– Comment Spammer joins other hosts and so called review sites for comment spamming on my blog.  The irony of it is this host decided to post a comment on post about another company that spams comments,

I am not going to be like and whine about someone comment spamming on my blog.  Personally I welcome it as nothing inspires me to write like spam, and I really hate spam.

Granted it was only one comment, but look at it.  What did it have to do with my attempt to get a host with a serious problem with customer complaints and vagrant fake positive reviews?  Absolutely nothing, in their comment had anything to do with my post.

Then again their comment does not make a lot of sense.

So why did spam?

They did it for one reason and one reason only, and that was for a back link which helps to grow their search engine ranking. Maybe on the rare hope someone might follow the link and buy something from them.  I advise avoiding this company.

Honestly I don’t mind a host giving their two cents, for that matter they are more then welcome to put their site in the form area that lists site.  But having vagrant advertisement, is not welcome.  For that matter in the up coming months I am going to remove Google Adsense so I can remove all hosting ads off my site.  Granted that might bring my site income down to zero.   This is not the place for a host to advertise or attempt to get back links.  As you can see their comment was about “Reseller Hosting” which has nothing to do with what the blog post was about.

So how does suck

Here is the first thing that caught my attention: “Established in 2009 to provide advance , High technology web hosting Service to all internet service provider

Naturally when ever I see a company say they started on x date, I am very inclined to look at their whois information.  I can tell you now that was not around in 2009, their whois information says:

   Updated Date: 14-aug-2011
   Creation Date: 07-jan-2010
   Expiration Date: 07-jan-2017

As I have repeatedly pointed out, creation date does not mean a start date.   But the way back machine says was up no later then February 2010.*/

I really don’t get claiming that you have been a year longer then your whois information states, why not lie and say you have been in business since 1999?  Its not like the host made a single typo as they repeated this lie several times.

The big whopper of a lie that told is…..

They could not make their company older then 2009, yet….

Our global community is more than 10 million customer contracts strong.

So why do they have an Alexa Score of 205,837?  With that many clients they should be near and in terms of traffic score.  There would be no need to comment spam on my blog, which has a traffic score of 158,037.  Remember with Alexa you want a lower number.

Seriously if they really started back in 2009, there would be hosting companies begging to know the secrets of getting 3 million customers a year.

Nevermind that  did not start getting reviews for til July 24, 2011. “ only has one review and this was back in June 2011. “

Never mind some of the biggest names in hosting have far more reviews.

Deepahosting is world no:1 Hosting company selected by 15000 customers world wide .

I don’t quite understand what that means, as the one page says they have 10 million customer contracts strong company. Their spouting numbers without proof some how means your supposed to trust them.

Then there is the fuzzy refund policy at

Its rather unclear.  Between several pages its either 15 days, 30 days or 180 days.  At one point they state pro-rated refund, and by prorated they deduct your time used based on month to month pricing.  Honestly nothing wrong with that.  I did that myself, however what I did not do is try to confuse it with being a guarantee.  It seems the 180 days is more of a play on words, and not a point where guarantee should apply.

If you want a host from India, I suggest avoiding Deepahosting.  But for those that choose did spend time with this host I want to hear your experience.  Keep in mind if your going to provide positive feedback for deepahosting, I want a domain that is actually hosted with them.

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  1. Do not remove your ads. Just go to your adsense account and block hosting ad units. Leave legitimate and honest hosting companies ad units. I think you can do that kind of filtering on adsense.

  2. Hello Athanasios,

    There are several reasons I have made it a point not to place hosting ads.

    First of which was when I first started this site back in 2007, I had entertained the idea of putting ads up for one of the hosting companies that I owned. I decided against it as it seemed like a conflict of interest, and I don’t regret that choice to this day because even though in 2007 I had no intention of selling any of my companies off. However by the end of 2009 fatigue from several reasons (in part 11 year career of almost zero breaks) were taking their toll, and I sold off my shares to avoid total burn out for a meager 65% of their value to get a quick sale. The one thing they wanted in addition to my shares was this site, but there was no connection for them to make any claim. This is why they asked for a non-disclosure agreement.

    Another reason I am not inclined to have hosting advertising on my site is that a lot of my traffic came from other hosts. Many who did not participate in so called review site. With a lack of hosting ads other hosting companies are more inclined to point people to my site when it comes to dealing with so called review sites. Honestly where would I be without these sites pointing people to my site. Over the past year I think I have gotten a little too far away from that model.

    As for” blocking the non-legit and dishonest hosts”. Currently I am blocking some 300 host from advertising. There are some 17,000 + hosts out there and that does not even include the thousands of resellers for companies like Directi and Wild West Domains. I have no idea about how many new hosts come up every month perhaps 50? The hosting industry is super saturated, another reason I wanted out. I don’t make a living off this site, I barely make enough to cover the hosting fees. What I do make does not cover anything beyond that such as programming and other outside assistance. So it’s a bit hard to justify going through and creating a list of legit and non-legit hosting companies. Given the scale of work it would take to validate every single host that uses Google adsense, it would be easier to just put in banners for affiliate programs. Granted I may in time put up ads for hosts that meet my very stringent standards, but that is not today.

    Another reason I am not inclined to use Adsense aside for the very limited control is that it has been cumbersome to use Adwords. I have had a few too many campaigns declined this year. Perhaps because they had to pay $500,000,000 fine for allowing Canadian Pharmaceuticals Google has tighten on what they allow it seems. Never mind the amount of work spent to create these campaigns. It would not bother me if I did not see a lot of crap out there. Like World of Warcraft gold sellers (for those not familiar with this game, it’s a violation to buy virtual gold). Seeing crap ads does not inspire me to have to hire a adwords expert.

    I know a lot of people come here expecting me to point them to a good host, I even have people offering to pay me to say that they are a good host. Considering I am paying more for what goes into this site then what comes out of AdSense it is safe to say I can’t be bought. But my site is about review sites and hosts that use them for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make money. Not that making money is wrong, but when you don’t even try a service and validate why this host that pays out $100 per signup (like is a good host then I have a problem.



  3. i also pay for hosting space for java server,php and .net server. but in the server php and .net work properly java not work. first times they pickup the phone but at end time (before few month from remove the domain from them) they could not response me in phone or in live chat or gtalk or skype . if response they say it works fine in there side. There service is very bad. there do not have proper

  4. I have bought a reseller hosting from,
    Very bad service, you get answer 1 mounth later after you fill submit ticket, frequently server break downs,
    You must install again all add on, and emails, etc…

    I never recommend to buy a service from

    My groundfather has a proverb : if you will die, die into the big ocean, not a small creek….

    As a summary, choose alwasy world biggest hosting company(ies )

  5. hey everyone

    i am using deepa hosting webservices, i find then on google as all says and this services always stuck me they never give reply all tickets, mail call and also not giving free SEO tools as they commit and when i ask for free tools they says me read our terms this is optional toos so we are giving me free tols

    please do not chose this hosting company

  6. I am also take reseller a/c recently and this is my blunder mistake that i choosed deephosting he is fraud and he is provide very very poor support
    and before take he say very good with you and after take pany plan he don;t provide supprt and say always i am calling you withing 15 min means 15 day friend and i also submit ticket but he closed it and if he reply then take time near about 15 day for 1 open ticket . i think he take vps or take reseller a/c saparatly from ctrls and provide all of them
    i suggest friend pls don;t take there hosting.

  7. Just 3 persons are there . All r fraud . They had 2 VPSs at ControlS datacentre and 1-2 reseller ac .

    No company , No office , No support .

    They r born to cheat . Dont go for them
    and please friend be care full before take there hosting service he totally cheater and no support there for any issue.

  8. deepahosting is realy a unprofessional, no customer support company. i suggest you dont go with this company totally you get harrashment they event not pick the phone , always says its working in our end etc etc. i am agree with above comments.

  9. faltoo cheaters are there.. Dont even go to their office,they are always ready to steal your money.. 2 days back after reading these comments i decided to do a reality check and went to their ofc. At first they talked nicely.. Then without my permission they just checked for the domain i want,wheather it was available or not.. Then they themselves started registering.. When i denied..their sales head said it costs me 200 inr.. Now 1st thing,neithr i hv told thm to register nor it is possible to get domain name by just checking the availibility.. Then they started arguing for just 200 rupees,around 3-4 USD. Smhow by threatening them i escaped.. Truly cheaters nd i guess beggers also.. Smhow they need money to sustain,thts y they fraud,cheat people. I suggest u avoid such cheap people.. There are other hosts who provide best services.. I m happy tht i didnt go wth deepa hosting.. And recommend people to avoid them also.. Thnx

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