Cyberhostpro – where is the terms of service?

Cyberhostpro is my sixth host out of  7 of September 2010 list.  There is not a lot that I can tell you from just a simple search and once over look of the site.  There are not a lot of reviews out there.  The site is 5 years old.  I can tell you from what I seen they used to be housed on servers in the U.S. but changed over to a U.K. network.  Not that I ever made a big deal about what nation I was in.  I felt that if I did I might alienate someone.   Though it was not uncommon knowledge that every site that I did, operated under the U.S. Dollar.  Though towards the end I wanted to get a system up that would charge a customer based on their country.  Its a maddning system I admit given how many forms of currency are out there, and what it would take to have it up to date.  I could go on far longer on this blog post on currency exchanges then I could on cyberhostpro.  But lets look at the one thing that is missing on the main page, the tos (i.e. terms of service).  Granted this post may be one of my worst as I am battling a cold.  So while I am rather sleepy, I am also restless.  I am not one of those that can sleep out a disease, if I was the cold would probable have been gone sooner.  So here is my dieased ridden mind’s thoughts on cyberhostpro.

So where is the terms of service on cyberhostpro?

I am not sure what is with these hosts that are not up front with their terms of service.  As I indicated the merchants I dealt with are sticklers for that. They would look for that as well as the contact page.   If I had a banner up they we defiantly be asking about that. Keep in mind when I shopped around for merchant accounts I was looking for the lowest cost.   I tend to think most people do not know what rates to look for.  For me I can’t say I did either, but I am well aware of what percentage of my client billings are taken from me.  I tend to think that whomever companies such as cyberhostpro choose for a merchant really do not care about things such as terms of service and contact information.  I think they are more concerned about what suckers they can get under the high rates and hidden fees.  Never mind you may have absolutely no charge back protection.  Unless a host can adapt beyond such a merchant they will never be able to get into the big leagues of hosting.

Ok the cold medicine is making me get off subject, where is that terms of service of cyberhostpro?

Like prior hosts that are not showing the terms of service up front, they have it at the finale step of ordering.

Acceptable Use Policy & Terms and Conditions

Here is what I find as a red flag with cyberhostpro in their terms of service

Limit Over usage

If you go over your disk space they will be a charge of
£10.00 per 1GB daily fee applied to your account.
If you go over your bandwidth allowance they will be a charge of
£1.00 per 1GB daily fee applied to your account.

Notice that was a daily fee.   Perhaps you took off for a 7 day vacition.   During those 7 days you were over 3 gigs of space.  This means you come back to a charge of £210.  I am not sure at this what a pound is to the dollar.  But last I remembered it was about %170 the value of a dollar.  Not exactly a small fee to endure every day.

One finale thought on cyberhostpro

Its a little odd after doing a post on manashosting, that when I do a review of cyberhostpro I find the same exact bot with the picture of a pretty girl thats really not a person that offers you a chat.  Both of which are annoying and bounce around the screen and follow you until you close it.   Unfortunatly I can’t seem to get the same one thats is on manashosting to reappear.

Its almost like Jane works for both Manashosting and Cyberhostpro.

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  1. This business is simply appalling. I signed up with them over a year ago, and from day 1 I had problems with their windows 2008 reseller product. Before I get negative let me tell you what I like. I like the full range of techy functionality that is provided. The core problem is that the reseller product is just not operable. The control panel can only be relied upon to fail. I gave up with the idea of using it for reselling with it about 2 weeks after signing up. I realised that the control panel was just not going to be able to resell anything without having to be on the support site 24 hours a day. It would be commercial suicide unless you had very understanding customers. I was advised by them that a replacement control panel was on the way, so I stuck with them. Anyhow I stuck with them and just used the site for playing with the broad range of techy stuff provided (just for development). Bad decision. I renewed on the strength of the control panel. Anyhow it has now been pointed out that no new cp is to be provided. This was after I had renewed. I made the mistake of buying a couple of domains with them also.
    Each day I try to use the cp it fails, which results in raising a ticket, and after a bit I can do what is required. 3 days ago I tried to add 3 domains. Again the cp failed, and the problems have yet to be resolved. I today advised them that I wanted a refund. They immediately disconnected my service so now I have no email and all websites are off the air. They have not even advised how much they have refunded. They are now denying my calls, have removed my account, and access to the support portal leaving me high and dry. They are also a registrar. I have no way of managing the domains that have been added. Today I have no option but to take legal proceedings against them. I have been web hosting for over 10 years and have had some previous bad experiences, but hats off to Cyberhostpro. Without a doubt the worst. Inoperable, unreliable, impossible to resell, and currently denying me the service they are obliged to provide as a registrar.
    I promised their director (now the only person who will communicate with me occasionally via email) that I would make it my message to share my experiences to save any other souls having to go through what Cyber Host Pro Ltd have put me through, hence the review. Do yourself a favour. Don’t do it

  2. Hello Andy,

    Do you have copies of your support tickets and other interactions?



  3. Yes I do. I have copies of most trouble tickets (there are many). Im not going to publish them just yet as I am going to be getting more legal advice tomorrow. I will continue to post updates as I progress through the remainder of my relationship with Cyberhostpro which will be mostly a legal relationship I guess.

  4. I would like to be kept in the loop if you don’t mind. The main reason I did a post on this host was due to their dealings with

    You did not by chance suffer any overages with this company?

  5. I have had the occasional outage but not really anything significant. Of course I am experiencing an outage now. I have several domains registered with them that I cannot control as they will not give me access to the control panels, and ALL the websites I was hosting are off the air until I can arrange another host. What fun eh!!
    By the way I think this is an excellent idea for a web site. So much rubbish on supposedly impartial web hosting sites. To demonstrate the point the owner of cyberhostpro is a senior member on many of the forums I have posted my reviews on, and is very active.

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