plans are cheap. You will get ripped off more at the end of the day.

ben, Wed Feb 09, 2011

Webhostingpad.com and the Better Business Bureau

At the time I was doing my review on greenvillehost.com I found that Webhostingpad.com rating with the Better Business Bureau had the following:

Currently they have their BBB record is back up, but they have a “C” rating.  At some points it was a F according to some negative  reviews.

But what about Webhostingstuff.com webhostingpad.com reviews

195 reviews, and yet they average 3 out of 5 stars on customer service, worst yet the same rating on Uptime and Reliability.

web-hosting-top.com has this company at a 2.7 out of 5 out of 83 reviews.

Is there anyone that does not have negative feed back about Webhostingpad.com?


Ok hostingsthatsuck.com has sort of a not negative review.  But I think the most striking thing is that per ussual when they find out something bad they have:

Updated (Our Alternative Recommendation)

If you have tried and think that this web hosting service is just not right for you, we recommend that you try inMotion hosting instead. Our inMotion hosting review as well as other reviews on the internet about them has been very positive indeed.

I know that hostingsthatsucks.com pre-approves comments because they have yet to approve any of my comments on zyma.com.

I could go on about webhostingpad, but there is a clear reason not to trust them or webhostingstuff.

3 Replies to “Webhostingpad.com – When 3 out 5 star Customer Service will do”

  1. I agree with you!!!I am writing to let you know that I had a horrific experience with webhostingpad.com. I had cancelled on the renewal date but they charged me anyway. My credit card company reversed the charges after a thorough investigation, but Webhosting pad then turned the small charge over to a collection agency. The account was managed by a 75 year old disabled man. Webhostingpad refused to call me back when I called them, saying that “they do not make outgoing calls”.

    Just want you to know that I would never recommend Webhostingpad.

  2. I’m on your website because at my 3 year mark with webhostingpad and am trying to figure out whether to switch or stay. While I’m sort of 1/2 satisfied, I certainly wouldn’t consider them a scam. Whether I stay or leave I don’t think of them as ripoff artists. I host a low trafffic site, with a about 1/2 dozen email accounts. About 3 years ago I paid $72 for a complete package.

    There have been a couple up-sells:

    1) Domain listing I believed was included forever not just for the first year. So I’ve paid them an extra $40 more than I intended to. But I’ll chalk that up to being naive, and their advertising is misleading on this.

    2) They had tried to sell other services like spam blocking at the 2nd year. I didn’t think they were worth the extra money.

    In terms of tech support… they’ve generally been rather quick and responsive. I’ve had to contact them about 4x over the 3 years and within 24 hours everything has been worked out, and its been rather low hassle.

    My complaints would be things like:

    1) They assigned me a username which is a random string of characters rather than using something like my sitename.

    2) Their site documentation and their site management aren’t maintained. So you can find a lot of inaccurate information on their support site and their control panel often doesn’t work well. But when you do call in they fix the site specific problem directly.

    3) Also communication related they change software / settings on the server without notification.

    4) FPTes and no SFTP which has been a real hassle as far as automating uploads. I’ve several times had to walk people through Filezilla settings. So I’ve ended up over the last 3 years providing about 8 hrs of technical support.

    tech service for a low end host B+/A-
    communication D/F
    reliability A
    speed: C

    I may switch I may stick with them. But they are definitely not a scam.

  3. Hello Jeffrey,

    Thank you for the good points and the bad. I can’t agree with the user name part, the less like your site the better for the security of your account.



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