Indichost – Will be an awarding hosting solution for you?

At number 20 out of 25 from Webhostingstuff’s May 2010 list we come to Indichosts.

Starting at $1 a month you can get hosting from Indichosts,  order now

This graphic on their main page  is the first thing that sticks out to me when I visit their site.   I clicked on it because I wanted to see how many years it took to get $1 a month.  The problem is the order now button takes you to a plan thats closer to $10 a month under a three year term.   There is no option to pick another plan.  You have to click on the tabs below the penguin to find a plan thats  “at $1 a month” .

Where the heck is Indichosts terms of service?

One of the things I have done with almost every host is read the terms of service.  You simply can not find it from the main page.  I tend to wonder if their credit card processor bothered to look at the site.  Because every merchant I have gone through looks for that.  Its never been my experience that PayPal looks, you think they would in order to add that sense of being a more authentic website your doing business with.     In order to find the terms of service, you have to go through the order form and at the point you enter your credit card you get do you agree with the terms of service check.

I am not sure who looks under the about page to find terms of service.   But obscure terms of service and not so clear order now to get hosting at $1 a month is not the most interesting thing about this site.

Indichosts Testimonials, Feedback, and “awards”

On this page I find no feed back, for that matter I find nothing but praise.   I imagine any negative feed back is deleted as opposed to a page that would lead people to believe there is nothing wrong with this host.   There are people that are complaining about this company.

Indichosts Webhost Directory award

Indichosts does not actually have an award with  Granted some day I want to see what it takes to get an award with this company.  Though Webhostdir, does not allow for negative feed back that I can see. is defiantly on my back burner for a later date.

Indichosts award

Would it surprise you to know I too have an award with

My Website grade is:
The Website Grade for!

I don’t think Indichosts is using the actual code like I have done.   Right now they actually have a 97 instead of a 96.   But here is the thing about Web Site Grader, it has nothing to do with how good sites service is.  Unlike fake review sites is a site that tells you how you are doing in regards to search engine ranking.  They get their money by telling you how to do better.   I actually plugged a few of my own sites in and I have found several sites that need improvement.  I may very well try websitegrader out later

Finale Thoughts on Indichosts

There is alot of faking going on with Indichosts.   For one they claim to be around for 7 years.  But the whois information says that the domain was created back in 2005:

Domain Whois record

Queried with “dom”…

   Domain Name: INDICHOSTS.NET
   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Updated Date: 24-mar-2010
   Creation Date: 27-feb-2005
   Expiration Date: 27-feb-2013

On top of that they are using, but for some reason Indichosts does not bother to use the award they paid for amongst the award they did not win and the award that anyone can get.   Hosting with Indichosts would be a gamble in my opinion.

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  1. I would like to take a minute and clarify our position on your review;

    (1) $1/month hosting plans exist and are quite popular. The banner states “Starting from”. However, the link has been corrected to order the $1.40/month plan on 3year payment term.

    (1) Terms of Service: is linked through the “About Us” page along with AUP and SLA, in addition to order form.

    (2) WebHost directory award; has been removed.

    (3) came into existence in 2005, however the promoter of have been in the web hosting business since 2003

    Thank you for your time,


  2. Sabi of,

    1. The “order now” button implies that you can get that plan starting at $1 a month, clearly the order now button did not take me to a $1 a month package. (also that graphic is still there to mislead people into believing the “order now” button will take them to a $1 a month plan.

    2. Mosts hosts, have it (the tos) on the bottom of every page, not hidden away in the about us page. Like I said before I have no idea who you got your merchant account from, but most of the ones I dealt with required the terms of service to be easy to find.

    3. Regardless of the award removal, it was never supposed to be there. You still have the graphic, and that has nothing to do with customer service or satisfaction. Your companies intent is pretty clear on the use of it, and its misleading.

    4. Regardless of how long your promoter has been in business, the site has only been in business when the site came up and started taking in customers.

    Nothing has really been changed or corrected. A simple removal of award that you were not supposed to have on your site. You still have not explained away your relationship with



  3. I am sorry for the potential off-topic. Guys, would you be able to you tell me which net hosting company you are currently using.. because i have a trouble with my current online hosting company ( which is booting me off. They say that our website is using too many resources. However our site only gets roughly 250 visitors a day.. Anyhow, what would be your recommendation? I am looking at LCN at the moment, however is it true that they can put up unlimited disk space? I have got in hold with them and all they say is it’s around “1000GB disk drive costs only $30 per month, so if some day we will start running out of disk space we will simply add a new 2000GB drive so can continue uploading..”. What do you think about it? Any ideas and web hosting company name suggestions are much appreciated.

  4. Hello Virgil,

    Can you tell me the website for lcn? Also is your website or just affiliate link?

    Most hosts use the term “unlimited” as a draw-in to get people to buy service. To me its false advertising, because there is a limit to how much space they are going to let you use. Frankly if your site is in a position where your site is making money then you should be avoiding unlimited hosting and stick to an account where you know the limits.

    At this time I have no recommendations, I am however using GoDaddy, ThePlanet, RackSpace, and Media Temple.

    I am in progress of writing reviews for three of the companies, here is my review of GoDaddy.

    At this time each company has flaws that keep me from recommending them, and I am always game for finding a host that is better then these companies.



  5. Well, i have been having issues with since i started with them. It is obvious that though, they have the ability to host your site and maintain it, but when it comes to technical issues, i score them -100%. This is because i am presently having issues uploading pictures on my site. For over one month now, i told them about it, but it seems that they do not have the technical know-how to fix it.

    I have hosted over 5 sites with them and have the same picture upload issues. They seem to always have to call on some external personal to do this. I know this because i have to wait for at least one month before it is rectified.

    Presently, my client is having issues uploading pictures on his site. Of course, i cannot disclose the website in question, but i definitely will not recommend to anyone who wants prompt service for his money. I am forced now, to return to my initial host in the U.S. This definitely means paying more for transferring all the domains, begging my clients to be patient for another 5-7 days during which the transfers will be effected, copying all databases and recreating them on the other server, etc.

    I guess this is what one gets for trusting a CHEAP HOSTING COMPANIES WITH LITTLE OR NO TECHNICAL STAFF.



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